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Cannabis lords
17:13:46 May 28th 07 - Sir Snuffy:

Wow i want to say that some *beep* is so messed up. We are geting attacked by the top 9 kingdoms. I just want to know what the hell is going on. Are you all allied to kill us or do you all have nothing better to do. What makes cannabis lords so hated?

Kingdoms in Mantrax
WB Wild Boys 17 Mr. Hilario 259
RED Red Hand 19 Admiral Krum 194
RPK Rogue Phoenix 7 Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian 118
GPool Guinness Pool 8 Mr. Cali 110
UC Umbrealla Corp 15 Mr. Eternal Oblivion 108
THC Cannabis Lords 18 Sir Snuffy 100
SUN Solaris 5 Mr. Saulens 96
RS Rambo Slayers 12 Mr. Midge 92
Orc Orcs Kingdom 8 Mr. Skyone 51
NMK Not a Member of a Kingdom 6 Mr. Lecter 43

These are the poeple fighting us. I want to say that im glad to know it took all of you to finial kill us. Nice job!

17:24:44 May 28th 07 - Mr. Shyers The Return:

you mean your fighting yourself too?

17:25:31 May 28th 07 - Sir Snuffy:

nah... why would you ask that?

17:33:10 May 28th 07 - Mr. Love:

I guess you pissed some people off.

17:38:31 May 28th 07 - Mr. Shyers The Return:

cuz your on your list of people fighting you....wait poeple fighting you, sorry.....maybe you should know, drugs are bad, m-kay?

17:42:24 May 28th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

cannabis is led by a feking benidict arnold.

17:58:06 May 28th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Just blame it on Hilary Clinton you'll feel better afterwards.

18:08:51 May 28th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

We're fighting you because you were top KD and became pretty powerful when Cannabis and Drug Lords joined up - simple as that.  What did you expect?  If it makes you feel any better not all the others are our allies and we certainly didn't plan a gang-bang with them, it just happened.  Some of them aren't even our friends.  Some of them don't even have good table manners - lawkes!

Maybe next time you'll make some better alliances yourself....

18:25:21 May 28th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:


look at that

strangers joined in hatered of you

19:33:34 May 28th 07 - Duke Dork:

Bob Cumber, a ex-famous rockstar, hit it bigtime back in the 80's, he had hits like "I'm that son", "Who's my father", "Where's my gun" and the disco classic "I slept with all three".
At the end of the 80's people moved their attention to other groups, Nirvana was one of those groups to say one at least.
Bob Cumber didn't realise why there wasn't anyone listening to his music anymore. So, Bob Cumber released a "The Best Of"-album, and STILL there was no audience to his music except for his relatives, who was all members in the band.
At this point Bob Cumber started to get desperate and wrote to all the big papers around the world.

"Hi, my name is Bob Cumber, I'm a ex-famous rockstar, I hit it big in the beginning of the 80's with hits as "I'm that son", "Who's my father", "Where's my gun" and the disco classic "I slept with all three". But now no one is listening to them or any of my new material, it feels as if everyone is against me! Why do everyone hate me!? I haven't done anything bad, I did good music and people listened to it and came to my shows, now I'm all alone against the whole world, except for my relatives, but they are all in my band.
I hope you are all happy now that you are all against me, I had a really good time and I think it's bad that no one is being nice to me now!"

This of course, didn't give any good response from his previous fans, Bob Cumber was last seen hitching a ride somewhere in Australia, but that was 6 months ago... so he's probably dead now.

The reason for this post; Don't cry if everyone is against you.

19:40:19 May 28th 07 - Sir Snuffy:

Dude no crying here...

Just thought it was funny you know. O well.. And why does everyone asume that the cannabis lords are a buch of pot heads that sit around geting stoned...this could be because its the way it is or maybe i like the name cannabis lords.

O well we will be back higher then ever!! jk

19:47:42 May 28th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

i bet wild boys attacked you cause of ur name. they are the former MAD members. they dont like drugs....................


u prolly also didnt have good diplomatic skills, i would expect u could have gotten at least one or two allies.

20:33:07 May 28th 07 - Sir Snuffy:

Your right there but thats only because all those kingdoms that are attacking us turned down our offers. theres nothing you can do about that.

20:49:01 May 28th 07 - Mr. Shyers The Return:

maybe it was an attempt to lower prices.

