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Bring Back My Money Bitch
18:35:35 Feb 24th 09 - Sir Penguin:

Bring Back My Money *beep* (BBMMB) *suggested by wyzer*

Hello Mighty Nubs , I`ll Be making a looser kd which wants to lick big kd as$es :) yet we are only 3members now ;(
Looking for 3-7 more players
It will be the lamest kd ever , so if you think you make the sucking standarts you can join it :)
please PM me if you are interested :)*


19:40:40 Feb 24th 09 - Ms. Quiettone:

Hmmm sounds like Rev's kinda place got him yet? :P

20:05:46 Feb 24th 09 - Praetorian Wyzer:

Damn now we need a Street Walker race!

Level 1 Trick   1/1  +25G
Special:  Pays you to join.

Level 2 Hoe  3/1  1,250G
Special: Attracts Tricks to join, depends on number of Taverns/Houses in city.

Level 3 Dealer  5/0  800G
Special: Modifier for Hoe/Trick numbers.  Lets face it, you have to be on drugs to seek a hoe!

Level 4 Bum  0/0  300G
Special:  Casts "Gimme a dollar!".  If successfully cast, armies/cities pay 1 Gold for each unit/pezzie.  Down side is all Bum's can create random plaque in your cities (31% chance).

Level 5 Pimp  15/9  2500G
Special:  Makes sure the Hoe's pay all the money they make from the Tricks, and keep moral down.  Special attack "B1tch Slap"  makes armies drop 1-3 times their upkeep in gold.  Cannot mix with other units, and move real slow.


Beer Goggles - Makes the Hoes look better and better to the tricks.
Stench - The more the Bums have it the more money they earn.
Player - Increases B1tch Slap chances by 10%


Level 1 - Stink Eye - like EiTS but moral drops a bit on the casted.
Level 2 - Crabs - Like Locust, but the armies lose prep from all the itchies!
Level 3 - Piss on Walls - Just like Crush walls, but they melt from Bum urine.
Level 4 - Rancid Breath - Ever have a Bum breathe on you? Trust me you won't be able to move!
Level 5 - Ticks - Give you the "ticks" as if your detoxing.
Level 6 - It Burns - Just like RoF, but its urine with Gonorrhea.
Level 7 - FUBAR - Dispells magic, but then randomly applies a different spell.
Level 8 - Sh1ts - Just like earthquake, but the Bums have such bad gas it causes the world to tremble!
Level 9 - Trots - Gives the army/city dissentery from sharing the same bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.
Level 10 - Coyote Ugly - Makes all the armies sleep with a hoe, wake up and have to chew their arm off before she wakes up.  Army loses 50% of their current Military Science.

20:13:58 Feb 24th 09 - General Ezatious:

wyzer is clearly a bored AZN

20:16:17 Feb 24th 09 - Mr. Don Juan:

Praetorian Wyzer


2/24/2009 8:05:46 PM
Damn now we need a Street Walker race!

Wyzer - your suggestions are brilliant!

20:42:22 Feb 24th 09 - Mr. Oya:

sucky kingdom... come to abydos :)

20:45:09 Feb 24th 09 - Sir Penguin:

no !

20:53:15 Feb 24th 09 - Mr. Moderator:

Ms. Quiettone


2/24/2009 7:40:40 PM
Hmmm sounds like Rev's kinda place got him yet? :P

Best be trolling *beep*

21:00:25 Feb 24th 09 - Mr. Alfiheim:

good luck with you kingdom

21:25:21 Feb 24th 09 - Sir Penguin:

thanks :)

21:46:35 Feb 24th 09 - Mr. Coolcat Talorc:

lol.....mad dog 20/20

where you from Praetorian Wyzer?

We get that here in UK, I remember it is bottled in New York tho.

The strawberry stuff is rancid.


00:08:23 Feb 25th 09 - Praetorian Wyzer:

The States, but I have been lucky enough to live in many parts of the world.

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