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11:08:42 Nov 3rd 07 - Mr. Dingrambo:

Bearmachines is a new kingdom which is in zetamania and is strong and powerful.We currently have 22 members and are still recruiting and still winning all battles.We are the strongest and most powerful in all of zetamania and we wish for you to have a part of it for a price of an application.

Please send an application now.

11:55:17 Nov 3rd 07 - Pirate Lewatha:

and how much members are you planning to get?

12:56:25 Nov 3rd 07 - Mr. Love:

Bearmachine was created as a refuge for backstabbers in the era of Ezatious. In the face of danger the creators of Bearmachines turned tail and went against their own kingdom. Having this legacy on their backs it should be known that they play for themselves and not as a team.

But i do hope that they have changed their wicked ways and now have ceased to be backstabbing people.

20:31:11 Nov 4th 07 - Mr. Cat:

Aren't we the russian republic the most powerful???

20:37:21 Nov 4th 07 - Mr. Trenton:

yeah we are we also have 42 members so we can't talk

20:37:45 Nov 4th 07 - Mr. Heroix:

No russians is not most powerful. They are just most untrustable.

21:09:36 Nov 4th 07 - Mr. Phillips The:

Obviously Consequence is most powerful of zetamania. All the others are +20 and more, only few dare to play under the amount of 10 players :)

Kingdoms in Zetamania
RDRRussian Democratic Republic42Sir Gennady Mikhailov665
CONConsequence9Duke Borazon573
BEARBEARMACHINES24Mr. Stealthmachines531

22:04:53 Nov 4th 07 - Mr. Trenton:

they are the most experienced and best players yes... but 42 average players will put up a fight against 9 elite players

02:18:10 Nov 5th 07 - Mr. Fish Pants III:

yes con is only 3% of power behind russian as of now. those in con were those of the same in diamonds, the reason y luna won what ever world they were in 3-2 eras ago, and the "meat" of the Nemesis kd last era. mostly they are always in the top is because we go to the same school (or close enuf) to talk stratagy, and considering they are pretty damn smart to start off with. anywhere they are you should just leave and hope to die fast and painless

03:10:36 Nov 5th 07 - Mr. Soccerfreedom:

i dont think 'elite' can describe players on zeta ;)

03:56:04 Nov 5th 07 - Mr. Fish Pants III:

well ya, there on zeta for fun, its not like any1 rly takes this game seriously, plan was to have a small kd and totaly own zeta

16:31:45 Nov 5th 07 - Duke Borazon:

Yeah, fant was really boring last era (my first on fant) so we decided to play on zeta.

18:39:54 Nov 5th 07 - Mr. Kilobyte:

[CON] Consequence
With Duke Borazon as leader.

[RDR] Russian Democratic Republic
With Sir Gennady Mikhailov as leader.

[NH] Nibelheim
With Mr. Ironbeard as leader.

With Mr. Stealthmachines as leader.

[Jump] Jumpers
With Mr. Sitting Duck as leader.

[Hell] G O D L I K E
With Mr. Furion as leader

19:59:07 Nov 5th 07 - Mr. Fish Pants III:

man like that wasnt expected, those core ppl in Con have always won what did u think would happen

20:43:24 Nov 5th 07 - Mr. Abu Yusef:

lol  we 43 yes , but 35 of them have more than 1 era xp

21:37:47 Nov 5th 07 - Mr. Ivainius:

I once followed Stealthmachines in Stealth.

But as Love said they stabbed us in the back and they even kicked some good players before they ran so we would be disorientated.

12:27:00 Nov 6th 07 - Sir Archias:

you could have 10 eras exp. and still have no idea what you're doing ;), we learned from the best plain and simple... not saying we automatically win, but don't underestimate us

20:02:04 Nov 7th 07 - Mr. Mcikan:

As Love and Ivainius said, I also belonged once to Stealth,  Stealthmachines betrayed us and he kicked me out to get a personal revenge.
Good luck with them!

21:38:32 Nov 7th 07 - Duke Borazon:

We'll have them dead soon

BEAR BEARMACHINES 15 Mr. Stealthmachines 31

23:00:37 Nov 7th 07 - Mr. William of Orange:

it wasn't only you Borazon, many members left and ate our towns... we are at war with allmost all KD's so no kingdom can really pull teh glory to himself. still it is true, we will be dead soon if this goes on like this. ah well *beep* happends;)

02:18:02 Nov 8th 07 - Sir Archias:

the breakdown sure seemed to be caused by our pwning you, although I'm not sure, what you say probly has some truth in it as you guys were pretty much destroyed before my armies even arrived, either that or borazon is just a flipping animal!!

sorry random outbursts

02:19:27 Nov 8th 07 - Mr. Trenton:

borazon is an animal thats what happened and we all know it...

16:00:09 Nov 8th 07 - Mr. William of Orange:

well, i got killed 4 times (all after10 H oop, starting with 10k armies on your neck sucks hard-.-) but i have only seen Godlike so far, yes you guys toke the core. really a great way, fast, powerfull.. i like it:) but how we got defeated pretty much sucked (i mean the core i am in) first we got invaded, drove them back, invaded again.. drove them back (its like the ocean) but then Dingrambo betrayed us and toke my towns... that really sucks, but well its an unhounerable but still part of the game.

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