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Army of anubis
14:33:32 Jan 22nd 09 - Mr. Shame:

where are army of anubis these days, its like i always had wars with them and died (on a diff account) and now there gone..

SO can somone make them come back

14:34:58 Jan 22nd 09 - Mr. Shame:

or somin

15:03:50 Jan 22nd 09 - Duke Slade The Drunk:

lol the leader is in the Dorian Empire...

15:26:34 Jan 22nd 09 - Mr. Ryan The Lumberman:

Yeah, Anonymous is in DE.

20:15:35 Jan 22nd 09 - Mr. Middle Earth:

AoA was a really good KD, i was in it, but i left bc i wanted to go to Fantasia ...

20:37:34 Jan 22nd 09 - Sir Marius:

i was one of the vices, we disbanded because at one point we we completly killed and only 3 members were active so those three members went and made their own kingdom. shortly after that the kingdom was disbanded because it only had 3 members left.

05:12:11 Jan 23rd 09 - Mr. Ryan The Lumberman:

Well, I hope you comeback guys!

Some of you were in RET right?

You're all scattered in different KDs.

06:51:53 Jan 23rd 09 - Duke Random:

yeah yeah, former AoA here a cople of the other members are in RET with me too.

09:23:18 Jan 23rd 09 - Mr. Shame:

PLZ come back though next era, theres only scatterd big wars and u guys always started big wars, also if annoymus is there where is "Thomas" i think its thomas, might have a bit added on but ya know what i mean

11:47:40 Jan 23rd 09 - Duke Random:

I am in RET.
Anon is in DE.
Thomaas is in rebirth.
Bran is in RET
Dargoth is in RET
Makedon is in RET.
Shandar was in RET
Foxconn is leading mystic.
Marius is a vice in mystic.
Zero is in PRO.
Cyprian aka fever is somewhere... was in DE

dunno bout the rest

who were you shame?

12:11:20 Jan 23rd 09 - Mr. Shame:

i wernt in the kd, i fought u, u may know me overwise as Mr.Samual, my multi, but diff worlds so like im alrite

12:13:17 Jan 23rd 09 - Mr. Samual:

Yer so like if i type on this account then its shame/ samual

12:14:21 Jan 23rd 09 - Mr. Samual:

but im not joinin just askin if ur comin back cause we had some kl battles and i wanted to get u back XD

12:40:58 Jan 23rd 09 - Duke Random:

ah i see. well you'd have to talk to anon about that one :P

lol you probably shouldn't admit that in the forums either samual.....

14:26:13 Jan 23rd 09 - Mr. Shame:

on diff worlds i aint been blocked ever, this era

14:26:54 Jan 23rd 09 - Mr. Shame:

and plus random u av tons of multis

14:27:38 Jan 23rd 09 - Mr. Samual:

and how else were u to find out who i was

14:29:40 Jan 23rd 09 - Sir Stirlin:

wow more nubs breaking rules eh?

15:48:05 Jan 23rd 09 - Mr. Anonymous:

The empire that was AoA fall apart when i started going inactive. I have RL problems to deal with which leaves me little time for VU.

I will not re/make another KD until i have time to run it successfully. Right now its not looking to great, however when the time does come i will be very well prepared to run a successful empire.

In my eyes i never stopped being a leader, the spare time i do get is being used to prepare for the future of my KD. I have been working on new idea's and strategies that will give us a very good chance of winning every era and the KDs most outstanding members a era win.

but until then i will stay nothing more then a foot soldier( data collecting) and enjoy my peaceful sleep.


Its nice to see that most of AoA's members found a good KD and nice work on the Duke title random :)

16:06:17 Jan 23rd 09 - Duke Random:

Thanks anon :)

look me up when you wanna start up again and i'll see where im at :D

16:10:52 Jan 23rd 09 - Sir Marius:

same with me. like i said when i left msg me when you can lead again and i will come back if i can.

11:50:24 Jan 26th 09 - Sir Ant Worker Fever:


Anoun was a bit buzy at the time.....

And we did fall apart of inactivity some were inactive( I was =D )

oo last but not least F7ck Charley!!!!!! =D


05:04:19 Mar 25th 09 - Mr. Nicolas:

I use to be part of AoA about a year ago then i had to stop playing because of RL problems. 

Good to see all the old members, anyways in the next era if any of the old members of AoA have a tribe, can i join? I'm trying to get back into the game and want to do it with someone i trust

06:22:12 Mar 25th 09 - Mr. Griffith:

:D i was in AoA.. :P

13:15:56 Mar 25th 09 - Mr. Slave:

Oi, I was in AoA too!

13:45:44 Mar 25th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

i wasnt

16:38:41 Mar 25th 09 - Mr. Mcmax:

I have been fighting both with (as ally) and against AoA. And with Anon himself as a kingdommate.

I can only say, that I enjoyed all situations.

02:32:56 Mar 26th 09 - Mr. Nicolas:

Anon is the best leader i've known in the game, when i fought next to him everything always went according to plan.

21:28:41 Mar 26th 09 - Duke Random:

grr i got excited that AoA was coming back :(

21:43:14 Mar 27th 09 - Sir Seth:

I was in AoA too!(Sokine)

03:11:03 Mar 31st 09 - Mr. Shadow:

i remember you seth and you slave.

i was in AoA too. dont forget to invite us all back anon and mr. nicholas is right everything did go according to plan.

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