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12:07:27 May 31st 08 - Mr. Spoon:

on zeta :(

12:08:04 May 31st 08 - Sir Wraith:

Sorry, I'm preparing my technique for Fant..... xD

12:13:39 May 31st 08 - Princess Sum Yun Hoo:

well..then you'll did cast 2 early into the era ;)

12:15:11 May 31st 08 - Sir Wraith:

Hehe, thanks. I was worried that I'd be casting too late... or that I'd fail and lose an insane amount of mus... >.<

13:12:21 May 31st 08 - Sir Kevdwayne:

SOB!  Can you believe this?  ROFLMAO ...... Zet, the world to be on...

13:22:04 May 31st 08 - Sir Peter Abby Jackson:

:P bout time i was on the world with arma =D

18:18:23 May 31st 08 - Sir Wraith:

Thank me later, Pj. ;)

18:22:19 May 31st 08 - Sir Wraith:

Oh, and speaking of thanks... I have to thank my few bodyguards (they know who they are), my Kingdom for supporting my crazy ideas and Slade.

18:57:28 May 31st 08 - Mr. Apple Pie:

Such Love for me !!! <3

Sir Wraith is casting the armageddon spell from Apple Pies Trib located in Zetamania. Unless the city is destroyed Armageddon will start in Zetamania 232 days from today!

Apple Pie's Tribute

<3 !!!!

22:04:22 May 31st 08 - Mr. Justin:

finally its on a different world then me. I was getting tired of dropping all the wars and annihilating the city it was getting casted from.

23:13:23 May 31st 08 - Sir Wraith:

Haha, Apple Pie. You were my inspiration... xD

23:55:43 May 31st 08 - Sir Ernie The Orange:

Wraith has bodyguards b/c he cannot defend himself =p  (IK where you live) >=D

04:27:49 Jun 1st 08 - Sir Kevdwayne:

Wraith needs body guards... all of VU is out for him.... jealous *beep*holes.... Get over it dweebs.

07:27:49 Jun 1st 08 - Sir Wraith:

Lol, yeah. so? I can afford bodyguards and you can't. =p

Now if everyone just cooled off and didn't want me dead, I wouldn't need them. ;)

07:31:20 Jun 1st 08 - Mr. Justin:

lol body guards wont save u from the angels ;)

07:50:27 Jun 1st 08 - Prince Bertilius Septim II:

*Septim suddenly swoops through Wraith's window, where he sees Wraith typing on his computer.

"You should have hired better bodyguards...", mutters Septim, "I will let you live, for now, but let this be a warning..."

*Septim jumps out Wraith's window and disappears into the darkness.

07:53:36 Jun 1st 08 - Sir Wraith:

Good thing there aren't any angels on Zeta then... ;)


Oh and hail to you, Spetim, for sparing my life.. xD

09:07:52 Jun 1st 08 - Mr. Phoenixblaze:

*watches septim fall from a window and break his leg on the ground*

now that was hilarious XD LOL

02:53:00 Jun 2nd 08 - Mr. Justin:

Very lucky Wraith

09:39:20 Jun 2nd 08 - Sir Wraith:

Story of my life, Justin... Hell, even the casting was lucky xD

06:31:53 Jun 5th 08 - Thizz Master Tonganboii:

Dang Wraith
You have a bigger bounty on your head then i do atm =)

06:56:26 Jun 5th 08 - Mr. Justin:

Thizz ur not a bounty ur just a mark on the "To kill List". we are willing to kill u for free, wraith well is going to take up our valuable time of killing u so we need to get paid for it.

07:45:28 Jun 5th 08 - Thizz Master Tonganboii:

and your not even on Zeta...
so you shouldn't b talkin -.-

04:33:03 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

and arma is back, but its now on starta

Mr. Anderson is casting the armageddon spell from Crush located in Starta. Unless the city is destroyed Armageddon will start in Starta 219 days from today!

04:48:55 Jun 19th 08 - Sir Ernie The Orange:

Too bad ill be long dead by then ☺

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