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Broken agreements
23:41:10 Oct 23rd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

Rather than argue in 50 threads lets keep all the broken naps and Cf etc etc in one thread.


I will go first

No pulse- broke a CF with crazy, their excuse was we were blocking them from a small core of their enemies (about 9 cities total) the agreement they broke was very specific about NOT attacking eachother on Valhalla or our homeworlds. Broke by Duke Random attacking a reinforcment army and then No pulse attacking several undefended cities. It was noted that they waited until they saw several large crazy armies leave Valhalla.

Phi- broke a nap by attacking and retaking a city after the Nap was very specific that no cities were to be returned (a member of Phi was sent the Nap via message but attacked anyway) Phi's excuse was that the nap was not what they agreed to despite their leader sending it verbatim to ours. their next excuse was that they were very mad at my invasion and that their player hadnt received confirmation until after taking the city (despite me copy and pasting the message from his leader to us , to him). neither excuse was very good and they did not compensate me despite admitting they broke the nap. instead they tried to bluff their way out of it.

23:47:57 Oct 23rd 09 - Sir Thor:

Perhaps this era should be called Era of Broken Agreements

23:54:29 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

or are of whining Kitty =P

23:59:41 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Ruxbury:

Roxbury broke Ez' heart..

23:59:48 Oct 23rd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

actually other than calling out some people for breaking an agreement or backstabbing my alliance you would be hard pressed to find me "whining". most of the time I just roll with it. its been a fun era aside from some douchebaggery.

00:23:37 Oct 24th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

Oh god, we stopped all of bad kitty's arguments in other threads, so he comes in here to start it anew and right for about 5 minutes. I must say, great stubborness. Or retardedness. I know which one I believe is right.

01:56:35 Oct 24th 09 - Mr. Zerocool:

<<?n?u?b? posted>>>

02:09:15 Oct 24th 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

this thread is just for complaining about kingdoms with black tags.  Please don't attempt to tell us the intentions of the poster.  BTW go start your own thread for complaining about whiners.  And if you do send me a message abotu it because I'm not impressed with some BOOMers.

02:18:45 Oct 24th 09 - Mr. William The Vendingmachine:

i think this era should be the era of few plague's :-(

03:52:38 Oct 24th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

lol how exactly did you "stop" my arguments, not one person from Phi posted anything that made sense. one of you admitted the nap was broken and some of you tried denying it. Moron.

04:49:07 Oct 24th 09 - Mr. Edd:

i'll go and cast plague on Starta! im bored

05:56:09 Oct 24th 09 - Sir Justanius Fontainius XXIII:

haha i pretty much watched random break that pretty sure that any other kd given half a chance would do so...only common sense mate

06:45:13 Oct 24th 09 - Prince Sprout:

Got to love VU...

06:49:54 Oct 24th 09 - General of The Underworld:

indeed sprout, indeed...

12:02:32 Oct 24th 09 - Mr. Eekhoorn:

why make agreements, if you break them later anyway?

13:53:57 Oct 24th 09 - General of The Underworld:

to get your name in the forums? be known? idk.. maybe at some points you do whats best for your kd and not yourself..

14:35:17 Oct 24th 09 - Mr. Sargeras:


Mr. Mavich


09:28:52 Oct 23rd 09 Anyone noticed that only Kitty is posting from Crazy?

Ms. Nurse Plagalicious (10/17/2009 12:56:32 AM) GOOD BAD
I just want a clear and open line of communication between our two kingdoms. I did not ask for compensation.

Any communication between Bad Kitty and your kingdom is not official. Anything pertaining to Bad Kitty needs to go through me and not Bad Kitty. Ask your players not to respond to any messages that Bad Kitty might send. Instead, send those messages to me.

So Phi players, please ignore Kitty since he really has no credibility to begin with but I have to say, sucks not having the support from one's own KD says a lot about the person's character.

