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Apology to thy Allies
20:21:02 Dec 22nd 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

For the end of this era I went inactive for the last two weeks.  I'd pop on from time to time to check out the game, but I was not on the forefront of anything.  During the past few days I found out that our kingdom has attacked FC and Gotf. 

As there are two real life days left, there is not much that I can remedy.  I can merely post a public apology to these two kingdoms.  At the moment I am trying to shift through over a 100 new messages that I've received recently (one of the perks of crossworlds). 

Both kingdoms have been honorable to Berserk, and it is a sad day to see what as happened.  I take full responsibility of this matter. 

-Arch Shade-

20:45:48 Dec 22nd 09 - Mr. Kreed:

It's just sad how the acts of a few can tarnish the reputation of a Kingdom as a whole

21:17:33 Dec 22nd 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

Wtf, Archy i agree that it, this is a sad moment, however i will say openly BOTH of these are my Fault. I was in charge of the Talents core and a few things got out of hand. Arch Shade is NOT responsible for these matters i am. If you have a problem send it to me and i will apologize to every kd member non mass messaged if need be.

All i ask is that you guys do not hold the whole of berserk and Arch Shade responsible. It is my doing for not keeping a tighter rope on some things. I will fully accept any that wish to add me to their hate and spam list as well. Good day all and arch before you send me a message saying thnks but this isnt the case just stfu.

21:19:10 Dec 22nd 09 - Lady Liquid Sex Drive:

<3 Berserk

21:21:35 Dec 22nd 09 - Lady Miley Cyrus:

<3 Pizza

21:22:47 Dec 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith:

My respect to Berserk :)

21:26:28 Dec 22nd 09 - Lady Liquid Sex Drive:

Pizza is good with extra cheese!

21:26:53 Dec 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith:

And pineapple ;)

21:27:13 Dec 22nd 09 - Sir Cadmus The Valiant:

Arch Slade, both yourself and Targaryen have been honorable to the kingdom of Fight Club this era. For that, I have much respect. Being one of the few FC members affected by this turn of events, I thank you both on Fight Club's behalf for your apologies. I hope that the rest of your members will follow your example in holding your honor above greed.

High Regards,
Sir Cadmus

21:31:24 Dec 22nd 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

Its so bloody irritating for once i dont care about watching what i say. This is so bloody idiotic! We tried so hard to be an honorable kd and have been but its getting F*cked up last few days of era.

21:58:08 Dec 22nd 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

*Hands Targ a pipe that is billowing with smoke.*

Calm young one, calm.  I am not mad at anyone in either party.  My leadership faltered towards the end of the era.  Tis' happens to all of us.  I am becoming energized once again for the future!

06:43:21 Dec 23rd 09 - General Wolfenstien:

Arch the best of luck to you and to the rest you can bite me.  One person wants to be a pathetic loser so be it.  You want honor come get me next era you loser.

06:46:52 Dec 23rd 09 - Sir Not Fit For Duty:

Ok now wolfs comment confused me did it to anyone else or can someone explain it to me?

06:55:34 Dec 23rd 09 - Mr. Deathangel:

Yea he is tired of pathetic people like Cadimus complaining because they didn't have the brains to protect there cities.  So he is inviting them to come get him next era if they have the balls.  He is giving good luck to Arch because if I know him as good as i think he has just left the kd.  He dosen't like people making the kd he is in apologize for something that there is no apology needed for.  Then you have another Vice trying to act like he is above anotherone and trying to take responsibility for his actions like he is a nobody.  So he is probably pissed off now.

07:02:32 Dec 23rd 09 - Sir Not Fit For Duty:

ok thanks for cleraing tha up, maybe he should join your kingdom snce you guys seem pretty honourable?

07:04:45 Dec 23rd 09 - Mr. Deathangel:

You don't get it Cadimus is complaining that Wolfenstien is the unhonorable one and Wolf is tired of losers complaining.

