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BoW Embassy I
21:51:26 May 3rd 07 - Lord Drakos:

The Brotherhood Of The Wolf has been battered and beaten and bloodied the past 2 ages. But we are still here and still on Fantasia.

 I am opening the doors to new members or any who wish to return to their wolf brothers. I return as leader, Hamish as a Vice, with 1-2 more Vices to be named/posted as soon as they accept the post. All diplomacy is to be handled by Hamish or I if you wish to engage in possible alliance talks.


22:03:01 May 3rd 07 - Sir Fizban:

So translators will be officially required to do diplomacy with BoW then? ;-)

22:03:39 May 3rd 07 - Lord Oya: next era BoW

22:08:17 May 3rd 07 - Sir Arzun:


Good luck BoW :D

23:27:28 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Brashen:

Well done Drakos you had a rough era (I feel guilty)but still managed to keep fighting.

And especially Hamish was a big pain in the ** every time I thought him dead his name appear on a couple of our cities.

I hope there are no grudges we all did what we had to for the kd we play atm in and it was war.
Like Hamish answer in begínning of era on what intentions he had.

"Mr. Hamish [BoW] (3/30/2007 7:46:52 PM) GOOD BAD
I guess its war - its a tradition (;
hows things in legacy?

GL this era will look forwards to further friendly fights with and against BoW in the future.

17:06:58 May 4th 07 - Sir Wolf Ruga:

BoW refused my application :(

17:58:17 May 4th 07 - Mr. XO Love OX:

drakos im glad to see your kingdom running... and i hope both Jesters and Bows flag will again fight as one... your awesome dude... hey drakos will karak also be joining us...whatever happened to him =(

20:11:30 May 4th 07 - Mr. Murtagah:

good luck guys, good working with you last era some drakos.

06:31:42 May 6th 07 - Lord Drakos:

Karac had a baby son a few weeks ago, well actually his wife did. :P So that took away his activity a tad this past age. He will be away from the game this age also probably and should be back next age.

06:32:50 May 6th 07 - Lord Drakos:

Sir Wolf Ruga, I never saw it, please apply again myfriend. With a name like that you just have to join the Wolfpack. ;)

07:31:48 May 6th 07 - Sir Wolf Ruga:

Long, long day. Finally just got around to checking out the forums again.

Yup, everybody in Diadochi and TCS kept telling me "That's where you should be, WR!" and I was all like, "yadda yadda I'm fine here blah blahdy blah maybe next era blah" and well, it's next era now, so if I'm not too fond of Pafficians new KD I'll probably hook up with you guys because it's where I wanted to be after era 25. :P

15:08:09 May 6th 07 - Ms. Lewatha:

We did? ah well...Guess I missed that =D


GL in your new kingdom Wolf Ruga =)

Hope ruga wolf won't show up =P because he has Wolf in his name too =D

(nvm this to other players that's between Diadochi)

11:37:17 May 7th 07 - Mr. Hamish:

Well we are still looking for a few good active players, get your applications in.

20:28:25 May 7th 07 - Mr. Gnadentod:

good luck wolfs :b
we will see us ;)

03:07:05 May 21st 07 - Wolflord Karac:

Well, to all who were wondering, I am back in the game, and have retaken my position as Vice in the brotherhood. Thank you to all who cared enough to ask about me. You guys are awesome, and I am glad to be back in this great game.

03:09:22 May 21st 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

I was wondering where you'd gone to. Welcome back!

03:14:25 May 21st 07 - Wolflord Karac:

And stop with the jibes at Hamish ;) You can understand him without a translator, just takes a little bit of time, which obviously we all have, otherwise we wouldnt be playing this game =P

10:34:19 May 21st 07 - Mr. Midge:

Good to see the wolfs back in action...

07:22:25 May 30th 07 - Sir Wolf Ruga:

Bump because the BoW is 1338. That's right, 1338. They're a step above 1337.

And, to avoid making another thread, does anyone know what's supposed to happen after Phi, LGC, DB, and Carnage conquer the entire Fantasia? Are they going to fight? Because pretty soon there is only going to be those four KDs on Fant. We have another 40+ RL days before the era ends and nobody has cast arma yet, soo... :/

07:25:46 May 30th 07 - Mr. Millenium:

you know what would be cool! if those 4 kds went all ou on each othas *beep*s!

07:38:19 May 30th 07 - Sir Wolf Ruga:

They won't. That might present some kind of a challange.

07:41:27 May 30th 07 - Lord Senturu:

*slaps everyone here*

i officially slap you. now you can open

10:13:15 May 30th 07 - Mr. Mavich The Cloner:

Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat


5/30/2007 6:01:54 AM

Seth, this is from an older thread, please don't make me repost this over and over again, you can verify this data if you wish :

Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat

5/27/2007 8:14:10 PM

Ok, since it seems no one gets this, here's the deal..

We are NAP'd to Legacy. War with Carnage. No relations to Music, DB, M. Does it seem we're in the same situation as DB, LGC, HAVOC or M? That's why Zerocool was asking those questions, not to flame... But it seems you just had to take it that way. Too bad :(

Back to study, I'm trying to learn Excel till tomorrow lol :)

16:43:32 May 30th 07 - Mr. Shyers The Return:

what up Drakos?

18:37:30 May 30th 07 - Sir Wolf Ruga:

Drakos doesn't come here. Too many *beep*s and flamers in the politics section :P

18:45:53 May 30th 07 - Mr. Dingleberry Dave:

You could always PM him. Although it may take 1-2 weeks to get a reply, if any at all. ;)

18:48:48 May 30th 07 - Sir Wolf Ruga:

Yeah, because his filter block withholds messages from retards until the spelling has been corrected and it makes enough sense to be mildly understandable.

23:44:42 May 30th 07 - Mr. Shyers The Return:

whet doef thet meen? yuo thenk i em a bab speler?

17:33:38 Jun 6th 07 - Mr. Durza:

Lol life for BoW seems to be going from bad to worse.... wish our enemies would just leave us be :P legacy cmon we aint a threat lol

18:13:08 Jun 6th 07 - Mr. Basch:

i think they just wanna new base so they can stand a slight chance against me :D lol jk

20:11:42 Jun 6th 07 - Mr. Durza:

Lol its not realy you :P its amon hen... he won't (excuse my french here) *beep* of lol... he has dogged us since the last 200 VU days....

08:42:09 Jun 21st 07 - Mr. Deadguy:

lol jk means joking, i was being sarcastic

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