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Blood Lust Recruiting
00:54:43 May 26th 09 - Mr. Grimdeath:

If you are new or old players you are welcome to join up with us.  We are here to have fun and kill off people in the process.  The KD is looking for a few good players.  Training we will help with if you are a new player.

01:09:02 May 26th 09 - Mr. Paracelzus:


01:29:00 May 26th 09 - Mr. Aries II:

You get one of my super special brownies if you join =)

01:43:57 May 26th 09 - Mr. Gawaine:

I don't like drugs, so i don't want one of your brownies. Thanks for the offer though.

03:15:00 May 26th 09 - Mr. Aries II:

haha your welcome. i didnt say they were drugs btw.. As our faverite southpark character once said "drugs are bad kids, mmmmkay" (I smoke maryjane for medicinal purposes anyway so i wouldnt consider myself a druggie >.>).. anyway, i said they were special, only if you join do you get to know whats so special about them ;)

22:02:39 May 28th 09 - Mr. Aries II:


23:09:53 May 28th 09 - Mr. Minor Threat:

yes... bump

05:48:46 May 30th 09 - Sir Diablo:

I was wondering if the Gatekeepers joined with you guys? General Wolfestien? I think they disappeared and I was wondering if they were with you.

Good Luck! I would join if Wolfestien was there but I cant even if he is I am Loyal to Supernubs until they die.

06:00:22 May 30th 09 - Mr. Ajax:

general wolfenstein is with TC.

06:00:24 May 30th 09 - Mr. Ajax:

general wolfenstein is with TC.

19:02:52 Jun 2nd 09 - General Wolfenstien:

you know yes GK merged with Red but no i didn't go.  it would not be easy for me to play since my bro is the leader.  Plus i like it here with TC.  I made a promise and i am sticking to it.

19:06:10 Jun 2nd 09 - Sir Llenad The Nomadic Warrior:

hey Wolfenstien i remember in era 38 raping your kd :D

we were just 4 (Skinny Vinny,Famous,Coops II, and me)against 23 members(Wolfenstien KDs)

07:44:12 Jun 5th 09 - Lord Bishop:

Can i join :D

04:30:07 Jun 7th 09 - Sir Belmont The Avenger:

join what Slade?

07:31:33 Jun 7th 09 - Lord Bishop:

Well the thread is called Blood lust recruting, so i guess blood lust

09:22:37 Jun 7th 09 - Mr. Aries II:

If you were serious slade i would say yes =) but since your a cool guy, ill say yes anyway =) so yes... join us >=)

18:08:31 Jun 7th 09 - Mr. Kratos Wolf:

Don't do it... he is trying to trick you!!! I KNOW IT!!!!... jk... just posting random stuff cus Im bored and got 2 minutes to next tick :)

22:22:33 Jun 7th 09 - Sir Wombat:

i love the name grim

22:31:32 Jun 7th 09 - Lady Jasmina:

This is a great KD, awesome players...
If only you would complain less on public forums, would be much better.
Have alot of respect for them, actually was thinking of asking to join them next era if they need new players.
Well, good luck to you :) You are a great group of players :)

22:50:22 Jun 7th 09 - Mr. Aries II:

*ignores the bait*
Thank you everyone =)
Join us, we are the future!!  =)

02:40:37 Jun 8th 09 - Prince Mielo:

Mr. Aries II


09:22:37 Jun 7th 09 If you were serious slade i would say yes =) but since your a cool guy, ill say yes anyway =) so yes... join us >=)

OMG! Lies lies lies!

14:28:06 Jun 8th 09 - Lord Bishop:

haha just because people call me cool and people call you as fail troller don't mean you have to get all jealous milo

19:23:34 Jun 8th 09 - Necromancer Lecheried:

i hate when people copy the name of the kingdom and person i made... its so irritating.

00:47:56 Jun 9th 09 - Divine Lord Kathandarion:

who done that?

01:04:09 Jun 9th 09 - Mr. Hiroshima The Infestation:

Whoo! Go grim! :D I hope you guys do well :)

05:22:32 Jun 9th 09 - Mr. Sloth:

Dear Blood Lust,

Thanks for the cities. I see you starting some new ones, can you make those less rainbow for us? Thanks.



05:54:02 Jun 9th 09 - Mr. Aries II:

Dear Sloth,

Very sorry you weren't pleased with the first cities, hopefully this time you will be. That is, of course, if you can take them.



lol fag..

06:05:27 Jun 9th 09 - Lady Jasmina:

Aries your signature is fag?

06:36:10 Jun 9th 09 - Sir Water:

it seems so

09:48:31 Jun 9th 09 - Mr. Minor Threat:

"Dear Blood Lust,

Thanks for the cities. I see you starting some new ones, can you make those less rainbow for us? Thanks.



Lol, cause *beep* bashing is something you should be proud of...

(yes, I admit it, I'm a *beep*)

P.S. Why is *beep* censored? That doesn't make sense to me.

04:13:24 Jun 10th 09 - Sir Fever:

lol thats why u use nub or N0obs xD

05:43:10 Jun 10th 09 - Mr. Aries II:



lol fag"

meh i dont know much about writing in letter format cause i really hate writing letters.. (ask my buddies in the military they try to write me all the time n i just throw the letter aside xD) but after i wrote sincerely aries, that would be the end.. the lol fag part is what i left outside of the letter format.. so no its not my signiture. but if you ask me, it should be abydos's sigggy though, fits em well =) or atleast the fag who decided to be a smartass n write that lol *cough* sloth.

anyway, about the late reply.. sorry everyone cant check the forums lately, what a bummer right? =(

12:49:10 Jun 10th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

it's not like we chose to be in valhalla, minor.

05:43:54 Jun 22nd 09 - Mr. Paracelzus:

this topic deserves a bump!

(i quote myself)
"bumping is fun, bumping is great. please don't hesitate, bump and participate!"

18:14:42 Jun 22nd 09 - Mr. Himanil VI:

Glad to see at least some sense of restrain in this thread..........

(Reads the last few posts) Or so I thought................(Drifts away)

11:59:22 Jun 24th 09 - Mr. Kratos Wolf:

*fart sound*... if only we could put a fart button on the forums... this is just an idea I just got because im bored and sleepy... but I have to finish what im doing lol.

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