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A msg to LGC
00:53:17 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Joseph:

Since Quietone didnt want to post this up in your internal forum I will just post it here instead so all your members get a chance to flame us.

Official Statement
"We understand that you are feeling sore. You feel like we have betrayed you. In fact we never got any guarantees from you, and neither you from us. The one who has really been screwed over is Roxbury, and I feel bad for that. I only started talking to him because we had common enemies, now that is no longer the case. When I look at the logs I have from talking with him I find that I really only lied once(if you would call it a lie), I exxaggerated the threat that Carnage posed towards LGC. I never said we wouldnt NAP Carnage, in fact I said the opposite - that it was likely we would. I never said we wouldnt attack LGC, only that we would rather fight others and wanted a NAP with LGC to be sure that flank was secure. Ghouma has not been a part of Only U leadership, due to his previous job he hasnt had the time to be active untill very recently. All decisions have been made by me and Morgan and our kingdom has only been informed on a need to know basis. We started discussing a strike on you guys when a friend of us discovered that Abydos and Baccus had signed a pact to attack you, both of course in the hunt for the top position. Since we are greedy and cowardous scavengers we decided to poke a hole in your belly and steal away with your treasures. This is the way this game is played, just as in real life a certain measurment of deception is at place. We never lied to you. But I would say that we are sneaky. Your armies went west to fight Abydos all while we gathered ours in the northern part of our area to make a sneak attack. I want to add that we have no personal feelings involved in this. Eventhough I have fought some of you guys(and most oftenly gotten my ass handed to me) for the last 3 years it has never been anything else than good fun. That is why we play this game, for fun, and I hope you feel the same way."

Sorry for any misunderstandings.
/Augh, scavenger.

01:18:34 Apr 19th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat:

<3 Augh and Morgan

02:11:32 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Andrei The Mad Farmer:

Omg OnlyU Roxxors!!

02:51:21 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Fra Darwinius:

"...a friend of us discovered that Abydos and Baccus had signed a pact to attack you"

That's not exact. First attack on us was made by Legacy while we were still at war with Mirror...

03:59:33 Apr 19th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Good job Guys, welcome to the fray, nope noone signed any pact or anything, just noone likes Legacy since they are gonna attack everyone.. :}

04:01:56 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

yay! will legacy possibly, maybe, actually fall? is this the era? i wonder...........

04:27:57 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Super Sloth:

legacy has been beaten before, but it has been ~8 eras and ~1 year since the last time they were thoroughly cleansed :) (era of saint paul). quite a streak

04:53:03 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Ignis The Scholar:

I know legacy can handle abydos + carnage, but if you throw in the drunken monks and only u doing a "sneak" there may be a small chance of legacy getting smacked :).

05:19:07 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Murtagah:

who is this friend?

05:19:27 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Murtagah:

** who is the one that told you baccus and abydos were together

06:12:49 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Twamao:

wtf? why is legacy not in this thread? im disappointed.  shut up people and let legacy talk.

06:27:27 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Tom From MY Space:

Since I'm Tom From Myspace (not really) I will give the winner a free myspace account with so many friends you won't know what to do with them.




(THEY'RE ALL LIES!!!!!!!!!!DON'T TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!I WARN YOU!!!!!!!)

11:59:56 Apr 19th 07 - Sir RA Enlightens You:

do we have an agreement with Bacchus? to attack lgc? first i hear, ofcourse, i'm only on need-to-know-basis ... :-p

14:31:48 Apr 19th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Didnt Legacy get beaten last era?  I thought so.. wasnt that long ago :}

Sir RA, Hi, good to see your awake, yeah they have 800k + troops sitting in the legacy area now, will clean them out pretty quick.

16:22:50 Apr 19th 07 - Sir RA Enlightens You:

pfff winning by casting arma, isn't winning, you win when you defeat your opponent in the field  :-p, not on paper ... ;-)

16:30:24 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Adelbert:

You claim this is the way this game is played. However, i've never seen anything like this in my entire time here! This is a statement that disgusts me and i personally disagree to its claims which is an attempt to justify the actions of Only U!

