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Academy of Misfits IV
08:41:52 Apr 11th 08 - Mr. Chuck Norriis:

Academy of Misfits

Kingdom Banner




Trainning Youth to be the Fighters of tommorow

We have a team of Experienced players Training New players to reach their highest potential

We are now Accepting Applacations For Trainers and Players who wish to Learn

So send an App =] is your

08:43:55 Apr 11th 08 - Mr. Chuck Norriis:


08:58:53 Apr 11th 08 - Mr. Elsin:

You sure? O.o

09:06:30 Apr 11th 08 - Lord Seloc:

Does it post on all 4 if you post on one?

09:16:07 Apr 11th 08 - Demonic Shezmu:

and u still does teh sux at typing english :P

10:31:39 Apr 11th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

well usually i would wish good luck to a kingdom but not with him. . .

02:25:47 Apr 12th 08 - Mr. Pimp:

We dont need luck. We got me. And that means trouble for you PJ.

02:51:42 Apr 12th 08 - Mr. Charley II:

Chuck! You spoke!....and you are my hero!

03:24:43 Apr 12th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

lol that remains to be seen

07:52:30 Apr 12th 08 - Sir Slade:


Charley i thought i was your hero :(

and PJ Chucks a Good player

well better then you


04:01:09 Apr 13th 08 - Mr. Charley II:

And you were my hero until I thought you abandoned me for awhile X_x long story

12:20:16 Apr 13th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

haha they have a bigger mouth then me xD

01:07:33 Apr 14th 08 - Mr. Charley II:

I think everyone should just join the Best Friends Forever kingdom and we can all live in peace and never have war again =P  (hah that would be the most rediculous and odd thing if it ever killed by peace)

09:46:02 Apr 14th 08 - Sir Slade:

Why would i Abandon you Charley you are my mindless follower

XD Jks about the Mindless thing


22:29:51 Apr 15th 08 - Mr. Charley II:

....well every messege ive sent to you requesting help has been responded with...."Lol" >_>  I call that another form of abandonment <=( 

And Chuck is a beast....join him....or be roundhouse kicked to the face

06:59:11 Apr 17th 08 - Sir Slade:


i have been helping you

Also the way you type it it is funny


but i will help you out now mmmmmk

and Chcuk is a pwn

:P and he cant round house kick people

09:05:56 Apr 17th 08 - Mr. Duke Kathandarion:

Trainning Youth to be the Fighters of tommorow

wasnt that hitlers

09:22:08 Apr 17th 08 - Sir Slade:


i hope not

caz i really dont want more natzies popin up

09:41:36 Apr 17th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

lol they already are...

13:31:24 Apr 20th 08 - Mr. Slave:

Gooo Academy of Misfits!!

15:36:24 Apr 20th 08 - Mr. Justanius:

we stole all there youth ;)

09:47:03 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

yeah go justanius

11:57:01 Apr 21st 08 - Sir Slade:


Well there just *beep*s and Justanius you just a simple Feeder

you wait for the little NoOoBs to build up the prod and them you kick them out and take there citys

i mean it is a tactic but is a dishounorable tactic you say you have more Experiance them Pimp and Chuck but atleast they dont lower them self to your Level


Pimp and Chuck are Great players


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