07:06:44 Dec 23rd 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

No in reality it is my fault. I asked fight club if i could take out a city of Gladiators out in their core. i got permission and it was mistaken for a NAP. I did not clarify that it was not then wolf attacked them and they were confused. So if you look at it that way then it is my fault for not clarifying early on. Personally couldnt give a damn about wolf though i will openly admit he is a much better player than i am.


As for what i said earlier i did not mention Wolf being the aggresor because that seemed like playing the blame game to me. So i avoided that mine feild. glad to know i walked into another one. Next time ill be like every other individual and point the finger. Afterall seems like im acting like one. (to a degree i am.)

07:16:46 Dec 23rd 09 - General Wolfenstien:

You didn't point the finger Targaryen.  Death knows me in RL so he already knows what is going on.  That is why he can give good details on what is happening and he knows me as well as he thinks.  So don't worry about it you did good at not putting the blame on anyone.

08:32:41 Dec 23rd 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

Arch Shade and Mr. Targaryen are golden in my book.  I don't care for this wolf guy.

Message From General Wolfenstien

Gray Wolf

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You (12/22/2009 4:22:16 PM)
Mr. Arch Shade (11/8/2009 8:42:19 PM)
Heya it's H.H./Arch Shade. :-)

Anyways, I wanted to check up on you guys. I heard you are going to fight PHI. Our members on Mantrax are willing to fight alongside you.

Of course we'll nap ya! :-)
You (11/8/2009 10:57:27 PM)
okay cool man. awsome
You (11/9/2009 12:45:43 AM)
we wrote this one up. changes?

NAP Proposal between Bezerk and CRAZY

1. No opening blockers directly between NAP and its enemies

2. Treating our NAPs with respect ~ if you have an issue please direct our diplomat.

3. Neither can force their NAP partner to fight their enemies.

4. Era long NAP - can not be broken even for a MAP.

5. No magic or attacks will be used directly against the NAPs (world effects are not included).

6.If an enemy joins they must give over any cities they took from the other kingdom then they are not to be attacked any longer as they became protected.

7. No building new blockers or taking from another kingdom to stop a NAP partner from reaching an enemy. unless blocker is taken from an enemy of crazy.

8-No napping an obvious enemy of the napped kingdoms.

9- compensation for nap breaches shall be quick and not delayed

Mr. Arch Shade (11/9/2009 1:06:36 AM)
Yeah it all sounds good. I never use nap agreements. They become objective and subject to gray area. If anyone in my kingdom does anything to upset you or your mates, come to me about it. I will handle it personally.

One thing I hold with the up most regard is brethren. You and some of your members have fought alongside me in the old days. I never forget. Our kinship is sacred, do not forget that.

When you need screen shots of Mantrax let me know.
You (11/9/2009 1:09:16 AM)
hehe, I like your style.
Mr. Arch Shade (11/9/2009 1:11:14 AM)
Most of Berserk were your allies in the past. Lets fight side by side once again!

*Arch Shade unwraps an old banner. He ties the black banner of Dark to the end of his spear.*

"For memories!"
General Wolfenstien (12/22/2009 5:16:59 PM) GOOD BAD
ok that was crazy and you are not crazy
You (12/22/2009 11:38:25 PM)

some one hacked the leaders account but yeah technicaly you are correct.

At this point I attacked the 50k army that was prepping on me.

General Wolfenstien (12/23/2009 5:20:32 AM) GOOD BAD
Good move my friend. Though it was leaving you alone and going after The Spire but it is all good since there is always next era.
You (12/23/2009 6:59:43 AM)
it was prepping on me. otherwise how could I kill it without moving? and yeah there is always next era. I said we had a NAP and you said no.

17:27:02 Dec 23rd 09 - Mr. Deathangel:

another one already.  Just because you had a nap with them in one kd dosen't mean it goes to the next.  Plus was it ever posted that you had a nap or treaty with them.  No it was not.  So he was with in his rights to do what he was doing but since Arch made the agreement with you he was trying to honor it and move his troops off your city to attack someone else then you attacked him.  But like he said it was a good move on your half to protect your city.  There is next era to be friends or enemies the choice is yours.  Wolf never caries hard feelings to the next era what happens this era happens and next era is next era.  That is the way it should be since this is only a game people.