I accept the fact that people have started in recent times to tolerate an unhonourable style to play. However, i personally am sickened by this development, and take distance from the actions which are discribed in this declearation! During my time fighting Legacy, i justified my fight with declearing them a suppressing kingdom which worked as an imbalancing force in this game. I remember people claiming Legacy, or Mafia their predecessors were pure evil. I remember that some even claimed the old Z's as unhonorouble. By that i'm not saying i agreed. Actually i disagreed, seeing the Legacy bunch we see today are players who all take their reputation seriously, and avoid acting unhonoroubly.

I remember in the era of drunk, which is now a long time ago. Me and my cousin made a kingdom which decleared war upon Mafia, the predecessor of Legacy. We soon were forced to sign a nap treaty with them seeing they were already in official war with another kingdom. We were flamed badly, eventhough Mafia probobly would handle us. Though at the moment, our kingdom which consisted of new players actually thought we could win, however we signed the nap! Due to the fact that our decleration was unhonorouble.

Currently numourous kingdoms have plotted against Legacy, and some has actually decleared their disputes officially! This is an outrage, and i wish to express my disgust towards these recent developments in this statement. However, i don't seem to find words in the English vocabulary which are apropriate... The table has turned, and i hereby officially declear Legacy a power of good and  of justice, while the coalition which have secretly plotted against them representatives of true evil. I consider the statement which the Only U kingdom has expressed in this post illegal! These are the words of me. and myself alone. I do not speak on behalf of my kingdom in this matter. Nevertheless, for what it's worth, here's my opinion. And you may do with it as you like.


16:40:10 Apr 19th 07 - Sir RA Enlightens You:


you should always declare on the strongest kd ... you have to beat them anyway in order to win ... lgc needs to be beaten, just and only because they are the strongest kd, not bad or evil or good or whatever, ... and what's wrong with trying to bring them down with politics and working together? (if you are to weak yourself, then you get an allie to help you out, nothing strange about that;  opportunities arise and people take advantage, what's new about that?)

16:44:10 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

legacy's rep isnt on the line, i dont feel. we all know of their power, strategy, and all around perfect (is that too far?) play. if they lose this era, everyone will know it was due to kingdoms ganging up on them. no respect lost, just a necessary action by the others.

of course, that is only if they do lose :)

16:47:03 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Adelbert:

Though neutral in this struggle, i hope legacy prevails. For in which case, you shall be humbled! I wouldn't mind seeing a more balanced top. Actually we've seen a more balanced gameplay recently then ever in my opinion. Nevertheless, it doesn't justify this. I wished that Legacy maybe could dievide, or maybe start a less aggressive tactic. But then again, that would make this game boring. I believe the kingdoms already involved in this fight are enough to put up what i consider a fair fight. Another one joining for spoils is just weak...

16:52:36 Apr 19th 07 - Sir RA Enlightens You:

sure,  but what are we to do?  say that noone can attack lgc? becuase we are?  you'll always have opportunists ... nothing you can do about them, just kill them next time.   and do you think it is wise to let lgc run freely? picking of kd's one at the time? who gives you the insurance that you will hold when you let them grow stronger on other kd's they took over? the more lgc takes over, the stronger they get, while the rest gets weaker ... so ... what is best? wait in line and get slaughtered or try to do something?

don't be like sheep!  be a cow!

17:18:01 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Adelbert:

Opportunists? You wish to justify a horrific act by claiming you're an opportunist?! By doing this you are becoming what the anti-own coalition defined as evil!
If you find the term "evil" not fitting, be pleased by knowing that you're acts are unhonorouble! Legacy is the kingdom that though time has helped most newbs, and newly founded kingdoms. And eventhough Legacy has been known as a force which has killed alot of newbs etc, it has also been known to never interfere in wars between other kingdoms. I'm disgusted to see that old friends of mine are taking part in this illegal coalition. Legacy has always upheld the norms of which we play by. Honour and justice has always been their guidelines. I've fought legacy for long periods of time, and i've fought with them. I know them from many aspect! And they don't diserve this............ These recent developments of way to play is indeed disgusting, and i only hope the old players which knew this game before it got infected by this filth will come to its sences, and start playing honoroubly. As we did in the past.

