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Angels WANTs YOU
01:44:35 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Ithuriel The Archangel:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Angels
Members: 5
Tag: A
Created: 2/26/2009 12:23:54 AM
Leader: Mr. Ithuriel The Archangel


We Are Accepting Ex-Angels Members Late In Joining Us,And We Accept New Members.


If you are intrested in join us plz send an application stating:
-How many eras you have been playing
-What kds you have been in
-How often you are online
-Why do you want to join us


19:20:24 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Nemesis:

I cant find them in the list of kingdoms O.o
 I must be blind.....


19:34:58 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Skinny Vinny:

i see you took over from Sunshine, good he was too wet behind the ears to rule a Kingdom.  Nemesis, if you are talking about on the standings, it because we hela far down.  i don't know how but Asmegin kicked our ass down south.  i was left to defend the new KDmates as a dwarf against 13knazzies.  it wasn't fun.  i probably would have broken 100 if it wasn't for him and his nazzies.

20:23:09 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Cobra:

Without Trendkill you will proberly never get many Ex-Angels back

GL though

20:24:25 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Hel The Sunshine:

-.-'' trendkill is now in TD

20:24:54 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Cobra:

Well, then Disband the kingdom

20:25:58 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Hel The Sunshine:

if u search the kd Angels is now disbanded

20:26:19 Mar 28th 09 - Duke Slade:

Mr. Hel The Sunshine


3/28/2009 10:24:25 PM-.-'' trendkill is now in TD

Wrong he is in my Kingdom

20:30:25 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Hel The Sunshine:

oh well he disbanded TD?

20:44:32 Mar 28th 09 - Lady Inactive Due Aids:

Angels want me?

22:04:55 Mar 28th 09 - Duke Slade:


22:08:01 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Hel The Sunshine:

want is present.

angels no longer exist so is wanted

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