21:07:12 May 28th 07 - Sir Wolf Ruga:

There were numerous reports of Cannabis Lords housing nuclear weapons...

21:10:04 May 28th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

all i can say is bad diplomats, maybe u should try to recruit weirdgrivi for u!

00:14:07 May 29th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

I don't recall you making any peace overtures.  I do recall you attacking us first...  Reap as you sow.

01:33:48 May 29th 07 - Ms. Strawberry:

well at least from my line of sight our armies are the first ones to draw blood against your kingdom even if your KDs power is almost 3x stronger than us by that time after you killed diamonds and merged with drug lords. as i recall you killed my poor little scout making his momma cry when he went for an expeditionary trip inside your core. you see i just cant ignore a mother wanting justice for her poor little son thats why i sent my army. well no offense but i never told anyone from any kingdom to help me in this coz  i prefer working alone. (=^_^=)

10:47:36 May 29th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

Strawberry - that's pretty much how it looks from here too, except it was one of my scouts that got killed.  :)

11:53:32 May 29th 07 - Mr. Baelzharon:

It was probably that part where Mr. Umbrella Corp made a NAP with Mr. Blunt and then you two merged, and then Mr. UC tried to make sure the NAP was still there and you sent in people to attack his last city to destroy the kingdom and succeeded. THC killed our king for little less than boredom I guess, we certainly did nothing to have that coming, we tried to be friendly and that's what it cost us.

We immediately reformed and now we're 3 times stronger, nothing will stop our people from wanting THC destroyed now. As for the top 9 attacking you, you guys must have done or said some other things, and you're also in the middle surrounded by almost everyone. Everyone has to go through you to get to others, they might as well huh.

07:51:15 May 30th 07 - Sir Elliott Smith:

"after you killed diamonds and merged with drug lords."

Cannabis Lords never killed Diamonds...

Diamonds got up and just left, because they made several diplomatic mistakes, but there would be no way for Cannabis Lords to take out Diamonds entirely on their own. At that point Diamonds was taking it from many different kingdoms just like Cannabis Lords is right now. And for the SAME reason... diplomacy.

Strategy wargame... and they say that power is everything in war... when diplomacy is crucial.

11:48:28 May 30th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

Speaking for teh RPK, Cannabis Lords attacked us immediately after they merged. I believe they just were too eager and attacked too many kingdoms with more or less success, but making too many people angry. They just couldn't handle them afterwards.

23:34:41 May 30th 07 - Mr. Blunts:


Cannabis lords did take out diamods with only members form cannabis. It was a dead lock with koh and diamonds so they got a nap and diamonds sent all force to the front of diamonds and cannabis lords. Cannabis lords killed and broke into diamonds core. They left and disbanded after that war so yes cannabis did take down diamonds

23:48:54 May 30th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

koh?  Are you sure you're in the right era?

I think you'll find that RED and GPool were attacking Diamonds at the same time as you were.  I certainly still have some of their ex-cities....  Diamonds got pretty much the same "unplanned gang-bang" as you did.

01:33:52 May 31st 07 - Prince Tharok Bonecrusher:

I do not wish to insult you Mr. Blunts but your kingdom did not receive Diamonds full attention.  We were far more worried about Gpool and Red Hand in the south, as they had already penetrated our southern blockers because we set them up too late.  Evermeet alone was strong enough to hold back your entire kingdom, and if not for an open gate fiasco you would not have gained access to our core until we had been eaten from within by GPool.  By no means am I trying to make Diamonds look good.  We made many, many mistakes, not the least of which was our democracy.  I openly admit our faults and I congratulate the kingdoms that defeated us, but I hardly think THC could have done it on their own.

04:50:37 May 31st 07 - Mr. Mayhem Xii:

i hate the cannabis lords(drug lords what ever) plain and simple they came  in to our territory several times and acted like they were tough s***. but most of the time they waited outside of cities until the people were out of protection 

that just shows that they cannot fight fair at all they have to aatack when people have no way of defending themselves even the slightest bit


10:40:28 May 31st 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

Mayhem - hate is a very strong word...  You've been unlucky this era.  First in Mantrax your starting position was right in the middle of the GPool/RED/Cannabis battle ground and we all toook your cities OOP - me included which I'm not proud of, but it had to be done under such circumstances.  Then you restarted again in Mantrax - which seems unfair to you - ended up in another area where we were fighting - were mostly left alone by us but then chose the wrong KD to join.  Not only can they not spell, but they are now getting over-run and so are you.

