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Are there any Legendarys left
04:24:12 Jan 18th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Ancient):

Greetings my fellow mortals, Many of you may not remember me.... I am looking for any Legends that remain active on VU, Send me a message.

May you all burn in a glorious fire till nothing but ashes remain,  that is my philosophy, Hakuna Matata you sons of bitches

13:26:28 Jan 18th 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):

Join Underdogs on Fant,

17:05:32 Jan 18th 16 - Sir Cherry:

After they Saiyans defeated them numerous times they disbanded never to return. 

Until this day.

17:26:50 Jan 20th 16 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Deathdealer):

I'm running on Mantrax and Zetamania

I think i'll stick to Kingdom Of Ferakin in Mantrax..... I havnt decided what to do in Zetamania , I'll go with the flow

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