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Armageddon Age 6
10:08:16 Jul 28th 11 - Mr. Phoenix Blane:

fun times?

18:30:37 Aug 3rd 11 - Chris (Lady Nyx):

Awesome world! so much going on! I wish every world was like this! :/

16:46:22 Aug 8th 11 - Mr. Kurt:


00:59:33 Aug 9th 11 - Chris (Lady Nyx):

Nice hits kurt - sent me from 1 HoH to 11, back to six! Better watch your back!

04:21:22 Aug 11th 11 - Chris (Lady Nyx):

Grr - I hate how much troops affect HoH anymore :D I can go from 3 to 7 while capturing three cities!

20:04:40 Aug 11th 11 - Puppy The Kitten Squisher:

I tend to ignore the hoh.... and let silly people play on it. :P

22:07:46 Aug 11th 11 - Chris (Lady Nyx):

(: it is a good indicator of the troops of your opponent if they're small in land. It can be useful - tells me who of the enemy will be the toughest to fight.

03:08:23 Aug 12th 11 - Puppy The Kitten Squisher:

... ooor, which halfer spammed the most ponies. ;P

04:17:01 Aug 12th 11 - Chris (Lady Nyx):

Ha (: well ponies arent really spam, they're the best halfer troop hahaha :D

20:46:27 Aug 13th 11 - Chris (Lady Nyx):

we have not one StGer on the map? Kurt was the one buying up, Anon was to but anon stopped and kurt is dead - i'm sitting on 75m stone here people!

22:04:22 Aug 13th 11 - Chris (Lady Nyx):

Nevermind :D

just got bought out!

By the enemy :( :(

02:36:27 Aug 14th 11 - Mr. Peabody:

Who? :o

07:40:41 Aug 14th 11 - Chris (Lady Nyx):


08:40:14 Aug 14th 11 - Dan the Epic (Mr. Darthmag):

HoH is BS.

5k nazzies with level 8 mili sci have around 1.4m OP/DP
5k nazzies show up as a 10-20k army.

150k ponies have 1.6m OP with 8 mili level (which most people won't have)
150k ponies will (at this stage in the game) show up as #1 in the hoh, and as the #1 army.
150k ponies will also make the ruler with this number of ponies higher up on the HoH than an orc with higher raw power with nazzies, but less number of troops.

23:35:15 Sep 9th 11 - Dan the Epic (Mr. Darthmag):

Lol. Polydeuce is the biggest douchebag I know in VU now. .__.

05:43:24 Sep 22nd 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Fortune):

God it's so quiet... I'd at least expect some flaming from valen, he sent me around 10 messages with threats and complaints and in the end he just quit. Way to handle yourself there, valen.

Mr. Valen (9/21/2011 5:26:11 PM) GOOD BAD
*beep* this i quit.

22:59:32 Sep 22nd 11 - The Wolflord (Mr. Red Hand):

Way to handle himself..... following the betrayal you showed?

23:41:05 Sep 23rd 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Fortune):

Oh come on.. It wasnt THAT big of a betrayal. You had to have seen it coming.

03:09:22 Sep 24th 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Fortune):

We actually have a dwarf winning an era for once o.o

This era has been great fun. Cant wait to see who will win.

15:41:11 Sep 24th 11 - Dan the Epic (Mr. Fool):

It's sad because you're actually too bad to be on the HoH without stupid back-stab based tactics. And drakovia's too bad to win without being fed by Ajax. xD

02:00:54 Oct 2nd 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Fortune):

Wolf Queen

City Info
Owner: Maniac Wolfenstien Kingdom Banner
Size: 39958 building(s).
Kingdom: Dark Knights
Race: Halfling
Gates: no gates

We have made 2 hostile attacks on them and they have not attacked us.

We own twice as much land than this ruler.

This ruler is in protection!


How is arma still taking new people? Its not like they'll ever have a chance of winning ._.

02:02:43 Oct 2nd 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkyros VIII):

He was there earlier in the era, must have restarted recently which you can do if you are a part of a kingdom

14:14:36 Oct 4th 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Fortune II):

And then dragons fall. Now only 3.25 remain.

19:16:27 Oct 8th 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Fortune II):

The era is pretty much over. AoA wins.

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