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06:00:51 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Architect:

We are currently open to discussing "politics".  >:D

06:29:31 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Epyon:

What do you mean by... "politics?" -.-'

*Epyon sees Architect pull out a gun and runs for his life*

13:02:37 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Dreadii:

yes carnage suck all the blood from you your wemon and children untill they stop struggleing.

16:02:32 Aug 20th 07 - Sir Zmonev:

Now now Dreadii.. we dont hurt woman, we make them our slaves.

16:04:11 Aug 20th 07 - Sir Helios:

Mmm, anyone wana post a shot of the first unlucky person that landed by Carnage this era? HAHA

Don't even think "Politics" could save this poor soul.

Dol Goldur

Owner: Mr. Zakath VI
Size: 145 building(s).
Kingdom: Empires United
Gates: open
Kingdom Banner

16:06:32 Aug 20th 07 - Sir Stormcrow:

Now now Helios, lets play nice here aight?


Hey, I thought i was Carnage's love slave?:(

16:13:34 Aug 20th 07 - Lord Epyon:

Mr. Zakath IV run for your *beep*ing life!!!! get the hell out of there!!! you still
have time to save yourself!! =S

really though i do feel bad for him... =S

16:45:20 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Sincere:

Unfortunately i landed by you guys too..can we set up a map or something...

I wasnt' sure if was going to play this era at all..i clicked said 26 minutes..and i was like..damn..i wanna play..i was afraid to ask a kingdom for acceptance fearing it might take me pass the starting time..and i hate late i started and prayed for the best...


17:50:18 Aug 20th 07 - Lord Ogelhtil:

Squire Sincere, son of Squire So Sincere,
I am afraid that you must really think about moving or provide a good case to our born again viceroys. Your father had served us well, but your level of activity or commitment to the kingdom must be high. As former brother-in-arms, I am pretty sure the High Council will provide more than enough leeway for you.

Sire Helios, I see that you have not returned the powers of the Sun God back to him. Perhaps we should all stay away from you because we are now only mere mortals?

Stormcrow, my old friend. Glad to see you back as our chief Diplomat. The last one, Persephone, really gave us a really good time, especially on the map and battlefront. Her map-cap antics was, erm, I guess, less suited to my taste. I look forward to you bringing more stability to our kingdom.

Your Highness, here are the slaves that Persephone last gotten from TNM in a far-eastern land, 300 males and 300 females. I guess now you have to do the hardwork of dividing them.

19:44:07 Aug 20th 07 - Sir Anatoliy Grushkov:


Carnage's "Democratic" tendency?

19:44:42 Aug 20th 07 - Sir Anatoliy Grushkov:


Carnage Embassy 2.0.1

19:49:05 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

yup that diplomacy for you

19:54:42 Aug 20th 07 - Sir Stormcrow:

Hey! I thought i saw someone taking pictures that day! We really need to start doing better cavity searches:(

19:56:11 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. MY God Farts:

I vote NO!!!!

*pulls lever and then in an instint im somehow in the spirit world*

20:44:48 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Killstone:

i vote no too!

*pulls lever to the right and eludes death =D*

20:45:48 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Spankylicious:

Can we discuss My Penor Up Your *beep* 2.0 ? =))

20:47:33 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

COC Children of the Corn 4 Mr. Policia 127
Havoc Carnage 35 Sir Zmonev 98

now carnage what you think of that what will be your course of action?????

personnally in just shocked

20:48:26 Aug 20th 07 - Sir Stormcrow:

Uhmmm.....hide in fear and assume the fetal position while we are clutching our teddy?

20:50:19 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

ok.........i thought would you just kill them

21:18:07 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Rimtas:

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D anatoliv nice pictures :D

21:39:03 Aug 20th 07 - Mr. Dreadii:

thats some bug or one of them in in Newb world or something same thing happend last era aswel.

ROLF anatoliy  :D :D

01:30:54 Aug 21st 07 - Sir Anatoliy Grushkov:



Thank you, my people! Autographs later on!

02:25:31 Aug 21st 07 - Mr. Rubyian:

09:39:35 Aug 21st 07 - Mr. Owt Flow:

Can I have two autographs? On in my book and one in my pants.... for safe keeping.

16:49:15 Aug 21st 07 - Sir Aleksandr Romanov:

Mr. Rubyian


That is you.

23:30:11 Aug 21st 07 - Mr. Rubyian:

......No idea what that means. But anyway, I wasn't trying to offend, just a joke. But if you want a war........

00:45:18 Aug 22nd 07 - Duke Dork:

So...   I heard Carnage are a bunch of new guys...  That they've never been in a war... tell me.. is this true...?  Because, where I come from Carnage are worshipped from town to town(Yes, we have small altars in every home)...

