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Armageddon Era 24
11:41:01 Jan 6th 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Vivi):

Don't stop doing these, Flaming makes the game fun lol.

Kingdoms in Armageddon
Baby Eaters6Mr. Diggity1268
Ragnarok9Mr. Reldon627
Wolverines1Sir Baldisar154
Troll Face2Mr. Trojanbites100
Leeroy Jenkins2Mr. Leoront74

02:35:34 Jan 9th 14 - Mr. Diggity:

Well obviously Baby Eaters have utterly destroyed Ragnarok. Time for Zeta to end the era! Well played to all the Baby Eaters!

12:50:07 Jan 13th 14 - Mr. Leoront:

Admin, can you please end the era here???

09:10:49 Jan 15th 14 - Mr. Diggity:

BABY EATERS bring the pain.

Bring on next era
Kudos to Ragnarok for a good fight.
But well done to my small team for kicking butt despite being outnumbered.

Catch you all next era!

Most Powerful GroupsMost Powerful Rulers

Baby Eaters
Mr. Diggity

Leeroy Jenkins
Mr. Leoront

Mr. Reldon

KD checking
Mr. Darkmoor

Troll Face
Mr. Trojanbites

Sir Baldisar

Mr. Very Slow
Baby Eaters

Mr. Diggity
Baby Eaters

Mr. Tidus
Baby Eaters

Mr. Obiwan
Baby Eaters

Mr. Leoront
Leeroy Jenkins

Mr. Smentalothos
Baby Eaters

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Mr. Very Slow has won 38 battles, captured 33 cities and killed a total of 481821 men and women.
  2. Mr. Leoront has won 22 battles, captured 21 cities and killed a total of 195134 men and women.
  3. Mr. Diggity has won 21 battles, captured 19 cities and killed a total of 417636 men and women.
  4. Mr. Obiwan has won 24 battles, captured 19 cities and killed a total of 235585 men and women.
  5. Mr. Tidus has won 12 battles, captured 9 cities and killed a total of 74506 men and women.
  6. Mr. Keef has won 11 battles, captured 8 cities and killed a total of 93151 men and women.

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