14:54:39 Oct 24th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

Wow, your right bad kitty, you are the right one, phi was wrong in the other threads. Yup retardedness at its best.

15:16:05 Oct 24th 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:


15:21:06 Oct 24th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

Yeah, so support him on the forums, but not in private messages with our kd. I see how this works.....

22:41:41 Oct 24th 09 - Mr. Dead Oralive:

They are Crazy sooooo I guess it fits :P

00:50:39 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Radical Innocent:

lol Booooooom <3

01:01:55 Oct 25th 09 - Demonic Aborted Failure:

kill each other and die like the rest...

01:12:08 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Nathaniel The Great:

i love how ppl complain about broken NAPs and agreements.

 reality check 1: VU=wargame
reality check 2: If we want this war game to be as realistic as possible, then there MUST be broken NAPS...because in the "real world," peace will be broken. War will follow.

02:11:00 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

I promised to kill Hanky this era, but I fear I can't fullfill this promise. Hanky I am really sorry to let you down I have broken my promise, maybe another time :D

03:09:26 Oct 25th 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

actully the nurse supports duke kitty and is just saying to negotiate with her.  Only nurse plag has permission to resolve NAP issues. We were thinking that bad kittie's style didn't mesh with yours and she might have better luck.  I see though you are just ignoring us all now though.

anyway we don't want WAR with PHI but feel your members should own up to their actions.

You (10/24/2009 1:43:07 AM)
can you them about their attack on duke kitty? after telling them to ignore him I think you should ask them what compensation they are offereing. not to start a war but to make them admit they made a mistake. also has BOOM said anything? I kept telling them to contact you and now they have said to jellybean they WAR us because of me.
Ms. Nurse Plagalicious (10/24/2009 5:31:04 PM) GOOD BAD
they stopped talkin to me after duke kitty started posting stuff in the forum about them. i was trying to get compensation with a delicate touch but starting a feud with them in public undermines everything that i was trying to do.
Ms. Nurse Plagalicious (10/24/2009 5:32:55 PM) GOOD BAD
boom hasnt talked to me in ages.

03:19:22 Oct 25th 09 - Chancellor Scrooge Mcduck:

Let's rename this thread to "Broken Record"!

05:18:00 Oct 25th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

lol, I am not very subtle, I knew there would be no compensation, Plagalicious is nice but naive, she actually thinks some of these people will be honourable without being forced. from experience in VU I know better. I waited a couple days then called out Phi because I knew damn well they would do nothing if not forced.

It is funny how loud they whine when someone breaks a nap with THEM tho.

05:28:01 Oct 25th 09 - Sir Struddle:

Kitty as far as I can tell your still complaining about it and most of the other people have moved on......... so please be silent and lets move on with what's left of the era.

06:35:49 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Frodo Lost His Ring:

kitty doesnt move on....i fought him for 2 years in another

just dont give him an excuse for an agenda or an issue, because he wont stop when he starts. thankfully others have his attention now...merry christmas phi because yes he will be talking about you still then.


07:04:40 Oct 25th 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

Sir Struddle


23:28:01 Oct 24th 09
Kitty as far as I can tell your still complaining about it and most of the other people have moved on......... so please be silent and lets move on with what's left of the era.

As long as I have known "Kitty" he has been seldom one to stand down.  His complains have struck me in a way this era though.  I have felt that some KDs have not been honorable or stood behind their agreements this era like true honorable KDs should.  Then again, im drunk off my ass and probably going to find a lot of flames/trolls when I wake up.  But I still feel sided with him even though I hated his guts a few eras back...and he knows I did :P

PS - This is Charley non-mod.  (Therefore I give up my right to mod this topic for those of you who scream mod-abuse at every turn *COUGH STEWIE COUGH*)

07:22:45 Oct 25th 09 - Sir Struddle:

I dont know I still feel that you've got to take things in stride there were quite a few shotty things that we may or may not know that went on. Blocker exchanges, disallowing someone access and then allowing someone else access to the same area, slow message send outs, a lot of things fell into place on bot h sides. I'm being completely honest when I say this but unless a Vice or Leader tells me to stop all attacks I continue to attack until told otherwise. I'm not gonna stop just because my enemy says hey looky here this says you have to stop.