18:02:04 Apr 19th 07 - Archduke Joker:

We (NARRSE/Rumour) don't have the time to devote to the game we had previously so are playing on Mantrax this era.

Consequently, I have no idea what's happening on Fant. Can someone fill me in on what these 'developments' are please?

18:11:49 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Boogey:

Legacy is the kingdom that though time has helped most newbs, and newly founded kingdoms. And eventhough Legacy has been known as a force which has killed alot of newbs etc

I really dont understand how the two go hand in hand with eachother..

18:52:38 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Architect:

@ Adelbert

"...seeing the Legacy bunch we see today are players who all take their reputation seriously, and avoid acting unhonoroubly."

I really like that last part, I got a good laugh out of it.  You at LGC may take your reputations seriously, and a few of you I can see that, however a large majority of you are just arrogant jerks and can't carry on a normal conversation without flaming everyone for talking every other word.  Un-honorable action does not just take place on the battlefield, it is everywhere you go and anything that you do in this game....anywhere.  Just because you are on the forums does not mean you can just forget about "un-honorable" actions because now more than ever, since it is in written word, people are watching you and have proof of exactly how you conduct yourselves.

"Legacy has always upheld the norms of which we play by. Honour and justice has always been their guidelines."

Yes, I agree, Honor among thieves and Justice for everyone but you, I am in full agreement.  "Sir, your horse is bleeding, seems you've been kicking him too hard, you may want to get off, it's pretty high up there, could be a long fall."  Where exactly do you get off on the whole honor and justice of LGC because for as long as I have played I've seen none from you.

(for all of you who are going to ask, when I reference "you", I am speaking of LGC as a whole)

19:07:29 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Warlo:

"And eventhough Legacy has been known as a force which has killed alot of newbs etc, it has also been known to never interfere in wars between other kingdoms. I'm disgusted to see that old friends of mine are taking part in this illegal coalition."

why is this "coalition" illegal?

19:09:09 Apr 19th 07 - Lord Oya:

adelbert remember Ra is in abydos not only you...we went after lgc for our own reasons....we don't care if we win or if we lose we just like to enjoy the game, we haven't made any alliances with other kingdoms to bring down lgc, this is all just speculative talk. Only you can play how they wish to play, honorable or not these methods are not illegal so the powerhouse of lgc im sure can deal with it, if not they can learn from this and find ways of it not happening again. Like maybe not being so trusting etc...

So far i have enjoyed playing against lgc i havent played like this i a long long time and it rekindled some of the fun of the older days, i have also realised while playing them that i certainly am not the player i used to be.

I wish lgc a good continued fight, good luck against all your enemies but just remember this, it is just a game....lets just enjoy it eh?

19:21:22 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Adelbert:

Yours was a morally defendable declearation Oya. At the time, at least for all that i know there was now other kd in official war with legacy. The ones i find spineless are the ones declearing a KD already in a fair fight. It gets inbalanced, unhonorouble and disgusting!
I don't mean to offend abydos in any way, as u said, you entered the fight for own reasons. That means, with the risk of failure. You decleared war, initiated a fight. The other declearations or evil plots seem to be a declearation of greed. A confirment to their spineless intensions. People here do the thing lgc has ben ACCUSED (by that i mean in my opinion they were accused on false accusations!) for! It is hipocracy!

