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Abusal of Mod powers: Mark two
23:10:01 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

Mr. Enyalius


8/5/2007 5:15:11 AM
Admiral Krum


8/5/2007 12:05:01 AM
Lol...we broke a NAP?????

First of all Red Hand was never NAP'd with Carnage. And because I was getting messages from all you top KD's telling me to break my NAP with Jesters so that we could have a huge orgy and gang bang them. Well thats not my style, so FALCONS broke the MAP.

Red Hand had an opportunity to be the little lackys, and we could have been safe farming all era, but we decided not to. Thats dishonorable?

On a side-note, this is all completely off topic, and guess what? I have the power to lock this ridiculous thread. Yes, your favorite moderator can have the last word. So.....

....last word!!
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This topic is locked!

And then he locked the thread, the KD HE IS IN was being blamed and so forth, and he closed the forum because it was HIS it just me or is this abusing his mod powers? No one was really flaming (well not more then ussual) and no one was calling each other names so.........I bet he will lock this on too or delete it.......
Sir Gaius Septim


8/5/2007 5:16:54 AM
I want to get a word in before he does, he does seems to be abusing his powers as a mod and bragging about it in that thread, but maybe it was for the best...
Mr. Enyalius


8/5/2007 5:19:31 AM
oh found an another one (this time in Red Hand post) It's locked too, guess by who! Probebly by yor favorite Mod Krum.......

Mr. Chaos Geoff


7/24/2007 2:11:22 PM
atleast the people fighting have armies.  you saywe're nothing and you've done f*ck all.  if you've got somthing why dont you use it.
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This topic is locked!

Mr. Enyalius


8/5/2007 5:23:39 AM
Well no one has posted it till now.............I think we need a NEW Mod......(no not me=P.....)
Sir Gaius Septim


8/5/2007 5:24:57 AM

If you think I'm bad, you should see some of the guys on TMB, they sent me 300 messages in a row, all of them calling me horrible names that I wont say...

Mr. Epyon


8/5/2007 5:25:24 AM

Sir Gaius Septim


8/5/2007 5:44:22 AM
Lol, I'd be the worse mod to ever play VU. I would be the Spammer Mod lol.
Admiral Krum


8/5/2007 7:24:16 AM
I abuse my powers? I simply follow the the guidelines given me. I have said this before, if you don't like it, talk to Zeta.

You bet right ;)


dont bother to skim though all that, there are a few key post in amougest the spamm. id just like to point out that:

A.) Red Hand did have a NAP with carnage. Karac (vice) decided this and made it official.

B.) We (falcons) didnt break ANY map terms. however Red Hand refused to help our kingdom against jesters who they were NAP'd with, even tho one of the terms was unconditional help on any front, break NAPs if needs be (or words to that effect). Hence the dissolvement of the MAP.

C.) Krum has absolutly abused his power as a MoD. The Red Hand thread was still hot and going and he closed it cus HE didnt like how his kingdom was being portrayed. I've seen flame thread 10x as worse than that left open.

D.) i held Krum in such high regard after our time in BoW, now i think he has fallen from grace and him and red hand now have a reputation. Krum you should be dissapointed with yourself for abusing your power and letting it go to your head.


it wouldnt surprise me if this thread got locked, or even deleted.

23:20:35 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:


A)we never had a nap with carnage only a once friendly relation

B)we ended the map since once upon a time we got attacked by jester and we asked your helped but never once a respond that why most of rh were enraged

C)Krum never abused the power he only locked with too much swear and other bady.

D)stop talking about the past

and oh come on are you realy trying to silent red hand after you got beat ,haha

23:22:15 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Alexander The Great:

if krum uses his power wisly , look how many stupid post about god and all that stuff , and non of them got locked

23:22:43 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Roxbury:

Obviously Krum is not fit to be a mod anymore. If he realizes this, he should resign his mod powers and stop bullying people around in the forum. If he doesnt realize it, he will just refer you to zeta, and lock this thread again.

