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15:51:53 May 13th 07 - Mr. Bacon:


we are a very strong kingdom and a lot of kingdoms have merged with us


16:05:09 May 13th 07 - Mr. Yarr Evil Devilin:

anouther lol......

16:09:58 May 13th 07 - Ms. Boredom:

Bacon, how many topics do you need?

18:07:29 May 13th 07 - Sir Paffician:

The kingdom is disbanded, so why the hell you need this topic Bacon?

10:57:01 May 15th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

it Is disbanded? *checks highscores again*


[D] Diamonds
With Prince Bashful as leader.

[WB] Wild Boys
With Mr. Hilario as leader.

[THC] Cannabis
With Mr. Creepin as leader.

[RED] Red Hand
With Admiral Krum as leader.

[DL] Drug Lords
With Mr. Blunts as leader.

[SUN] Solaris
With Mr. Saulens as leader.

[RPK] Rogue Phoenix
With Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian as leader.

[UC] Umbrella Corp
With Mr. Umbrella Corp as leader.

[A] The Alliance
With Mr. Talon as leader.

[KOL] Knight of Luna
With Mr. Wolf as leader.


Oh true... waht happened to them? Was their power so powerful that it collapsed for it extreme powerfullness?

23:41:19 May 15th 07 - Mr. Sanoh:

not a good kingdom. the leader and vices i think were new players and couldnt keep everything under control

22:06:08 May 17th 07 - Sir Paffician:

I heard, that they made up a war whit some little kingdom, that started to take over their own lands and their new player leader scared and disbanded kingdom, and later joined kingdom they fight whit.....

22:24:23 May 17th 07 - Mr. Dos The Caked:


13:48:22 May 18th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

Are you thinking on your breakfast, Dos? i like grilled bacon with eggs :P

BTW that kingdom you said they were fighting was teh mighty SOLARIS which motto is the best I've seen arround. We got a cool relationship going on :P

"Let the rays of Solaris enlighten our Friends and burn our Enemies!"


i shoukld be making up a motto for my own kingdom as well...

17:26:18 May 18th 07 - Mr. Saulens:

Heh, thanx for spreading our word Acelnorst =)

We're really flattered to hear compliments in our behalf . Gladly I don't have to lie when I say, that the Rogue Phoenix is the best Kingdom that we've had luck to encounter thus far! With their members mighty and persistent, and their leaders bright-headed and ambitious.

Indeed Solaris was that little kingdom that broke Bacon's confidence, as well as their Kingdom's armies and colonies. It's funny to remember him intimidate me, threatening to attack the 2 of us with all his members ;)

A while later he disbanded CR and I've accepted him to my Kingdom after very very long consideration, giving him a sort of a tryout period. Sadly, he didn't contribute to our cause and eventually left, hoping to start himself another Kingdom. Obviously, he did not know, that one can only start a single Kingdom per one era... =)

Anyhow, we're now left with the best of our members, all of whom I am fiercely proud of. On top of that our camaraderie with the Rogue Phoenix, seems to be working like clockwork, and our synergetic ties will last for eras to come!

Let the rays of Solaris enlighten our friends and burn our enemies!
Mr. Saulens of Solaris

10:39:23 May 19th 07 - Mr. Knight The Round Table:

Is it not obvious that Wild Boys are indoubtably the best KD on mant. 12 players, 2nd most powerful KD. 1st having 27 (and only 79% stronger than us). 3rd having 18 and 8% weaker.


But enough numbers, lets see how this era plays out. Oh and i have to congratulate solaris, your the KD who has the closest % of power per person.

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