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Armageddon XX
12:25:29 May 22nd 13 - Micwu (Sir Merlin Taliesin):

I have no idea what age we're in, but this map is dead. I thought Armageddon used to have some players, now it's a bunch of 2-3 man kingdoms and us, an 8 man kingdom, looking at everyone like, "Oh, you're protected by the 50% rule? Okay." =( There was no OOP war, and it doesn't seem likely that there will be any war at all. If I were Jack Frost, I would probably complain that this game was boring. But instead, I'll just tell people that we need more players. Cause this is stupid.

12:29:05 May 22nd 13 - Konspyre (Mr. Pooh Bear):

Just don't play on any 50% world besides Valhalla, cuz it's obvious people won't play if they can't.

02:24:08 May 29th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Nostalgia):

lol its a farm fest now

04:28:24 May 29th 13 - Mr. Irule Here Tooo:

i player the last era on arma and stayed untagged amd tried to attack as many people as i could because no one was doing anything lol. but then after the era end i had to much exp to play on that world any more. maybe if they raised the exp for that world a bit others could join it cause lets face it no new players are coming to it lol.

04:33:37 May 29th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Yang Wenli):

Played here a couple eras ago

KD got backstabbed by two members, then the backstabbers got slaughtered by single player (Even after all the feed lol)

Never coming back here </3

18:55:16 May 31st 13 - Juicebox (Mr. Quentus Batiatus):

Holy crap they're in my driveway crushing my pinecones! 

Crushing Pinecones

Kingdom Banner

Name: Crushing Pinecones
Members: 3
Created: 5/31/2013 6:37:14 AM
Leader: Mr. Grom Hellscream

21:28:20 Jun 27th 13 - Micwu (Sir Merlin Taliesin):

I think it's time for a Zeta forced armageddon. I know I won't be casting it anytime soon.

Magic Level
Level 7
Upgrading will cost 1,800,731,250 gold, 160,065,000 stone, 160,065,000 tree and 160,065,000 food.

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