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Arma VI
13:36:18 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Poet:

I wonder if there will be one this era or not... =)

14:11:55 Jul 30th 07 - Ms. Hathor:


14:37:49 Jul 30th 07 - Ms. Sandy:

please all : do NOT cast arma :)

17:08:16 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Poet:

Please someone, CAST arma!
Or will i have to do it myself? ;)

17:15:14 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Game And Watch:

do it poet :D

17:18:12 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Cros:

It will be it will be. Just give for mages 4bilions gold and they will do it...

17:21:56 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Ronald Rommel:

not necessarily.

I heard rumors about one mage alrdy having 23% to cast it..... and 32 % is  max possible chance ;-)

17:30:08 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

Ya...that was me...

17:33:43 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Game And Watch:

Any self-respecting elf mage with a magic town near the front lines of a war will have a % like that. I'll wager that several elves are there........

Do it, Poet ;^D

17:35:54 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Aben II:

no DON'T

17:36:20 Jul 30th 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

Do it!

17:40:31 Jul 30th 07 - Sir Helios:

Take away the rescorce limit and give me about 500 billion gold n i'll do it...

18:04:20 Jul 30th 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

thier isnt a point to arma when thiers only 330 ticks left

18:12:10 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Game And Watch:

DO IT! (I think that we would get 25 ticks of no prep or something... Poet will do the math for us after he casts) DO IT!

18:28:08 Jul 30th 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

Why not just let this era run its course by itself?  In Fantasia it's just starting to get interesting, with Legacy moving out again and the war between Carnage v All (more or less).

18:29:34 Jul 30th 07 - Sir Helios:

Would have 90 ticks of no prep if it was cast right now.

18:33:25 Jul 30th 07 - Ms. Sandy:

do NOT cast

18:34:51 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. King Lenidas:


18:40:13 Jul 30th 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

First of all, only people in Fantasia should really have a say.  Arma in a lesserworld means zip :)

18:40:53 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Aben II:

lol it means a lot to people in a lesser world ;-)

19:01:36 Jul 30th 07 - Demonic Shezmu:

Carnage vs. All...LMFAO! Carnage is absorbing all the players from Mirror and probably some other minor Kingdoms just so they're not getting whiped out...just yet... :P

19:15:25 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Cros:

Kingdom that has half-world against all.... m... sounds idiocy ...

copy/paste again...

19:19:54 Jul 30th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Hahahahhahahaha you're so stinking i love your routine....

Next time though, when you spout off in the forums, make sure its based at least partyway on facts. For example if you would notice we only took in half of mirror (the other half are inactive or stopped playing) and no other minor kingdoms involved, but we can start if you would like? We are still a ways off from our goal of 200 members:D And we're wiped out? Damn, i go to sleep and this is what happens:P


And it is true we are taking on multiple kingdoms, pretty much the 4 of the top 5 on Fant (and then some) but some dont have a luxury of having naps with 4 of the top 5 kingdoms (i guess we werent good at diplomacy this era like some^^)


Whats more idiocy is trying to start a flamewar that has nothing to do with the subject on hand, i believe it is arma....^^






*this message has been brought to you by the Election of Ares for World President campaign

19:20:27 Jul 30th 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

I'm really glad we left Fantasia...

19:22:24 Jul 30th 07 - Lord Hermes:

True. And we are not loosing. Abydos is way to scared to attack with their merge. They know they will be defeated.

19:23:24 Jul 30th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Dammit hermes, stop it:( You're only worsening the situation:P Do i have to lock you up to?!

I doubt its fear, it seems abydos believes more in "if you're going to do something, you may as well go all the way":)

19:45:43 Jul 30th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

To get the thread back on track I think Osi said it best, nothing else to add.....