I hope you get to go to a newer world if you restart again.  BTW - Mayhem Gold turned out to be a nice little mine once I'd destroyed all the taverns, farms, towers, etc.....

18:40:48 May 31st 07 - Mr. Baelzharon:

We can spell just fine Lady Es, our last kingdom Umbrella Corp was destroyed when THC sent people in to kill his only city. They kept us down for a day and we re-established the kingdom and obviously the name had to be close to the last, thus it was intentionally spelled that way. No choice.

There is also nothing unfortunate about being place near Red Hand, they attack everything no matter how small regardless of any given situation. They are far worse than THC even though THC killed our previous king. Not even 100 peasants can go by without one of them trying to kill it, a real vital task I'm sure.

The only unfortunate thing is that people side with them.

07:44:16 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Oda Nabunaga:

Oh well, this kingdom died. It was fun though

13:25:10 Jun 10th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

Baelzharon - no excuse can be accepted for poor spelling.  Why not call it Umbrella Corps?  Then you'd have both words spelled correctly.  :)

The incorrect spelling was my sole motivation for attacking you earlier.


07:55:18 Jun 11th 07 - Mr. Brizencorbin:

Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax,

Yes, yes,.... let us now listen to the "Lady", her quick wit and her wagging tounge, spitting with such vim and verve, why this could only be truth One could be inclined to listen to such nonsense, their ear's and imagination burning with delight at the sound of a woman known for great gossip. I say to you, those whom' would allie themselves with a kindom with the most ignoble of status's, such as the Red Hand, and GPool must be of only a fools intelect, i pitty them more then fear. With their great force of fools and marching for a cause only know to them,.... truly this must be a task of nobility and honor. A cause of great valor and restitution, God will see them prevail!! Bahh! It is all nonesense Baelzharon, and you pay it no mind "incorrect spelling was my sole motivation for attacking you earlier". What a noble cause M'lady, you must have the utmost suport of your peoples for such a regal undertaking. Most noble Lord Baelzharon, These people know only war, and you can not reason with uncontrolable bloodlust and thirst for power. Alas, many kings and kingdoms in the lands of Mantrax have found their strength in peace, and found much needed brotherhood in a land of darkness. Peace too, hath her own victorys, no less renowned then wars. Just remember most "honourable" Lady Esmerelda, easy enough to start a war, a slap in the face, or an insulting word, but they never end whenever one would please. I will end with these last words, as a *beep* would bark, so to would us lions roar in return.

Lord BrizenCorbin of TAK

20:07:07 Jun 11th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

Never heard of sarcasm (or was it irony?) you daft article?  Sense of humour taken a holiday has it?  Who exactly are you again?

I really do dispair of the youth of today.  No wossname.

20:33:22 Jun 11th 07 - Mr. Ooog Splat:

Well... I personally like to war that is why I am playing such a game. If warring wasn't what I wanted to do, I wouldn't play VU...

20:36:57 Jun 11th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

Anyone remember the Kingdom of Spellcheckers?  :)

04:29:26 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Oda Nabunaga:


07:04:52 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Brizencorbin:

Esmerelda Weatherwax,

Me? Who am i? To many i am an allied friend with a word of advice or kindness when needed, allthough you can call me foe. Allied brother to many kings, i, a man who find's unrivaled strength with his allied brethren. Born to follow the code of chivalry, and though it pains me to speek such ill a word to a woman, no doubt they are our allies and TAK can not stand idle and watch. I have no intention to speek softly, or with any kindness to one that would speek down to any of TAK or its allies. However, you are a woman so i will not call you out in a public forum, and use vulger words and damage your honour, im sure you do enough of that on your own. No no, i will do my best to make it subtile, i would not have the masses make a mockery of you, i do not hate you, i just dont like the way you speek so harshly towards others.

And as for you, are? I do not know you personaly, but i do know your unjustified attacks on Lord Baelzharon.You must be most deserving of the title "Lady", paid for in full i am sure, as im sure your beguils are. I will not keep checking this forum, to simply sling mudd around with you, all i need do is point out the mudd that is allready there.

As for my lack of humour, what kind of "daft" person would laugh at the exspence of a person to whom he is allied?

And for you to call me the "daft article", when you can not distinguish between sarcasm or irony? Weigh the density of my words and then look into the mirror ...little girl.