23:23:45 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Looks like this subject will never go away^^ It is true, red hand could probably justfiably say that they never had a nap with carnage, but, some in red hand led us to believe that we had a nap....which is where all the confusion is stemming from.....i can post the pm's if i wanted but at this point whats the use? <shrugs shoulders>

@Rox: Word.

As i stated in the other thread, it wasnt the locking of the threads that irritated me per se, but rather the specific targeting of mod powers when there are so many other worse ones that go untouched....

but we all might have said too much, migth wind up banned:O

23:25:33 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Spoon:

He did abuse it in my opinion.

If you read this topic, you will clearly see that there is no guideline on lies, flaming, swearing, or other bad stuff.
That means it is allowed- Yes ofcourse, it can be too bad. But this wasn't if I read the key posts.
Well, I did not follow this at all, I don't follow anything in the forums these days. But well, Smuff makes his point clear.

So Krum, bad boy!

23:26:43 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

'B)we ended the map since once upon a time we got attacked by jester and we asked your helped but never once a respond that why most of rh were enraged'

I rampaged through Jester territory for 3/4 days!!!! Quit the BS man!!! FFS. you made it hard enough with messages like; what the hell are you doing in our territory!!

we even attacked Music which were 300% our size cus you were waring them!! they ended up sieging Chaos Blocker and i had to deal with a couple of armies heading up from the south.!!! you guys did sweet FA for us. 



23:26:55 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:


uhmm....youre a ms. now? Wow, i have now have a new fantasy^^

23:29:00 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

Persephone: word

Spoon: word

23:36:16 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Spoon:

You know the difference between female and male Spoons is just erm.. the females blood once a month? And nothing else! No extra holes... :(

23:39:41 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

dude Smuff you started attack jester in june 14 and we had a nap esablish at june 7 and we got a attacked by jester somewhere around june 2-6

23:40:06 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Helmuth Von Moltke:

We've seen Krum abuse his power in the past.

I remember a number of threads that didn't break the forum rules, and he deleted them because of personal disagreements with the thread starter. The forum rules were cited as the reason for the deletion of the thread (I actually think once, there wasn't even any forum rules, and the rules had to be added after the event to justify the deletion?), but those rules had never been broken, and the poster had taken a good amount of time to make sure they weren't before he posted the content.

Not that this thread will do much use. If he's acting like anything he has in the past, he'll do one of three things: 1) reply once or twice then ignore it, 2) close it, or if it's severe enough 3) delete it completely.

23:44:54 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Spoon:

If he locks the thread, we should be like making the uber thread.

Make it a poll: Does Krum abuse his mod powers or not?
That allows us to make rules for our thread, stated in the rules.

  • Don't make rules for your thread unless it's some type of game, poll, etc.
Make the rules:
$1 Going offtopic is allowed in here.

$2 Personal attacks and name calling is allowed in here.

$3 Posting offending (as in disgusting) content is allowed in here.


23:51:22 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

Zakira: random dates made up.


Mr. Smuff. The city of Ayrton is now under our command!
Some of their peasants escaped with all the resources!
We killed all of the 3684 troops.

Troops Alive Dead Injured
Falcon Assult II I (your army)
Swordsmen 1 0 0
Hammerthrowers 5292 486 486
Axemen 46738 2343 2343
Runemasters 12453 153 153
Cavemasters 0 0



this was on the 9th of June at 12:38 pm server time. (approx cus i had to copy and paste into the forums)

bear in mind it takes 36+ hours to get to were i could start to assult Jesters.


And yeah, it seems Krum is very self centered and childish no i have other people opinions. this thread will probly get deleted, so ill save it on my PC and copy and paste it back in the forums over and over again untill krum admits hes abused his power and stops.