Dark Lord Finwe


7/30/2007 12:04:20 PM
thier isnt a point to arma when thiers only 330 ticks left

19:49:11 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Penguin:

cast arma :D i need that armys move more faster :D

20:40:29 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Game And Watch:


20:59:03 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Sanoh:

cast it please

21:13:55 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Poet:

I remember in the earlier eras, arma would be cast by someone in just 3-4 weeks... this time however, it's been like 5 weeks already and nobody's going for it... =)
I made this thread just to see if anyone was actually intending to cast it this time, since the routine schedule is overdue... and it appears that now you're trying to force ME into casting it! ;D

22:50:13 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Dudewhostolemynamecondinho:

unless you are in fantasia... which i doubt... casting arma would do nothing!
casting arma at this time would be stupid, in fantasia, cuz the era will end before arma ends... we just didn't cast it cuz the war with carnage is being cool and it's far from over... and we don't want some stupid people to say that we are trying to save the top spots and stuff, even that it doesn't do that now!!!

23:12:18 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Killstone The Destroyer:

compared to last era on fant this era is TOTALLY different last era all but one war was fought and finished before arma was cast then after arma came and faster speeds came or a bit before i think phi and carnage started a war that was never finished but people are still waring like crazy in fant this era LGC is still trying to thrive and are surprisingly very successful at it even after such a bad start this era and there is not a super big jump between KD percentages

Havoc Carnage 42 Sir Echion 156
Abydos Abydos 19 Dark Lord Finwe 141
PHI Phi Empire 22 Mr. Mavich The Cloner 100
ZEON ZEON 24 Mr. Messiah 99
JEST Jester 30 Lady Mifune 68
LGC Legacy 19 Mr. Roxbury 68
RED Red Hand 15 Admiral Krum 52
TMD The Merchants of Death 15 Mr. Shadeslayer 40
MAD Mad Against Drugs 12 Mr. Aloysius 31
PKS Peacekeeper 11 Mr. Joram Negus 28

i mean come on im in Phi (as you can see) and PKS is 28% as strong as Phi. Phi is third PKS in 10th. Last era when arma was cast and everything Phi was around top 3 or 4 if i remember correctly and like the KDs about 5 or 6-10 where at the highest 30% Phis power and the 10th KD was definiatly in the single digits with power.

what i am trying to say is this era is not nearly ready for arma mabye in a couple RL days when LGC is brought down and some other wars are over

23:26:54 Jul 30th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

It just doesnt make sense to start something that will last longer than what time is left in the game....and after how messed up arma was last era i dont know if I want arma to be cast again....

besides, most kingdoms on fant by this time have the ability to cast it but dont, just means we all like to fight, even if it means getting spanked soon (we all know how much i enjoy oya's spankings^^)

23:30:33 Jul 30th 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

Your right, Arma took forever last era...

23:32:12 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Killstone The Destroyer:

ug i liked the speed and double OP but not the elngth that was fricken annoying!

08:32:03 Jul 31st 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

Right, no one wants another 20 RL days tagged on to what we have now... this era has gone long and has been very interesting, if I may say so.

If Arma IS cast, however, will it automatically bump the days remaining until the end of Arma or will the world end on its normal day count?

10:30:07 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. Peace War And Suffering:

ether way i dont care

21:41:00 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. SO Sincere:

We do not have enough magic power to cast Armageddon upon Training from SO Sincere II.

I guess we'll ride this era out...

16:58:20 Aug 3rd 07 - Duke Drakos The Indomitable:

I'm not gonna cast it unless one of my mates is in first on the HoH.

Does it lock in the scores like it used to or is it still the @##!@###$ way it was last age?

And as said above, whats the sense, the era will finish quicker than arma anyways.

19:26:57 Aug 3rd 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat:


19:27:22 Aug 3rd 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat:

P.S. Ive seen the city swapping myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111

19:35:36 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Dragonite:

what is arma a spell?

19:56:37 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Carolus Rex The Sexyman:


19:58:31 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Epyon:


*Epyon looks at the News page and sees that there are only 9.7 days left in the era*


20:02:54 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Killstone The Destroyer:

scores dont freeze like last era

22:10:20 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Twamao:

maybe arma will extend the era.  who wants to try at the last tick?

22:27:24 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Justanius Fontainius:

cast arma quickly


22:45:16 Aug 3rd 07 - Sage Trynton:

dont do it at last tic, youll most likely fail

22:48:49 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Justanius Fontainius:

nah do it right now

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