I don't have any "politics" to discuss...   just that question...   so... are you newbs...?

00:53:53 Aug 22nd 07 - Sir Stormcrow:


Here i thought we got rid of you!:P But I always knew there was no getting rid of Efrandor and his mighty <ahem> sword:D

Come to pillage our women and rape our horses? ......wait....thats not right.....

01:01:04 Aug 22nd 07 - Sir Scientist:

Stormcrow, you should know by now that it is one of the few things hes good at :P

That and spamming, but he has become quite rusty at that lately :P

01:41:06 Aug 22nd 07 - Duke Pelagius Septim IV:

Which is why you got me :P

06:16:02 Aug 22nd 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

I declare war on Carnage. reason: half are transvestites and the other half are naked. Yes, I will destroy you from another world. Phear the power of my iwbm's (inter world balistic missile for you nubtards)

10:48:37 Aug 22nd 07 - Mr. Messiah:

I declare war, no I mean confusion, on Carnage!

11:20:56 Aug 22nd 07 - Mr. Dreadii:


the britsh officers told their troops (rifleman) that the german tanks were made of carton.(so they woulnt run and shoot there meaningless bullets) :p

(same thing agains carnage)

11:45:17 Aug 22nd 07 - Lord Yerean:

what is up with this discussions??!

Carnage is a very democratic and has freedom of choice!
In fact, we have not 2 options to vote, but 3!!
"I Agree" , "I Concour" , "I think that's definitely right!"
Ofcourse the last one is best ;)

17:07:54 Aug 22nd 07 - Lord Ogelhtil:

Your Lordship, I am afraid we have to educate the masses about the 3 options that you have stated above:
"I agree" to hand my cities on a platter to Carnage without any fuss.
"I concour" that my units are better off dead than to face Effie's pe*ahem*.
"I think that's definitely right!" that Carnage is better at war, spam and *ahem*nor fights than farm, write useful things and real sword fights.

17:20:55 Aug 22nd 07 - Sir Stormcrow:

<I declare war, no I mean confusion, on Carnage!>


Hahahahaha Messiah, shows how much you know, we stay confused all of the time, both mentally AND sexually:)


18:53:05 Aug 23rd 07 - Lord Yerean:

let's make it clear!
I am *mentally* confused. I sometimes actually train troops instead of farming...
I am NOT sexually confused! I'm rather sure that Ms. Simetra is my type of orientation... I tihnk... >_>

20:28:49 Aug 23rd 07 - Mr. Dreadii:

yes were straigt and macho

20:37:08 Aug 23rd 07 - Sir Stormcrow:

Thats not what you said to us last night at our all-naked jamboree:(


Oopss......this is the public forums....going to go now....

20:38:02 Aug 23rd 07 - Mr. Dreadii:

cant say that about rest of VU

capitalsm never lies !!

21:12:36 Aug 23rd 07 - Mr. Spankylicious:


21:27:26 Aug 23rd 07 - Mr. Penguin:


06:09:59 Aug 24th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Quick! Make sure Swifty didn't post in there! ;-)

12:39:27 Aug 24th 07 - Mr. Dreadii:

Btw check out zeon description and ask yourself are you really *beep* compared to them??

13:45:59 Aug 24th 07 - Lord Yerean:

09:43:32 Aug 25th 07 - Mr. Architect:

Is Carnage seriously this boring where I have to post in our thread just to keep it from disappearing?  C'mon, liven it up a little.

11:16:52 Aug 25th 07 - Mr. Elsin:

The first post in this thread was "We are currently open to discussing "politics".  >:D"

How do 100% Free *beep* fitness community and ROFLCHOPTER!!1 fit into your long-term politcal plans?

11:39:59 Aug 25th 07 - Mr. Dreadii:

evr heard of the g@y bomb and it supposedly failed to get developed??

17:59:08 Aug 25th 07 - Lord Yerean:

ROFLCHOPTER!!1 is a new diplomatic unit developed by Carnage's scientists.
It is uses the newly made tactic ArmySwarming, in which we send out many ROFLCHOPTER!!1, full of diplomats, into nearby kingdoms.
The ROFLCHOPTER!!1 moves at a rather slow pace, but it can be heard miles off, thus announcing it's coming so the nearby Kingdoms can take the time to build up an airport to house the ROFLCHOPTER!!1s. If such an effort is not made, there can be dangerous consequences, such as:

  • the ROFLCHOPTER!!1s will land inside your villa's pool
  • the ROFLCHOPTER!!1 will chop off your banana trees, which could bring you to famine
  • ... other things you don't wanna know
Please contact our marketing guys for buying the ROFLCHOPTER!!1 while models are still available!!!

18:05:15 Aug 25th 07 - Duke Pelagius Septim IV:

"I guess I can spam here as it is already one big how y'all doing?"

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