19:29:30 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Toke:

Why you say? Why this coalition is illegal?
I'll tell you, its beacause a 7th (or more) of Fantasia is in this so called coalition. Im not blaiming every KD of being cowards, but the acts of Only U is blimey cowardly. I personally think acting friendly towards LGC, just to be on their good side, and then wait for them to attack another one.(In this case Abydos, whom declared eachother) While you are lurking with some huge armies on the other side of their borders is unhonourable. Abydos have Justified their actions through a Declaration, so LGC can be prepared, and they might have had the monks on their side aswell. I mean, its ok to me that half the map attacks Legacy but not declaring this war againts them. Thats just disgusting. Because that leaves LGC undefended, unprepeared. Even if you win, what is there to win? A better spot on the rankings. Bloody *beep* the rankings, who cares. You will not win any honor or any respect through these actions. If LGC were warned about your attacks, their walls would be defended, and armies sent out the crush you, or atleast given a good fight. Through all times of VU history, Declaring a KD before attacked has been consider a LAW.
I agree with Oya, its a game enjoy it. But Oya, you think its fun to fight againts LGC when the other side of their Core is being penetrated by an enemy LGC didn't even consider a threat? You will not be known for the guys who defeated them, nearly one of the KD's who stroke LGC while some other guys, cowardly made their move when LGC's eye where fiksed upon you.
Anyways, Good Luck LGC

Roxbury & Legacy <3<3<3<3<3<3


19:33:04 Apr 19th 07 - Lord Oya:

i don't look for fame, respect or any of the other things that you might get for beating not that shallow...thats all i have to say on the matter

good luck to all

19:35:21 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Toke:

ehm, then what are you looking for? Some nice stats?

19:36:41 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Twamao:

You're my Hero!

19:40:13 Apr 19th 07 - Lord Oya:

like i said toke, to enjoy the game simple as that, i have made lots of friends over the years i have no need to make myself look good

19:45:40 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Toke:

Yeah, but is it not a part of the enjoyment when fighting KD's. the feeling you get afterwards, enjoying and celebrating a long lasting fair fight?
I completly know what you mean, but i would have been angry at the other KD's if i were you. Considering they ruin the chance that you actually get to have a real fight againts the whole might of LGC?

19:50:40 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Joseph:

Adelbert. Please tell me how we are unhonorable.
Preying on the weak, tell me if that is unhonorable?
Preying on the strong's weaknesses, is that unhonorable?
Preying on a kingdom while it is busy on another front, is that uhonorable?
I would call it good tactics and I would call it good fun.
But you would have us messege them would you?
"Ohh, LGC dudes. We are gathering some troops here to attack you. Why dont you finish off those other kds and send us a PM when you have relocated all your forces to this front so we can get this war started. Aight?"

Only U is a kingdom of new players, and on behalf of our members I would like to thank the good folks in North Empire(Agurkas in particular), MAD, Checkmate, EVA and Legacy for the possibility to hone our skills while crossing swords. It is what the game is about, it is just, and not hypocrytical at all. Also I am amused to see you compare us to OWN Adelbert, but to think that we are overpowering all the other players of the server(the reason the anti-own alliances where created) is really quite far out.

Ohh. And just becouse someone has accoused someone else of something, that means you can accouse us of same something? We also entered the fight for our own reasons: We needed a target and LGC's large mines are in reach. Isnt that what war is always about? In real life as well as in this game.

19:54:49 Apr 19th 07 - Sir Venomz The Naked:

No time reading this crap, just noticed this:

<Mr. Super Sloth
4/19/2007 4:27:57 AMlegacy has been beaten before, but it has been ~8 eras and ~1 year since the last time they were thoroughly cleansed :) (era of saint paul). quite a streak>

Saint paul used glitches.

Now i want to give credit to Serenity for the victory on Legacy, i believe it was the era Draiken won actually.
He had only 1!! city left and 1!! army.
That was all of what was left of legacy.

So give them the credit, Fordius done a good job that era.
I will never forget my 2nd era fighting for serenity.

I also Congratulate Draiken with the actual winning of that era*

Carnage got its own will, we dont follow orders from NOONE.
We are Carnage, We wreak Havoc, We are the Lords of Carnage.
And Lords of Carnage we will always be.

