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A message to Dacians
03:21:01 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

To all Dacians - Enjoy your vacations, we will be back on Fantasia next era - make sure to keep in touch a couple of days before the next era starts.

Outsiders - If you have any questions or comments or would like to join us, then message me, I will try to log on every 3-4 days until the new era begins.

04:01:07 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. One Man Army:

Will do.

04:20:31 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. Bloody Sabbath:

lol... ok glad!

06:31:32 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. Justin:

haha glad we will see you on MANT next era!!! hope it is as much fun as last time :P

06:34:26 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. Acerf:

he said hes goin to fant :)))

06:35:58 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. Justin:

my bad i just got home im tired as hell. GLAD NO GO TO MANTRAX!!!!!!!!!

10:24:34 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:

damn...wish i was a Dacian so I could post something here :(

23:16:07 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. Sorra:

I wanna squish glad and the backwards, canablistic diseases stricken, analy violated, AIDS infected, homosexual mountain warriors he calls Dacians.

Wipe the out from the pages of time



23:17:45 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:

geez...thought i had issues???

23:39:01 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. Sorra:

come get me on Mant

23:48:31 Aug 8th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:

I would but I dont want to cause it sounds like you want to do really funny things with my willy???

00:10:33 Aug 9th 08 - Mr. Sorra:

I wasent talking to you Bob, i was talking to glad.


00:12:33 Aug 9th 08 - Mr. Orin:

I was Booted from Dacii >.< i contributed allot of time and effort in that KD and were's the thanks... all because i was inactive for 5 days cuz i was going to my Grandma's place for the week :(

00:18:25 Aug 9th 08 - Mr. Nightslip:

Hey Orin.  I found a home here in Peacekeepers.  You can too.  Good group of people.

00:39:42 Aug 9th 08 - Mr. Orin:

i am in Evolution now and i was in PK 6 era's back ( great KD ) maybe next era

21:21:28 Aug 9th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

Orin, I kicked you out because you only logged in the first 40 ticks that the era began, and then went inactive for 5 days in a row without telling us about it. I would have liked you to stay with us, but you have to be serious a bit too. Also you could have made another account and restarted, getting more protection days and a start.

20:02:10 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

Looking for 3 more active players to complete the team

21:12:47 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. One Man Army:

Join the dacii!

05:22:23 Aug 11th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

need two more members for the kd to have 5 members and not get deleted

05:24:41 Aug 11th 08 - Mr. Justin:

Glad you suck why do you have to go to fant?plz go one more era on Mant PLZ!!!!!!!! haha jp man. Good luck next era

06:29:38 Aug 11th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

Thanks, but either last era or 2 eras ago I was going to fantasia but by a stupid mistake I forgot to change the 'Mantrax' button into the Fantasia one and we might have never kicked your a55

06:31:36 Aug 11th 08 - Mr. Justin:

haah dude you got that mistakened that was a draw. I remember you hopping into our core and Steel Gunners from me kicked that 40k armies ass and i took my cities back and Ash didnt get that far either

19:57:49 Aug 12th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:


19:58:49 Aug 12th 08 - Mr. One Man Army:

hey glad pm when you get on.

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