23:59:47 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

this when your army pass our core >.>

Message From Mr. Smuff

Falcon Assult IV

Back to message list

You (7/14/2007 9:10:14 AM)
are you planing to attack us?
Mr. Smuff [Fowl] (7/14/2007 11:32:49 AM) GOOD BAD
look mate we have a MAP, so stop worrying and stop demanding that our scouts leave certain areas.
You (7/14/2007 11:45:21 AM)
then why your army look as if it going to our core?

this when we try to helps mirror

Message From Mr. Isaac


Back to message list

You (7/3/2007 5:15:30 PM)
wow what happen do u guy need help?
Mr. Isaac [Havoc] (7/3/2007 5:19:03 PM) GOOD BAD
yes we would like ya'll to help me liberate our citys, itonly a few of us who still generate income.

this when i p.m and helps request!!!

Message From Mr. Plokoon


Back to message list

You (7/6/2007 10:38:20 AM)
hey plok you know if jester too us over they target u i guess help now to prevent this all i have to say farewell
Mr. Plokoon [Fowl] (7/6/2007 3:49:16 PM) GOOD BAD
that last message didn't really make sense...
You (7/6/2007 5:09:53 PM)
well help us lol

i still got all of my p.m from the start of era

00:05:40 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

maybe you attacked else where buy not where we needed helps

00:40:22 Aug 8th 07 - Admiral Krum:

Unbelievable and ungrateful...

Fine, I resign.

00:43:21 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

we're playing the PM game are we? lol

You (7/7/2007 1:27:36 AM)
I hear you are waring Jester.
Do you need help?
We can provide support in a couple of day ( most members of my kingdom)
While i can provide support by the end of tomorrow...
Wolflord Karac [RED] (7/7/2007 6:40:25 PM) GOOD BAD
YES, help would be great, we are getting kicked because me and the other fighter are over here finishing music, and the rest of our kd decided they dont need troops.
You (7/7/2007 6:42:01 PM)
ok im sending armies.
did you get my other message?
Wolflord Karac [RED] (7/7/2007 6:43:07 PM) GOOD BAD
yeah, i will post it in our council, I didnt want this war, nor did plower, but apparently nobody listens to the people with troops, both me and him have about 100K troops each, but they are scattered out and not ready for this war, so 1 guy with a 5K attacks them, stupid damn kingdom.


NOTE: i sent my armies on the 7th.

Now stop acting like a child and lets get back to the point aye?

00:45:38 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

And Krum, im not saying you should resign (others might tho) im just saying stop abusing your power as a mod.

and whats ungratefull and unreasoable about that aye? NOTHING

00:52:09 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Devi:

Admiral Krum


8/7/2007 6:40:22 PMUnbelievable and ungrateful...

Fine, I resign.

Ungrateful for what? For all this time of your retardness and abuse of powers? Your a piece of work Krum, Swiftys ass hair is smarter than you are.

It will be a wonderful day when people dont have to deal with your bull*beep* biased bans.

00:52:26 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

dang smuff don't you got other thing to do beside krum helping us by being mod it not like he get pay or anything

00:57:38 Aug 8th 07 - Admiral Krum:

Ungrateful is how you blast me about mod and my KD (in the same argument some how?), and find the few times I have "abused" my powers, when you never see the many times I use them for good.

I get it, oh BTK...I completely and utterly understand your last words to me...

oh and to your smart ass remark Devi, I have never banned anyone. Mods and I repeat MODS DO NOT have the power to ban. We may have more influence with Zeta to look in on a ban, but we can not ban.

01:07:08 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

so you admit you have abused your powers then krum?

'Ungrateful is how you blast me about mod and my KD (in the same argument some how?)'

i do this because you get 'the last word' ect in topics about your kingdom. if you were going to lock a topic then why add your oppinion in at the end. and NOW you wonder about why people hate you for it?


this serves to further my point

Mr. Strike Zakira


8/7/2007 11:52:26 PM
dang smuff don't you got other thing to do beside krum helping us by being mod it not like he get pay or anything

01:11:01 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

man they should make a rant page -.- for smuff at lease

01:14:33 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

I shall do that in hangaround! To the hangaround mobile!

01:54:12 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

The only complaint I have about Krum is what he had to stick in at the end.

