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Ally Gone Bad
02:42:50 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Sabbath The Dark:

Me and my council in The Devastators are formally declaring war on BC.  We are tired of the useless threats recieved from this kingdom and tryin to help this kingdom out.  In return we have given up on them and find them no longer usefull.

Let the flaming begin.

*this could get interesting :)

02:46:26 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Frosty The Snowman:

FLAMED! *Frosty Melts*

02:50:00 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Basch:

Ha! I bet your allies are losing a war and you can't help them and they get pissed off and send you insulting messages so you just decide to betray your allies and take their cities mainly for your own personal greed and using their insults as a lame excuse.

02:52:46 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

Very ingenius Basch...very well thought out >_>

03:29:05 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Same Name:

thats a very long run-on
can u say that 1 without running out of breath irl?

04:53:34 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

not usefull anymore?

i&nb*beep* without words, and this is all i will say on the matter.


04:59:17 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Ghost:

Uther no offense but we help you guys out with AoA and you spit in our faces. Then we get called traitors by ur so called vice "chaoslegion" then we get inside tips on you going to attack us. So ALLS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR!!!!! We just struck sooner then you guys did

05:10:15 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

well yeah of course you attacked first you killed amaroq's army without questioning anything

05:19:48 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Ghost:

Amaroq was preping on Dmetries city. N well with his so called "excuse" well ill just post, No one accidently lands on that when running. Plus why would you settle near the kd you were running from. Thats stupidy. Well looks like we are going to bring back some memories from a few eras ago when BC joined the angels. Armaroq should remember that.

You (9/18/2008 11:27:32 AM)
Why are you prepping on our Cities?
Mr. Amaroq V [BC] (9/18/2008 5:45:06 PM) GOOD BAD
cities? it was one i accidentally landed on fleeing from AoA in the north. i work 12 hour shifts so i did not know it landed on a city until now. i was just looking for a spot to start rebuilding. Dmitrie knowingly broke our map by attacking, and attacking without proper warning. he attacked exactly 1 rl minute after u sent a message. i will be expecting some type of retribution. and if u have not noticed i am a vice in the BC so why would i knowingly attack u with a small army all on my own?
You (9/18/2008 9:46:01 PM)

Alright, look there was some miscommunication. Tensions between our two kingdoms have risen in the past few days. And the fact that we saw your army come and land directly on Dmitries City was a coincendence. You put your army on that city right after he sent troops out. So he freaked and killed it. We had now warning or anything. I know yall were running from AoA but i dont see why you would choose to settle right there. That is our core, it would be more reasonable and better for yall to continue settling below us in yalls southern core.

There yall can build up defenses and farm for a lil. Im sorry but we will not recompensate you for this misunderstanding. There was both miscommunication between our two kingdoms and what Dmitrie did was justified.

Im sorry. Ive been talking with your king lately and a few of your members are confused on whats going on between us and AoA. We did not NAP them b/c we though they could kill us. We really based the NAP on them to help you guys out. We had all our armies focused elsewhere and was not able to come to your aid.
Mr. Amaroq V [BC] (9/19/2008 12:27:55 AM) GOOD BAD
in all honestly, where my army landed was no where near ur core. i agree it may have been miscommunication but that down not make it right especially since it was way above ur core if u wish to check it again. i know my king and i respect him greatly, i have been with him for 3 eras' +. i have send him a similar message as to what i've sent u. to tell u the truth i WILL be recompensated or i WILL leave BC to get recompensated. Ur member made a mistake, so plz take to correct action to correct it. misunderstanding or not...
You (9/19/2008 12:41:17 AM)
Im sorry you wont be compensated and if you actually took a look at our core. THAT IS OUR CORE WHERE YOU LANDED!

We own from that mountain pass all the way down to where yalls southern core starts. Apparently you havent looked recently at the size of our core. We have blockers set up up and down our core that signals our ownership of our core. You on the other hand cannot respect that. The last thing i want to do right now is fight you but, if you keep pushing our limits and proceed to fight us we will retaliate against your forces and i guarantee you wont survive the rest of this era.