18:00:25 Dec 23rd 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

I will openly admit Wolf has not ceased to suprise me even now with his attitude. He has been formal and agreeable with me at this point in time, smart man. I think hes played me like a dog idk, if he did it worked. Im willing to work with him far more than i was the other day. However, this entire era for me was entirely used trying to cement future allies, or even if they were enemies ones that wouldnt become hard line enemies like HIV will be next era or Bear Machines. I contradicted that in my post when i lost my kool, i apologize for that but as for what i said earlier i did not post about wolf because i was trying to act like he was a nobody. I was honestly covering my own arse as i see it by not pointing fingers so it could be turned around and used against me. Second i believe that isnt just flat out right. I have nothing against apologizing if it is needed.

18:10:19 Dec 23rd 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

while we are at this topic can you guys please ask Darkice to stop prepping on our cities.... we have reached a NAP and an agreement and what he is doing right now is not acceptable,

you guys enough enemies to war and enemy cities to take, there is no need to bully a kgdm that is rebuilding after a gangbang....

Darkice, do not put your ranks to that of KATH...............

01:10:57 Dec 24th 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

Wolf messaged me and said he probably would have done the same thi and that our NAP wasn't posted so yeah I feel better about him.  I shouldn't have killed his army.  He seems like a decent guy.  anyway good luck to all of you next era and heh yeah I know abotu the NAP thing not carrying over.  fight Club have been great about staying NAPed with me even though my kingdom name has changed.

I just didn't want to be known as someone who changes a kd name to attack someone and break a NAP.  Anway respect to all of Beserk, fight club and Domination for keeping me abreast of things.  hehe  breast..

01:40:33 Dec 24th 09 - Sir Darth Denonia:

Hmm interesting post Mr Tagaryen. Are you declaring war on Hiv next era allready now ? Just wondering out of curiosity as your post seems agressive toward us.

01:48:08 Dec 24th 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

im under the full impression HIV has the intentions of delcaring war anyway. After all doesnt ever kd have their opposite? ;p Only next era will tell though but you may read into it what you choose to.

02:00:23 Dec 24th 09 - Mr. Visual:

There is No Declaration of war on HIV for next era ....albeit , i find it unlikely given similar starting points as in this era once again offering and alliance to HIV again would probably get turned down again ... To bad , i have friends in HIV and So Dose Shade and other KB members . I think Both Kingdoms would agree that this era would have been allot more fun and interesting if it had gone that rout . 

03:27:02 Dec 24th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

wait a second!

did i hear something in here about Wolf being un-honorable?

that is Uther Nonsense!
I dont know him personally but i have been a in game friend of his for... the beginning of my junior year of highschool which was about 2 years ago (holy shit).

I could not imagine him bringing any dishonor to anyone.

04:21:40 Dec 24th 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

I didn't say wolf was unhonourable.  I was just explaining why I attacked his army.  I thought we were NAPed.  He said no.  I killed his army that was prepping.  I thought we were NAPped. 

16:01:05 Dec 24th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

Fire Lord The Immolation Death Bear


04:26:41 Dec 24th 09
We received a message from Mr. The Avenger of rofl mob.
20:58:05 Our Rage failed to defend Corpse Wall. Ohwell lead by Mr. Master Mind have begun a siege of Corpse Wall. We lost 271 Gaia, 0 Hammerthrowers, 0 Ogres, 0 Shamans and 0 Nazguls and 0 peasants in the battle and 1233 of our soldiers got injured.
20:58:05 Ohwell lead by Mr. Master Mind now has our Corpse Wall under siege. We lost 0 Gaia, 0 Hammerthrowers, 29887 Ogres, 2540 Shamans and 0 Nazguls and 0 peasants in the battle.

you fucking low life ass licking motherfuckers.

in the last day of the era you decide to backstab the KD that protected your ass, let you build under our protection. you make me sick and should all go burn in the lowest circle of hell, I'd be shocked if you fuckers didn't disband next era. FUCK YOU

16:11:54 Dec 24th 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

i totally understand your frustration

16:21:03 Dec 24th 09 - Mr. Path:

with so many allies, one is bound to backstab you eventually.

