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Aby stone flood
16:22:57 Jan 4th 08 - Mr. Clone V:

aby just simultaniously flooded the market with 0.9 stone or wonder if that was meant for a certain person online at that time..
be alert to buy it might still be going on here

17:08:53 Jan 4th 08 - Mr. Agent Clamps:

AAIIEEEEE... oh the humanity of a .9 stone flood... What difference does it make?

17:20:41 Jan 4th 08 - Mr. Clone V:

0.99 or 0.9

is 10x more profit for the stg' er thats a factor 10 diffrance :D
not counting the human discount or low building(another 5x cheaper units)

17:22:18 Jan 4th 08 - Mr. Clone V:

btw there is not a single flame post about anything in fantasia people have been waiting for this :P

17:41:21 Jan 4th 08 - Mr. Gothrim:

The reason for this is that Zerocool stopped buying at above 1, causing a sudden buildup of stone stocks and resulting crash in the price. There was no intentional flooding of the market that I know of and surely I would have been told? I had earlier noticed that Zero had experienced a run of really bad luck buying my stone and so we negotiated a lower price.

17:43:14 Jan 4th 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

even IF it's used for feeding, you can all buy it too, so it wouldn't really be effective -.-'

17:53:10 Jan 4th 08 - Mr. Clone XXX:

What???!!! And I missed the cheap stone???!!

Damn it, someone let me know next time please?

There's free cake involved......

18:00:36 Jan 4th 08 - Mr. Clone V:

i have to wait 24/7
but if someone new he can buy hundreds of millions in 1 hour

18:26:16 Jan 4th 08 - Mr. Einskaldir:

i will buy stone if you sell at .9 gold or lower

anyone want to sell at .7 gold????

19:24:59 Jan 4th 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

coincidence :D

00:04:50 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Penguin:

Sold 4352083 stone for 3000000 gold.
It will be available on the market within 35-120 minutes!
You are selling 4352083 stone for 3000000 gold (0.69)

good? :D


03:20:43 Jan 5th 08 - Sir XelNaga:


05:11:56 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Sloth:

is this the best flame you can send at us? come on, at least try!

05:27:07 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Killstone The Exploiter:

hm lets start a better flame

I SAW CARNAGE DOING SOMETHING UNSPEAKABLE THE OTHER DAY! you all can use your imagination on waht it was

(btw jsut to make it as clear as possible i was jsut joking =P)

05:30:04 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

boo sloth!

13:14:20 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Clone V:

lol killstone
i hear light blood players saw phi do some unspeakable the other day

20:21:42 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Gilth:

Is it as unspeakable as the thing I saw Epyon and Spoon do the other day.

20:56:18 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Killstone The Exploiter:

Bought 7889490 stone for 4000000 gold.

ty whoever in PKS was selling that

and ty to me for having no life waht so ever =D

and btw LB was first to do the unspeakable things (well survivor) we were only getting rid of survivor and if otehrs attacked then them too

so blame survivor =P but its still all caranges fault! for soemreason ill leave this for the general public decide why =P

21:10:47 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Sloth:

/slaps killstone, clone v

this is aby thread, make your own about other kingdoms and your foolishnessish

21:11:45 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Killstone The Exploiter:

but but.... it will be deleted casue all im doing is basically *beep* =D and no one wil ltake its eriously if tis not in the politics forum....

=D and the stone thing is kinda beloning here =P

15:54:06 Jan 6th 08 - Mr. Justainius Fontainius XI:

ooh u wer trieng to be serious gd luck at that =)

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