And even if Kitty was right he still went about it in a very bad way. He actually probably did more harm to his own reputation then he did to others. He simply began going off in every forum possible about how everyone else was cheating him. It seems to me like more issues we're started because of what he said in the forum rather then what was going on in the background. It became more about Kitty himself rather then the kingdom. Furthermore he's not even a Vice or Leader so he wouldnt be the one to even take care of any kind of compensation even if he was right.

All and all even if your right Kitty you just made yourself look worse and worse with each post.

07:30:10 Oct 25th 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

Would be like you casting plague two eras ago Studdle im sure...if that did harm to your "reputation" then your post is null and void :|

07:38:00 Oct 25th 09 - Sir Struddle:

True I did cast plague but due to a technicality in the way the MAP was written I pretty much am off the hook. Also I did fully apologize for casting it. And as agreed upon (since it's implementation) in the Struddle Clause I will not cast plague unless given the okay by all parties within the NAP/MAP agreement.

08:48:16 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Frodo Lost His Ring:

we have the struddle clause.

i wonder what a kitty clause(claws?) would be

btw i am pretty sure kitty is a vice in crazy, as crazy as that sounds...oh wait nevermind lol

16:13:12 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Doomhammer:


16:16:42 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Hey Palp :) How things going for you?

16:29:21 Oct 25th 09 - Duke Drakos:

Chancellor Scrooge Mcduck

09:19:22 Oct 25th 09 Let's rename this thread to "Broken Record"!

Dammit Scrooge you stole my post....tho I am not sure how many people even know what a broken record is anymore. :D

16:37:13 Oct 25th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

broken mp3 player maybe? :o

19:06:58 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Theophilus XII:


Valhalla has H1N1!

Would cast more, but I dont want to directly cast on my NAP friends.

20:38:49 Oct 25th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

LOL actually I was offered leadership of crazy but declined as I wont be on much next era, stupid RL.

Struddle, I could care less if a few dumbasses think I made myself look bad by drawing attn to the fact that some people seem to give their word more frequently than they keep it. Basically until someone admits that A- they were worng, or B- they broke their word and are sorry, I will simply post what I want when I wnat, whether its your buddies or not.

20:44:38 Oct 25th 09 - Sir Darion of Mordor:

random you realize they have admitted that around 4 times...

21:22:03 Oct 25th 09 - Duke Random:

but i haven't posted in here till now... :S

22:05:56 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Dead Oralive:

Someone needs to go jion crazy cause their seeing random when there is no random at that moment in time!

22:49:29 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Frodo Lost His Ring:

hey doomhammer, my multi :-)

yeah had a fabulous era for a halfling and proved it is playable just a bit harder but there is a few tricks to the race. just play it the opposite to how most say and you do fine!

not sure what i will be next era though orc,human or troll.

miss ya man

23:06:26 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Gauntlet:

We are legion ;)

00:30:18 Oct 26th 09 - Sir Darion of Mordor:

Duke Random


21:22:03 Oct 25th 09 but i haven't posted in here till now... :S

wtf someone told me duke bad kitty was random :S

00:50:11 Oct 26th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

no no, bad kitty isn't random...they are twins!

01:08:39 Oct 26th 09 - Lord Pools Closed:

I heard they're irl best friends...

05:08:52 Oct 26th 09 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Damn, halfling? Mad props, would never dream of playing as one... goes against my playing style..... lol, but yeah, not sure what I'm going to be next era as well.... probably orc or elf, maybe troll... depends on a few things.... but yeah, miss you too man, where you going next era?

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