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Clean up
18:24:11 May 11th 08 - Mr. Ransom:

this forum is waaaay too messy, all topics should be deleted at start of each era like in the kd forums. we should also pin Fant. wars, Mant. wars, and Zeta wars at the top.

18:41:40 May 11th 08 - Mr. Thingol:

this should be in suggestions an improvements

18:44:50 May 11th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

if topics were deleted there would be no record of what happend in previous eras :) and it can be interesting. if you cant keep track of the threads that are relevent to you well tough.

18:52:48 May 11th 08 - Prince Gorris Septim:

For Politics, yeah, for roleplaying it would get annoying, we'd be in the middle of a quest and it would be all gone...

19:01:57 May 11th 08 - Sir Evans:

no, most ppl id say post in only forums involving them.... and thts not very many, unless your mr. popualr :P

19:10:05 May 11th 08 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

i think the guides and artciles need to be cleaned up cos improvements are made to the game and most of the guides are innacurate

19:13:35 May 11th 08 - Prince Gorris Septim:

I sent a message to ZeTa just a half an hour ago suggesting an update to the nobility and noblemen thread.

19:14:01 May 11th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

Yes i think ZeTa should pick a "council of vets" to run that section. he had an idea like that before but i think that would be best for the guides section

19:15:38 May 11th 08 - Prince Gorris Septim:

I rewrote the Nobility and Noblemen section for ZeTa, all he has to do is copy, delete, and paste and it'll be up to date.

19:31:30 May 11th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

i updated the magic guide and wrote a newb guide but i think the FAQ needs updating as the same questions get asked over and over

21:02:33 May 11th 08 - Mr. Pesterd:

unles of course your the god of sp@m then you post everywhere?!?!?

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