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Cheap stone on the market
00:23:18 Aug 6th 09 - Divine Elldorian:

well as a parting gift before i die im selling all my stone instead of StG it. so buy up. i waited til ignis went to sleep so he cant get it :D

You are selling 1282784 stone for 641392 gold (0.5)

and some tree

You are selling 882510 tree for 353004 gold (0.4)

thats the cheapest the market would let me go without natives buying it

00:24:19 Aug 6th 09 - Mr. Ignis:

The other Ignis?

00:26:56 Aug 6th 09 - Divine Elldorian:

yeah the one who was being a nub basher. although he is Very good* at killing first era players

*tthats sarcastic it took him ages to beat us

00:27:47 Aug 6th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

such a small amount of stone

00:29:12 Aug 6th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

why... why make a thread about this?

00:33:08 Aug 6th 09 - Divine Elldorian:

because otherwise people wont know its there and wont buy it arthur...and sorry stirlin its all i had

00:33:54 Aug 6th 09 - Mr. Jellybean:

You are selling 1055595 stone for 900000 gold (0.85)


:) have fun

02:18:51 Aug 6th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

  • Sold 100 stone for 10 gold.
    It will be available on the market within 35-155 minutes!

You are selling 100 stone for 10 gold (0.1)

have bigger fun. i could make it lower but pc lags atm. 3:18 am

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