The man, BrizenCorbin of TAK

08:57:31 Jun 12th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

"Speak harshly"?  Sonny, you have no idea....

I could go through your post line by line pointing out the ludicrous things you have said - full of lies and self-important imaginings.  For example I certainly did not pay for my title - it was earned.  You missed the sarcasm again - parheps I should have written it in yellow (not that I expect you to understand this reference either)

However I have indeed weighed the density of your words, little boy, and they are without substance.  So frankly I can't be bothered.


16:32:08 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Brizencorbin:

Tsk, tsk, tsk, little Weatherwax girl,

You ask me who i am, and then gasp when i tell you? Yes you should be in awe at my "self-important imaginings", as i am important. I however, am unafflickted by your weak responces. In your efforts to make me seem the fool, you have only further enunciated my point about you, and have made hilarious all your "would be" intellectual comebacks. Although i must say, this has been rather entertaining, your pigtail's and all. I could go on for days, tearing your meager little mind apart (and your pathetic sarcasm), alas little girl i will refrain,... i have more important matters to attend to, such as running a kingdom.

The man, Lord BrizenCorbin of TAK

18:57:37 Jun 12th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Oi. I remember the Kingdom of Spellcheckers. They had pretty good grammar and could also use this special technique I like to call: Capitalization. It's really great! It makes you seem educated, intelligent, and it gains you the respect of your peers.

Now, I've not set foot in this map of 'Mantrax' for many, many eras now. So I really don't know (nor do I care) as to what's going on. However, I've come in here and I see the PITIFUL attempts at intellectual dueling made by this person who calls himself, 'The Man' (or is it 'The Man, Lord Brizen Corbin, of TAK'. I don't know, the lack of punctuation and spacing's throwing me off).

Now, for starters I've looked over your last few posts, and while I'm not trying to claw out my eyes due to terrible spelling and grammar, I noticed that you said: "Although i must say, this has been rather entertaining, your pigtail's and all. I could go on for days, tearing your meager little mind apart (and your pathetic sarcasm), alas little girl i will refrain,... i have more important matters to attend to, such as running a kingdom." Now, on reading this I find that you are implying that your brain is much larger than the good Lady Esmerelda's. However, if this is true you should be able to multi-task the running of your kingdom (because seriously there's not that much to do within an hour's time) and having a good spar with the lady. She's doing it to you, therefore I'll say her brain's much larger. Oh, and if you imply that it's not 'important', how many meaningless things can you do while working on something of import? If you say none at all, you bring your intellect back into question.

Lady Esmerelda has been around for a long time, longer than myself. She deserves more respect than you are giving her. If you wish respect for yourself, improve your grammar and spelling, give respect to those that deserve it, and afterwards you'll show yourself worthy of respect in return.

20:18:34 Jun 12th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

Lawkes, Fizban, I'm glad there's still someone around who remembers good spelling and grammar - I was beginning to think I was the only one!

20:20:32 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Dingleberry Dave:

/me thinks me and Spooky should procreate in order to, uh..promote good spelling and grammar for future generations. :))))

20:56:05 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. The Mighty Hammer:

This is quite late but it is for blunts : clearly you have no idea what happened in your own war. G Pool had many, many troops in Diamonds south core before you were even close to breaking through. The Diamonds were very capable of holding of Canabis Lords but they were being attacked from every direction. To say that the Canabis Lords took the Diamonds by themselves is not true at all. The Diamonds were being attacked by several kingdoms from every direction all at the same time: they were in a very similar situation you are in except they didn't go to the public forums and pass piss. They went on knowing they had made mistakes.

03:29:32 Jun 13th 07 - Sir Razios:

We hate you because I am the Godfather of The Drug Lords yet you merged with my second mortal enemy Cannabis and you were blacklisted. They were simply following orders to crush you. BTW You people remember the multi'er kingdom Flower Nation? They have one of those lithuanians. Mr Spiritas is with them.

07:00:16 Jun 13th 07 - Mr. Oda Nabunaga:

so, does that mean they are multiers?

08:53:31 Jun 13th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

Wild Boys, multi-ing?  No I don't think so.  Spraitas seems to have played fairly as far as we can see.  He was with Bones last era.  Not all Lithuanians are multis just like not all Brits are witty and clever. (Though clearly most of us are)

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