I respect your king just as well as you do but, right now you are what is about to cause an open war that you will not be able to win.

Again YOU WILL NOT be compensated for a measley 1000-1500 army that was prolly nothing more then level 1 troops. Its up to you from here. If you take action we will take action as well and i advise you to choose your choices wisely.

Good Day

05:34:56 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Uther Pendragon:


still it was wrong of him to jump like he did and attack as soon as he did...

your boy is a little to quick on the trigger finger and needs to just chill, and if it was such a "measely" army then whats so bad about recompensating for it?


look bottom line is you guys attacked without clarifying and have mobilized troops on us without notifying before the time...


05:40:33 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Ghost:

Ok why would we compensate him on that?he can go cry in a little corner. and yes we have mombilized thanks to our INSIDE tip that you were planning an attack on us

05:43:17 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Sabbath The Dark:

ya yall built a freakin ARMORY inside our core called "Trees For Me".  Ya nice try on tryin to fool us.

05:46:30 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Ghost:

lol i wasnt going to bring that up but ok. Sabbath want me to reroute there?My nazzies could use a snack and a chew toy for the day =P

05:54:05 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Doctor Strange:

*gets popcorn*    ".... continue."

05:59:01 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Sabbath The Dark:

lol strange... haha there will be more im sure.

06:00:11 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Same Name:

psssh ill get there first Ghost >.>

06:02:58 Sep 22nd 08 - Necromancer Lust:

Kudos on TDS

06:19:13 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Ghost:

gotta get there in 19 tics or less Gporhp =P

06:23:46 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Same Name:

pssh ill be there in 9ish =P

06:25:46 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Sabbath The Dark:

lol thx necro.

06:27:40 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Ghost:

i hate you =P jp Gporhp lol

06:33:04 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Same Name:

hahahahaha dont matter more ppl hate u :P

06:35:56 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Ghost:

lol see if i care. They can hate me all they want =P

06:40:27 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Same Name:

hahaha true that

06:55:18 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

Hate, hate, hate....where is love in this world!? :'(

And in the words of an old friend of mine

"Y'all are a bunch o' haters"

06:57:58 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Incognito:

Lol Chaoslegion is always causing trouble xD

06:59:06 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Ghost:

lol cuz there is more hate then love these days Charley

07:01:43 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Sabbath The Dark:

chaoslegion can suck it lol... plus i will quote an old friend my self.

"Hate is Love"


17:40:37 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Random:

wait so we can start attacking BC again?

18:29:15 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Same Name:

seems like it. ask sabbath and ure king Random ^^

21:48:44 Sep 22nd 08 - Sir Gallyon:

wow..interesting ;)

21:49:16 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Chaoslegion:

There is no honor in your sad kingdom


sabbath you have disgraced yourself with each comment you have said , i may have thought little of you since you did not help us with a single army during our AoA war then allied them ... but i do not back stab without proper reason


even with your poor attitude as well as poor leadership ..


Black chain will fight with every man we have .. and in the end if we fall we will ensure that you come with us


you will burn next to us you filth

21:49:17 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Chaoslegion:

we all know the truth sabbath , theres no point in lying anymore

21:54:33 Sep 22nd 08 - Sir Gallyon:

haha ;) i remember me calling TDS a not newby, nor experienced kingdom ;):D..
and they got all angry about it :D.. I actually meant to give them a compliment ;p..

anyway, have fun you two..Kill eachother hehe ;)

22:08:39 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Sabbath The Dark:

lol you just hit me at a tense point in the era gallyon... yea you did piss me off but its w/e now.  no worries.  Lol chaos cry me a river... we could care less about what you think.

lol poor attitude and poor leadership.. yeaaaa what a shame ehh oh well.  As far as im concerned as long as my members are happy then thats all that matters lol

22:48:59 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Ghost:

First off Legion we cant save ur asses every time you get in a fuked up situation. We had our own war to fight and we arent going to divert to save your sorry asses. We allied AoA so you guys would be safe but no you spit it in our faces and keep fighting!!!! So we honoured ourselfs by allying AoA but you dishonour yourselves by being stupid and hard headed and not giving up a position that you had lost and wasnt even your core!!!!!!

