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22:59:23 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

We at the Centurion Empire value hard work and taking the game waay to seriously.  Every time we loose a battle we throw fits in our newly furnished tavern.  We import only the finest mineral water straight from the ....uhh..ocean...ya the best ocean water you will ever find!  We are currently accepting just about anyone, newbs and vets alike.  We will be more than happy to share our intel on VU with you.  Please send all Requests to Either myself or my esteemed partner Raider.


23:23:11 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

interesting, reinstating the centurion empire. i figured u would find a kingdom. anyway, good luck u two studs!

23:25:11 Mar 26th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Can I join?

23:26:42 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

they will need it, how will DD survive without me watching his back?

23:35:10 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

Well Arzun if you are willing to step down from the high pulpit of the IE then we would be more than willing to accept you. 

I resent that branny.  I was your mentor...all around better.  I feel sorry for what kd took you in.  You are like a negative to their score.

23:40:55 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

Ow, feel the burn... brace yourself for a real deep pain,

ok, here goes, i always thought of Mifune as being more of a rolemodel than you.

sorry i had to say that, but i had to hurt you, also, you had better hope your weedy kingdom doesnt catch glimpse of PK baby!!

i will look for you on the battlefield doughnut!!!

23:45:23 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

Well if we do meet pks in the field we are so much better for it now that you are with em.

Ouch...My life has been an illusion...Where once i thought i was a leader...i was a pawn...A useless pawn..

I Will fight on though.  I shall fight till the death and with my dying curse, I curse you branny! May all your children have slightly lower than normal IQs and be hairless!

23:47:28 Mar 26th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Trust me I truly would, if only I were allowed. If I left then I am at risk of not being in that potential foursome that Viking has planned for me over in the other forum. Sorry.

23:49:24 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

Hmm if it were between joining this kd and a foursome i would probly choose the foursome as well.  Well maybe not.  It might be with a bunch of gorillas or something.  Might need alot of alcohol for that.

23:51:39 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

i dont need to worry about my childrens IQ, cos i woud make a decent parent, i will take the time out to teach them! as for hair...   you beeatch.

think of my barbers fee compared to yours!

yh, my children wont be sugar coated, mine wont get chewed up and spat out in school, cos mine arent made of dough!! (blazed)

and no more lies please you crapped yourself when u heard Brannigan was playin for Peacekeepers, thats what im sayin!

23:54:48 Mar 26th 07 - Sir Arzun:

 Brannigan, it's not always smart to brag about being in a Kingdom. It shows that you may not expect to be in the Kingdom yourself, you shouldn't have to prove anything to anyone if you don't have to.

23:56:57 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

arzun, were joking, were like in the forum with each other when posting it

23:58:36 Mar 26th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Didn't understand most of that post... must be going crazy or something.

23:58:58 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

Hmm as i recall dough does not have hair so our barbers fee is equal to yours.

Plus my children will have the inate abilty to shoot projectile dough from their arms so if they were to go to school they would be aptly able to defend themsleves.  They don't go to school however as they come out of the oven's with an above average IQ.

Peacekeepers throw this young youth to the winds.  He is not worthy to sit in your awsome peace keeping presence.  Come and fight me like the little coward you are Branny.  Just you and kd mates.  We shall see who's the master.

23:59:40 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

ok... it was rather ghetto, i didnt get most of it!

00:00:54 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

geez branny look at you.  Now who looks stupid

Public Apology is in order me thinks.

(Edited by Mr. Deadly Doughnut 3/27/2007 12:05:22 AM)

00:08:33 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

ok,umm, nah...

i think you should grovel for your childness! you need to get a real glaze, dough doesnt go well with urine glazing!!!

00:44:45 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Raider:

Anyways Back on Topic....

01:41:31 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

Ok Back on topic and back in charictor.
*cough cough*
Anyone who needs a kd will happily accepted to our humble little kd.  If you wish to discuss politics please send a letter to either Raider or meself.

04:03:58 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

can i discuss politics in here? im not one for messages.


aye, but it is swell to see raider back. i hope all is well with u my lad! and doughnut, u better be having some sweet cities names as usual. i better be playing with u 2 next era!

04:26:11 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:


I think i'm gonna stay with the centurians.

04:36:20 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

maybe we can work something out? i could find u a nice lady bagel?

04:43:37 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

If you could do that i would come back.  5 dollars says you can't.

04:53:52 Mar 27th 07 - Lady Mifune:

Are you kidding me?!  You can't stay in the Centurian Empire.  How many times do I have to tell you...that was MY empire!  You stole it!!!!!  If you will check the VU history..I was leader of that empire! 

I will be nice and let you borrow if for an era BUT you better merge my little empire back with the rest of us next era!!!  ;)

04:57:57 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

*points to raider*

he stole it!

04:58:20 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

thats d@mn straight! mif, thanks for stepping in here!

p.s. i can still try to find u a lady bagel.................. how bout if mif improvements her name to Lady Bagel Baker?

05:01:26 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

hmm.  If miffy changed her name it would deffinatly be a reason to come back.  You would also be the fair winner of my little bet.  Plus it's MY little kd now.  You all discarded it and me and raider picked it up and polished it off.  It's ours now. soooo there.

05:19:14 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

whoa, we all were gonna go to other kingdoms! not start old ones! u had so many opportunities! u could have become a long john or a crueller!

05:22:01 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

you know last time this kingdom was around I missed it. I was on a camping trip.

05:33:55 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

so, u gonna join it this time dak? lol

06:12:53 Mar 27th 07 - Lady Mifune:

instead of lady mifune...i'll be lady muffin....


but you better put my kingdom down and at the end of the era....and get back where you belong!!!!

07:17:21 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

deal doughnut? mif drives a hard bargain

12:17:22 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:


17:05:52 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

lady muffin........... nice ring to it.

17:13:17 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

Srry, I have no plans on joining, Mirror is a too fun to consider leaving =)

19:50:29 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

dak, u being serious? oh no! ill miss the tavern............

21:08:47 Mar 27th 07 - Lady Mifune:

no more darshivan tavern for jester....

02:23:18 Mar 28th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

not what I said. I said I wouldn't join centurian.

03:33:52 Mar 28th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

ok, then thats fine. cuz centurion will be merged into jester next era. i do not think i could fathom a jester without our good dak!

23:00:06 Apr 7th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

I, Deadly Doughnut of the Centurion Empire, congratulate Mr. Sniper on pretty much wiping our little kd from the face of the earth.  Then i congratulate Mr. Oya for wiping up the rest of my armies. 

I would like to wish you two good luck on your future endevours!  See yall's laters.

00:20:23 Apr 8th 07 - Sir Falazar:

In that case I will be General Butter, eh?
Or Lord Cream Cheese?

02:18:36 Apr 8th 07 - Mr. Raider:

Lol, we had a really great run in Fant for a new KD, but tense situations with Midgurder, a war with IE then and invasion from Abydos...pluse some internal things we had to sort out, I cant complain.

Congrads to abodyos and IE for there victory.


Wish you guye all th Best

02:49:08 Apr 8th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

@ Fal


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