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08:12:22 Feb 8th 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter The Hunter of Death):

This is going to be my last era playing with this account. 

But I'm going to land EVERY ERA and fuck EVERY map up on a different account. 

Fuck you johnny rotten. 

08:13:34 Feb 8th 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

Look forward to making you my bitch again.

Try to refrain from multi accounts.

mkayyy bye.

08:27:07 Feb 8th 18 - Princess Aisha:

So Kath, you're saying nothing will change.

Why make a new thread about it?

08:33:14 Feb 8th 18 - Mr. Santa Bling:

He just pissy that we caught his multi's on zeta and mant.

10:24:09 Feb 8th 18 - Mr. Uwer:



10:34:16 Feb 8th 18 - Mr. Santa Bling:

Its like me creating a thread called "offended" :P

12:57:30 Feb 8th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

ye bling, please make that thread - havent bantered in a while ....

14:36:42 Feb 8th 18 - HorusPanic (Ms. Glitter):


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