Krum, you're fine as long as you stay neutral in your moderating powers.  Which means you can't hold anything concerning you or your kd in any higher regard to what can be found in similar threads.  Don't resign, just let this be a lesson in what not to do :)

02:02:28 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Soccer:

all i can say is that krum is human. if i was a mod, and i had the power to lock a jester-bashing thread, i would prolly do the same. maybe its abusing powers, but its really not that big of a deal. oh no, a thread got locked! kill the mods, they arent letting me fulfill my bashing!


02:23:43 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Twamao:

Im ridiculous

02:44:44 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Soccer:

agreed, twamao :)

02:47:50 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Echion:

I talked to ZeTa..

He is giving me 5000 bonus turns..
And a purple dragon to fly on.

02:49:53 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

They were doing their jobs, Soccer.  Nothing wrong with that.  It's just the little bit extra they put down some of us have to disagree with.

02:49:59 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

a purple dragon? Why would a "King of Gods" need that, I'll be taking that!

*Septim steals the purple dragon and becomes friends with it

02:54:22 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

*zakira jump out of behind septim and uses hes nazgul to talk to purple dragon*

*20 sec later*

*purple dragon attack septim*

*1 sec later*

*septim fall .......*


03:02:31 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

*Septim then disappears and reappears on the Nazgul, he throws Strike off of it and uses his power over spam to drown it.


*Septim disappears

04:04:29 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

*Septim notices that a giant winged demon has appeared on the horizon.  Bruto Cikayson is riding it with an evil grin.

But he just passes by and leaves you as you were*

06:22:57 Aug 8th 07 - Duke Salamon:

First, Yall do not see the good that has been done by Krum through out the many many months and time he has spent watching the forums. He has caught a good amount of threads that needed to be deleted or locked quickly. He has had to deal with several people who were out to cause mayhem on purpose. Never once did yall complement him for it.  Ofcourse he is human and cant catch everything. This is why the report button was given to yall. (Even if yall abused it when it first came out... -.-). He has done his job to the best of his ability and as a human being and zeta sees that and thats why he still has his job.

06:44:06 Aug 8th 07 - Sage Trynton:

sal, if an army vet came home after winning a war and murdered his family, the judge would not say "your a soldier so i guess its ok." hes still a murderer, no matter what he did before. krum deleting a few threads here and there doesnt excuse the fact that he always locks threads that target him or his kd and deletes posts for no damn reason

08:19:51 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Orly:

This is not the first time Krum abused his powers, he's been locking topics and deleting posts he doesn't like for a very long time, but ZeTa just doesn't actually read anything. Not to mention that it's been known ZeTa does the same.

I find it amusing Krum says we're ungrateful and that we don't know all the good he has done and we should put up with his *beep*, I haven't seen you do any real mod stuff in quite a while. Threads are filled with spam, and where is Krum? Nowhere in site, yet when somebody complains about his kingdom or his mod power abuses he's right there with the topic lock.

If you really have resigned, it's a great day in VU.

08:26:24 Aug 8th 07 - Sage Trynton:

until zeta comes in here and says his powers been removed i wouldnt believe it

13:45:20 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Scientist:

1 Stay on topic

2 No personal attacks, racism or name calling.

3 Do not post offending (as in disgusting) content.


General guidelines:

  • Posts must add content to the discussion.
  • No pointless criticism
  • Explain or caption pictures if they do not explain themselves
  • Don't avoid the bad word filter to use bad words
  • Try to contribute to the topic. Avoid one-liners and spam.
  • No advertising
  • Don't make rules for your thread unless it's some type of game, poll, etc.
  • Write in english
  • Don't make fun of other players in the game unless it's about their in-game role-playing character.
These are the forum rules as posted by the admin. Now I think that this thread fits into the emboldened rule as it is a personal vendetta against Krum, just for doing his job.
Krum is a good Mod, he sticks to the rules, which to be fair, if everyone was to stick to the rules then most of the threads now would be deleted or locked due to people avoiding the word filter or spamming or just generally insulting someone in a thread.
Krums powers shouldn't be removed, for sticking to the rules that the admin has layed out. If you stick to the rules then there will be no reason for him to delete/lock the thread, if you don't then fair enough for him to do it.
If you have any problems with what Krum has done then please feel free to message him. But first I would advise that people read the forum rules and then read over the whole thread to see if the rules have been broken..........