17:08:52 Dec 24th 09 - Mr. Kreed:

Mama Bear I want to make it known that this was an act of Master Mind and did not represent the actions of our Kingdom. Berserk truelly is grateful for everything that you have done for us and much of our success can be contributed to your Kingdom. There was even several members who wanted to come to your aid against Fate but our Kingdom was already stretched thin fighting four enemies that we decided we wouldn't be of much help

17:12:06 Dec 24th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

then why the fuck does he still remain under your banner? kick the dishonourable cunt.

17:15:07 Dec 24th 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

O bloody hell. After Berserk i am never being a f*ck*ng vice again.... anywho yet again i will post an apology on something that should not have happened. If Arch Shade wasnt the leader i wouldve already left but w.e, here i go

Duchess mama bear i Targaryen, hereby do formally apologize to the kingdom of No Pulse and do recognize you guys as our savior. I will not deny the fact that you saved us because no matter what anyone says, you did. That is the simple truth and i do not find myself to be one to deny it.

Now i would like to present another argument as well. I understand you attacked and killed my army off as well, do i see the understanding yes and i realize this is irrelevant. However you guys are also at fault for not contacting our other Vice's or Kingdom leaders. If you did i apologize for their absence. The last few days of the era only Myself and Graybeard have been active. However if you still should have contacted us instead of causing a ruckus if you could have avoided it. The fact that you only went half way on the situation does not help anyone.

I will be willing to recognize this as yet another formal apology on Berserks part. If it makes you feel any better i myself am bitter to a few of the members as well and would leave if it was not for Arch Shade. Now please calm down and lets all have a Merry Christmas.

As for the Fate there were a few of us that wanted to test our metal. However majority vote rules in our kingdom...

17:35:56 Dec 24th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

lol one of your members seiges our blocker, I only got online recently to watch the end of era wind-up to find such a shitkicking act of attacking an ally with less than 24 hours to go. I find it totally acceptable to assume that all armies from a kingdom that does that be considered hostile by a member of the KD when no leaders are online to ask about further actions.

The fact that it is 4 ticks until the end of era on xmas eve, I'd assume, as Arch himself claimed inactivity that no vices would be on. So I decided to let everyone else know what kind of shithead lowlifes are in your kingdom and seeing as you're a vice I think that you'd have the authority to kick a player with such intentions, I wouldn't want to be known for era's to come as the kingdom with HIM in it for the rest of your days.

but merry x-mas to all the good people out there :)

17:39:15 Dec 24th 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

I actually planning right this moment on posting for having him kicked. However calm down and think about it. Some members judgement may become clouded by your frustration. Which would allow them to vote against it, if you truly want to see justice done then wait.

Also there you go, you assumed so you are to some degree responsible for that matter. I have sent him a message demanding that he make a formal apology or leave the kingdom. No two ways about it.

Since its xmas eve ill just say it.

Sit down, be quite and i will work it out though the more you complain the longer it will drag it out.

03:48:14 Dec 26th 09 - Sir Darth Denonia:

I was actually worried for a couple of days when i saw Master Mind move toward Corpse wall and Not here that he noticed that Not here didnt block. Once again hiv was saved by the bell. Hes intentions was not to clear out our weakened core as he could easily have done with the army he brought over.He only wanted to break the nap that Kingdom Berserk had with No pulse and put their blocker under siege instead of having it opened and enter our core.

Lucky us.

03:51:56 Dec 26th 09 - Junior Guildmaster Dragon:


You are a man of honor and I accept your apology on behalf of  GoTF. I will not trust those that did the attacking, but you I trust still.

Good luck next era.

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