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Cloutier is evil
07:04:59 Apr 29th 09 - Archangel Argyle:

Master Cloutier needs spanking!

Yep, he sent msgs about wanting to join, sent application and then joins our enemies and starts attacking, all during the same night (night for me).

So anyone that has the title Master (he might change name because of this), should be laughed at. And he should be hit hard, and hated by everyone.

I hope his computer get infected by viruses.

(and yes, I know it's odd me making this stupid thread, but I just need to have it out of me).

07:15:53 Apr 29th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

I 100% agree with Argyle, Cloutier is the biggest *beep* I have seen in the game ....He was in SK and he betrayed us and left us only to do the same thing....So if u c him, make sure to spit at his face xD

07:26:29 Apr 29th 09 - Mr. Mavich:

Hmm, we like guys like him in Phi! =)

11:25:25 Apr 29th 09 - Master Cloutier:

I was attacked by you guys so I canceled it. I was told I would not be attacked whilw I considered joining. Then I was attacked .

12:35:48 Apr 29th 09 - Duchess Illidan:

MAn Argyle *beep* your a nubm The Master is AWESOME :P

12:58:51 Apr 29th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

MAn Slade *beep* your a nubm The Archangel is AWESOME :P

13:14:20 Apr 29th 09 - Archangel Argyle:

Cloutier didn't check if I was online to accept Cloutier, and moved armies inside our cores untaged, without sending msgs to surrounding players about Cloutiers transfer.

Things can be handled smooth and this time it wasn't. But joining the enemies in a situation like Cloutiers was really stupid.

Example of how it could have be done:
1. msg the ones attacking Cloutier, perhaps they were unaware that Cloutier was about to join.
2. Contact me, Cloutier didn't even msg me about it, or any vice of the matter. If I am not online, there sure is someone else that is.
3. Cloutiers cities would have been returned if I had notice such claims Cloutier make, before you joined the kingdom.

But now, the cunclusion is, Cloutier are evil!

13:14:39 Apr 29th 09 - Archangel Argyle:

oh, and I love those 1,2,3 list of things. It really shows anger in written text!

15:41:24 Apr 29th 09 - Duchess Illidan:


16:06:28 Apr 29th 09 - Necromancer Lechery:

so your kindgom attacked him? what would you do?

16:15:11 Apr 29th 09 - Lady Loud Tone:

MAn Stirlin *beep* your a nubm Wilberforce is AWESOME :P

16:16:32 Apr 29th 09 - Lord Primate Death:

We're not your enemy...we think you are a swell bunch of really nice people. All we want is your cities, on the friendliest terms possible, so if you wouldnt mind taking your armies out that would be great. thanks buds

01:22:59 Apr 30th 09 - Duke Playaaaa:

Hahahaha, I thought he disappeared once his game was an insane fail :)

01:39:13 Apr 30th 09 - Master Cloutier:

? my game was not a failure. One guy just donated $62 USD

18:55:42 May 1st 09 - Duchess Illidan:

:| WTF!

 i dont donate but i play :)

02:25:32 May 3rd 09 - Necromancer Lechery:

what games that..

02:50:40 May 3rd 09 - Duchess Illidan:

22:35:22 May 4th 09 - Master Cloutier:

I just did an upload to it too. Only beta testers can play thought. I am looking for 10 of them as of now.

09:27:17 May 16th 09 - Duchess Illidan:


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