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Armageddon 11
00:33:23 Jun 8th 12 - Xerxes (Mr. Xerxes The Not Well Endowed):

Sacred Ones got lucky this era. Only because I started halfway through and re-started my own Kindom. Wait until next era SO, even if you guys win this era you won't be creating a streak. Good Luck.


07:52:33 Jun 8th 12 - Mr. Hermano:

If Dragon didn't go funny in the shinobi core they'd still be trying to get through the blockers :3 I still haven't seem them doing much interesting things though.

08:13:25 Jun 8th 12 - Mr. Kermit:

hahaha does this  world need a mention?

08:15:47 Jun 8th 12 - Mr. Hermitkermit:

=) ill be waiting to see your body laying flat on the battlefield again! :D wait... i mean good luck next era! :P

08:41:43 Jun 8th 12 - Mr. Hazzy:

Try me :P

02:14:35 Jun 9th 12 - Mr. Arandur:

era's not over yet

03:46:14 Jun 9th 12 - Mr. Yumi:

kinda funny how the whole era went crazy right after xerxes left Shinobi Empire.

08:54:30 Jun 9th 12 - Mr. Hazzy:

Guess I'll be taken hard soon, oh well :)

00:30:07 Jun 20th 12 - Ms. Kozz:

We'll see next era...

16:48:53 Jun 27th 12 - Mr. Myrddraal:

soooo >.>  ... *kicks rocks* arma huh? doesnt exist in this world :P our magicians dont know it :P so GOD ZETA BRING IT TO US! :P

18:19:55 Jun 27th 12 - Mr. Binh The Loser:

Oh go suck on your sister's festering cunt Myrddraal, lord knows she kneeds some release

10:17:04 Jul 3rd 12 - Mr. Hermitkermit:

yeah... who are u? >.>.... anyway... still waiting on zeta... yep.. just staring at an empty map... no enemies only kdmates

21:57:00 Jul 3rd 12 - Mr. Unstopable:

If its just you and your kingdom mates why not break up the kingdom and fight each other to see who is the best?? or do nothing at all if you want...

05:12:51 Aug 13th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Travadixxen):

old thread i know. but could someone post the kingdom list?

07:29:45 Aug 13th 12 - Ms. Pandora:

IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Armageddon
Sacred Ones9Ms. Pandora100
South West Alliance4Ms. Data9
Dark Knights3Maniac Wolfenstien1
Exogenesis1Mr. Ultra0
Kell Hounds2Mr. Qwerty0
Shinobi Empire1Mr. Denko Raikiri0
Odyssey3Ms. Mia The Fallen Angel0
Military2Mr. Patriot0
Guardian Dragons1Mr. Sorcerer0
White Rose5Mr. Twix0
Darker Blood1Mr. Quiteonee0
blood spillers1Mr. Vivi0
CLIT Commanders4Ms. Hairy Box II0
All For Killing4Mr. Faze0
Awesomeness1Mr. Drunk And Disorderly0
Legend1Mr. Xerxes The Not Well Endowed0
Glory3Mr. Certainty0
Black Rose1Ms. Shammy0
royal3Mr. Elitez0
Red Cross2Mr. Black Hollar0
Exiled Imperium Of Knights2Mr. Trojan0
confederation1Mr. Nazzy0
Calcanda1Mr. Lurtz0
Kingdom of The Fallen Warriors3Ms. Amor0
You Suck1Mr. Rottan III0
Petrol3Mr. Imakenoisesaymiaow0
Brotherhood of Nod2Mr. Busycat0
KD checking2Mr. Darkmoor0
Cosa Nostra2Mr. One Two0
Kingdom of the Fallen3Mr. Hernan Cortez0
Steel City2Mr. Son of Arthur Penndragon0
Crimson Mist3Mr. Arandur0
darkninjas1Mr. Headhvnter

14:58:02 Aug 13th 12 - HorusPanic (Ms. Elf Returns):

this world shoudl be permanently closed.... what an embarrassment


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