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Carnaje and Legacy Dominating
16:32:10 Mar 18th 08 - Mr. Anubis:

Sir Yarlin
Member of: Carnage.

Mr. Elsin
Member of: Legacy.

Mr. White Widow
Member of: Legacy.

Lord Protector Nimic
Member of: Legacy.

Mr. Isaac
Member of: Carnage.

Mr. Digger
Member of: Legacy.

Sir Feanor
Member of: Carnage.

Mr. Sezymon
Member of: Legacy.

Mr. Roxbury
Member of: Legacy.

Mr. Firestorm
Member of: Legacy.

16:33:02 Mar 18th 08 - Mr. Anubis:


*Title Fix: Carnage and Legacy Dominating

16:35:23 Mar 18th 08 - Mr. Stormcrow:

<sigh> not ANOTHER flamebait thread.....

this one is just begging for flames, flames that have already been said in Raist's thread....really is there a new trend i am unaware of where the goal now is to waste serve space?:P

really, who ARE you anubis?


I mean, if you're going to waste space, at least put somethign useful in here, like naked women for Roxy or pics of barnyard animals for us in Carnage....

or monkeys...

16:39:10 Mar 18th 08 - Mr. Seth:

hehe...hey stormy... i see you still arent flaming(too much)  the forums:P

16:40:59 Mar 18th 08 - Mr. Stormcrow: old friend and mentor, seth:D or at least i assume^^

(the other day i found a player using a old name of someone, but it wasnt him, so you never know:P)

16:52:11 Mar 18th 08 - Mr. Seth:

you're not always wrong:))

nice to see you're doing that well:D catch u later on msn cose we dont want to *beep* the flaming threads,dont we?:))))

16:58:37 Mar 18th 08 - Mr. Seth:

*beep*= s   p  a  m :P

09:33:57 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

good for LGC and Havoc......

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