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05:40:25 Oct 18th 10 - Mr. Gimli:

Kingdoms in Armageddon
Daffodils4Mr. Donut122
The Ring3Mr. Middle Earth100
Galactic Federation Of Light6Mr. Annunaki81
Red Cross7Mr. Black Hollar78
Dark Knights10Maniac Wolfenstien40
Bianchi1Mr. Thomaas The VI40
Black Veil1Ms. Liliana Vess16
Warlords5Mr. Backwards II16
Sleepless10Mr. Amaroq XXI10

Not much action makes me sad XD

10:31:24 Oct 18th 10 - Mr. Amaroq XXI:

This map is wayyyyy too big.  I had to march over 30 ticks with the scout just to find another kingdom :(  Guess it will be mostly farming...

19:53:24 Oct 18th 10 - Ms. Galadriel:

Since oop Daffodils have been fighting the Warlords, at the moment as you can see we are winning

22:23:14 Oct 19th 10 - Mr. Donut:

Sorry you're sad, Mr G.  If there's anything we can do to help just ask :)

09:04:25 Oct 22nd 10 - Sir Ozymandias Back:

Well Warlords died... good work to Daffodils

09:54:40 Oct 22nd 10 - Mr. Pure The Morning:

amoroq your in the los of my kd XD

14:03:08 Oct 22nd 10 - Sir Ozymandias Back:

Amaroq not sure if you are on the same arma I am on, all the kds I can see have another right next to them...

20:40:11 Oct 23rd 10 - Mr. Donut:

Thanks Sir O :)  Unfortunately, we were so busy with Warlords that we weren't really prepared for The Ring and Bianchi farming up HoH armies then sending them out against us together. 

Well, not exactly together - The Ring first then, when they couldn't get through, their friend opened up a new front against us.  Personally, I'd be pretty pee'd if I asked my friend in to help, then he got all the gains while I just kept losing troops outside the blockers for 3 days  :P

Still, it all makes for an interesting game ;)

06:09:13 Oct 24th 10 - Mr. Gimli:

Lol who said thomass was our friend. We could just have a mutual enemy. =]

16:11:56 Oct 24th 10 - Mr. Donut:

So how about throwing some troops at him instead of us for a change??? Don't see him acting much like an enemy to you either..  Enemies who never attack each other look like friends to me ;)

02:34:18 Oct 28th 10 - Mr. Robin Longstride:

I am currently free as an agent.

23:21:47 Dec 9th 10 - Mr. Millman XXII:


23:22:13 Dec 9th 10 - Mr. Amaroq XXI:

No lie, this no era end until someone casts Armageddon is ridiculous.  It's taking forever.  Is there even a mage strong enough to cast arma?  What happens if there isn't one?  The era just never ends?  There can't be too many strong mages left as nobody is even buying stone so they can STG.  I think an era end time limit needs to be reinstated.  Atleast on the lower worlds.  I'm bored, and am about to just go to a different world :(

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