- Venomz

19:58:17 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Joseph:

The reason for this thread was to tell LGC I am sorry about the misunderstanding. I only had one convo with Roxbury in wich I clearly said that if we did not get a NAP with LGC we would be forced to align with other powers. Even after that I tried to coerce them into attacking MAD since they where our common enemy(something LGC also tried to do with us, but against Carnage). But we did actually do very little to make LGC feel we where their friends. Not attacking everything around you directly eventhough you are planning to later is common practice. You attack one kingdom at the time untill there are no more enemies or untill you are dead. This was what we did. We ignored LGC and they did the same towards us - we had no formal relations.

Now, someone might think this appology isnt even needed. But some of these guys are really serious about this game(much moreso than me) and have apparently have deep scars in their soles, and this was not what I intended.(Also i was counting on some flaming wich is always good to see. Mostly becouse there are always so many ppl who doesnt know half the story who comes in and make stupid remarks).


20:16:39 Apr 19th 07 - Princess Arien Vaire:

ahhh, the one era I decide to not be as active, VU becomes interesting agian :D

You have to admit, the past few eras have been less than memorable.

20:24:16 Apr 19th 07 - Lord Oya:

:o your still alive arien.....

20:34:25 Apr 19th 07 - Sir Venomz The Naked:


A sad day :(

20:47:51 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Adelbert:

Did i compare only u to OWN? either i've written poorly so that people can't understand my message, or someone has misinterpreted my posts!

And yes, it is unhonorouble to go on declearing a KD already torn by an era of war on several fronts, being hugely outnumbered. If every KD fighting lgc atm had decleared abydos, i would get just as angry. But if you did so the whole of VU would call u names! Eventhough Abydos actually is quite close to lgc in strenght.

21:00:46 Apr 19th 07 - Sir RA Enlightens You:

i still don't see what is wrong with uniting forces against a clearly stronger ennemy ... all it does is create new possibilities, and to let more kd's play a decent role ... like i said before ... wait, do nothing, lay down your head, the axe falls ... next! ...

it's not like people are ganging up on lgc since day one (if that's even the case now) ... i expect everybody has been running from them   ;-)

21:21:59 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Joseph:

"By doing this you are becoming what the anti-own coalition defined as evil!"

21:41:51 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Cyrano:

Well, I always see it as the best thing to fight the strongest, it's king of the hill. LGC is top on the list, they're the kings, we're just trying to get them down.

Adelbert, maybe you suggest we should ally ourselves with LGC and fight all else? I'd rather be unhonourable than a coward.

21:45:04 Apr 19th 07 - Lady Spooky:

Oh come on guys - some of us are on bloody Mantrax - how about a brief one paragraph summary for those of us who can't see the fantasia map.

Pretty please?  :)

21:52:44 Apr 19th 07 - Lord Osiris:

step 1 Abydos make war dec in thread with ubersexy song
step 2 Lgc get really mad over thread
step 3 we fight
step 4 after a week or so of fighting only u and baccus attack lgc

21:55:28 Apr 19th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Lord Osiris


4/19/2007 4:52:44 PM


prologue IE and LGC go at it...  IE sort of... a little bit.... get owned... 
step 1 Abydos make war dec in thread with ubersexy song
step 2 Lgc get really mad over thread
step 3 we fight
step 4 after a week or so of fighting only u and baccus attack lgc

22:02:32 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Super Sloth:

Saint paul used glitches.

You are wrong Venomz. You are thinking of Era of Draiken. In the Era of Saint Paul, it was a straightforward Serenity + NT against Legacy and Rumour, with a Serenity/NT victory.

And yes, it is unhonorouble to go on declearing a KD already torn by an era of war on several fronts, being hugely outnumbered.

That Kingdom being outnumbered has the option to make their own allies, which I'm sure they will if its required. This isn't a 1v1 game, theres usually 30-40 Kingdoms in Fantasia at the start, and the best part about the game is the multifaceted diplomacy.

22:05:52 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Cyrano:

Yup, just to heat up the discussion, Russia, US, and GB ganged up on the Axis, isn't that considered unhounourable?

22:07:05 Apr 19th 07 - Lord Osiris:

Axis started it and had even numbers?

22:17:31 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Cyrano:

Did LGC start it with IE?

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