22:52:07 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Brutii:

legion stop hidding behind your lies and face it like a man.  It was YOU that caused this war between us!!! Its rediculous demanding repayment for a 1k army that was prepping on our city in OUR core

22:54:19 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Sabbath The Dark:

lol it was actually amaroq V whos army got killed by prepping on our city.  And its not only that he was prepping he claimed to be running from "AoA" soo he ran up into a dead end where there were mines and no place to build.  While he did this he claimed to be tryin to restart.  Yea if he really wanted to restart that BAD... he shoulda gone much farther south.

Sorry i dont believe your bull*beep* lies BC.

22:56:53 Sep 22nd 08 - Sir Kathandarion:

Lord Sabbath The Dark


9/22/2008 9:08:39 PMlol you just hit me at a tense point in the era gallyon... yea you did piss me off but its w/e now.  no worries.  Lol chaos cry me a river... we could care less about what you think.

lol poor attitude and poor leadership.. yeaaaa what a shame ehh oh well.  As far as im concerned as long as my members are happy then thats all that matters lol

Coff just thought id point out that sabbath is one of the best leaders ive seen.try agen chaos legion.........

22:59:03 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

Sing it with me!

"All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
All you need is love (all together now)
All you need is love (everybody)
All you need is love, love, love is all you need."

23:07:45 Sep 22nd 08 - Sir Gallyon:

haha :) I love you charley :D..

23:07:51 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Brutii:

oh my bad but w/e same kd lol

23:08:40 Sep 22nd 08 - Duke Gilthanas:

Open your eyes then Kathandarion =)

23:20:14 Sep 22nd 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

XD I try Gallyon...I try :)

23:20:56 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. John Dope:

that wasn't a smart move to declare war on BC
TDS have been attacking and had to have lost alot of soldiers somewhere on the way
but BC hasn't done much but farm and pump troops from era start...
I bet you they have really huge armies hiding behind their walls xD

Well thats all the insight i have to offer xD

23:36:13 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Brutii:

lol dude you then honestly don't know anything about what was goin on in Mantrax... BC has been fighting AoA and was almost killed off in the north so i wouldn't say they have been farming

23:41:33 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Sloop:

Knowing john that was actually a smart thing he said :P

00:03:30 Sep 23rd 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

it seems that devastators have been hiding armies on the outside edge of the map. that seems like a really cheap move so they could avoid fighting BC armies

00:10:00 Sep 23rd 08 - Lord Sabbath The Dark:

umm what do you mean by hiding armies on the outside edge of the map to avoid fighting BC armies.  Why would we avoid fighting their armies that doesnt make any since.

00:20:04 Sep 23rd 08 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Sabbath you and i both know the Terms of our MAP was that we would speak of all alliances BEFORE they took place and that none of those alliances would be to the others enemy.

We talked about alliance with RoC but then that went to hell so you guy allied AoA so you wouldnt have to do anything, and besides even allying them didnt help us one bit at all in the beginning.

You have forgotten the terms...


You attack an army that was fleeing and blindly stepped into a section of your core, then when he was going ot move you killed it.

He got upset and we were considering brushing it off. but that didnt happen because i wont let anyone of BC get ripped and left laying there without my support.


you moved armies into our core glitching on the border and hid them there until you decided to declare war.

I dont know about you Sabbath but when it come to just playing

(no diplomatics) involved i dont cheat.


so my friend you have wronged here severely and i will not forget this. This is now the second time i have seen you turn on an ally for "Trash Talk"...


hahahahhaa some reason to break a MAP.

You broke it because someone had to go to work and ended up landing on one of your cities and came home to find his army dead, and then he gets upset and you declare war because we wanted repayment for a "Small Army"


come on guys, if you were allys then you wouldnt find a 1.5K army so "troublesome" to reindorse us for.

i clean my hand of this and i clean my hands of TDS and i know now last era i should have sided with BLS instead of being neutral you backstabbing swine.

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