13:57:58 Aug 8th 07 - Dreadlord Valarion:

14:02:28 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Orly:

Are you his *beep*ing lawyer?

Saying he abuses his powers, doesn't do his job and is generally a bad moderator isn't a personal attack. It's criticism and more importantly it's fact!

So unless you have something valid to add to the thread please stop spamming it with your useless drivel.

14:03:57 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Helmuth Von Moltke:

Scientist, it isn't as easy as that.

We've tried to talk to Krum about this in the past. One time somebody created a thread which, again, didn't break any forum rule and no sufficient response was given as to why it was deleted, because no rule could be found to reason the deletion. Krum didn't like the thread starter, he had already admitted that before. But rather than face the thread starter once he had complained, he coaxed ZeTa into getting involved to defend Krum and make out ZeTa did it. The problem was, ZeTa didn't have a clue what was going on, and started referring to the poster on first name terms, despite not even knowing who he was.

After several moderators told the thread starter that it was in fact Krum who deleted the thread, and that ZeTa had been propped up to it by Krum (who had supplied him all the relevent info, including the posters name), Krum then came forward when confronted, and in his usual swagger, pissed and moaned but couldn't defend his actions. In the end, he stopped replying alltogether. So how is it even possible to discuss the actions with a moderator who won't even bother to?

Fact is, he is biased. These forums are a mess. The rules are broken countless times and threads can, quite literally, go for weeks without having a mod intervene despite posts being reported. Yet as soon as Krum, or his kd are attacked, he will be on it within a day, maybe hours, and the thread will be closed/deleted in an instance.

14:30:17 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Smuff:


Why are valid political threads locked while others are full of spamm? because Red Hand is envolved.

14:40:16 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Scientist:

To be honest, a post in a thread being reported is nothing anymore, some people use that as a new form of spam and just hit it when they feel like it. When it comes to the posts which are reported, most of them don't break the rules in any way, someone just feels like testing the button or spamming a thread by hitting that button.

14:54:31 Aug 8th 07 - Admiral Krum:

This is my final message to VU.

I apologize to my KD mates, and to those who have been a good friend over the years. If it seemed like I did anything out of spite or malice, then I'm sorry. I'm no robot, and i have personal stresses like anyone else, so sometimes patience is a hard commodity.

In anycase, your message is loud and clear. You have all made your vote, and I will respect it.

So, I take full responsibility for any actions done by my KD, and my modship. Please don't turn on my members for my actions. It's obvious I'm not well liked, so I think it's time I moved on.

Thanks Zeta and thanks to all those who have taught me the game and have been a good loyal friend. It's been a great run and I had a lot of fun, which is what this is supposed to be about anyway.

Take care. Cheers!

15:52:21 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Bezza:

dont leave Krum :(

15:58:32 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Rocky:

This is BS all those who complaining its just a game grow up ,and if our kgdm have beaten  you alredy or is kicking your @ss right now take it like a man their is always next era. And if  you giving our kgdm a beaten then whats the problem pick up a sword and meet us on the battle field. Smuff I dont like you anyways I could care less about you stop crying you got beat take it like a man punk.

16:11:17 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Gothrim:

This is tragic. I am truly sorry to see Admiral Krum go. I agree with Rocky. Kingdom's should stand or fall on the battlefield, not be beaten down on forums. And Red Hand was and is standing this era, but there are those of you (and I know who you are) who prefer other paths to winning. Perhaps that's all you are capable of. I've seen you do it to a former kingdom, now I'm watching you do it to Red Hand. And I really really don't like what I'm seeing.

16:14:54 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Orly:

BUHUHU! Cry me a river!

Good riddance!

EDIT: The only thing tragic here is that he isn't taking you people with him.

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