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Amazedimperium of knights
23:46:01 Aug 5th 09 - Divine Elldorian:

Now i know most of you are probably sick of me making imperium of knights recruitment threads. youll be happy to know this isnt one.

I've made this thread to congratulate all those in Imperium of knights on a good war. Some who i especially feel done well are Ghostrider / Aljeant grimaldi and The whole of our western core. Not to take away from some of the other players.

For those who do not know IoK this era fought a war against a KD called purgatory who were 300% our power and 2 times our members. EVen against such odds we fought on bravely and managed to hold them at bay. this war was in a stalemart until MAD a higher world KD came along and attack purgatory. IoK then attacked MAD hoping to stop them from becoming to powerful on our World(talents).

although there have been numerous backstabbings and such until today we were actually winning our war against MAD.

Although we still have a small chance to win I would like to say i am deeply proud of those who have stood with the Imperium of Knights and those who have allied us and stayed allied. even those who betrayed us showed great skill and i would like to congratulate them.

To all members of the Imperium Of Knights. Although you may not all stay with us as we move to midgard due to our death i would like to say it was a pleasure fighting with you all and i hope one day we might meet again in battle.

on a side note we are still recruiting :P

Just wanted to do this to show IoK i am grateful to them for sticking by and trusting me regardless of what other Kingdoms on talents might of said about my character and me being a triator.

Divine Elldorian
Son of Kathandorian
Leader of The Imperium of Knights

23:50:34 Aug 5th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:


01:45:36 Aug 6th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

Winning against MAD? Unlikely. MAD only devotes a couple of its members to the fight. If they had fully dedicated all their members against you, you'd be gone in a couple days (real time). lol. You should've worked WITH MAD to attack Purgatory. LAWL

01:49:18 Aug 6th 09 - Divine Elldorian:

purgatory were dead vuggy.. and there is only like 4 MAD guys on talents so....

21:46:11 Aug 6th 09 - Mr. Roheran:

go kath  ;)

03:00:37 Aug 7th 09 - Duke Angelus:

Pointless thread

18:25:55 Aug 7th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

6 was enough to fight ld, crazy, and roc. And is continuing to be, as long as I'm not being lied to. So... Don't know what you take from that.. I'm not calling anyone bad, I'm just saying that MAD is purdy gud. ^^

18:26:33 Aug 7th 09 - Mr. Himanil VII:

Well, congratulations I guess.

20:56:50 Aug 7th 09 - Mr. Haya:

Well fought, even though you lost i always respect those who fight to the last man. Good luck for the future.

20:56:57 Aug 7th 09 - Mr. Sun Warrior:

Gl Divine!!!

06:17:20 Aug 10th 09 - Divine Elldorian:

Alas we are back on crusade on the world of talents

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