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Confirmed Multi Found
22:32:55 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Sinthoras:

Im not sure whether this is the right forum for this, if not, please move it to the appropriate one. I found a multi, thats for sure. "She" contacted me to join her kingdom and after I asked her several times and leid I was multiing to, she admitted it. Anyway, jsut read it for yourself. I dont think anyone can deny that this is a mutli.

Ms. Kozz [Luna] (12/2/2008 6:22:28 PM) GOOD BAD
If you ever feel like joining a kingdom....
Do you play with other names too? Maybe I know you :P
You (12/2/2008 7:58:30 PM)
You mean my other accounts?
Ms. Kozz [Luna] (12/2/2008 9:37:39 PM) GOOD BAD
yes :)
You (12/2/2008 9:41:25 PM)
Do you have other account then? Perhaps we know eachother without knowing it :P
What are your other names?
Ms. Kozz [Luna] (12/2/2008 9:47:17 PM) GOOD BAD
Tell your first :P
You (12/2/2008 9:48:08 PM)
Mr. Qoou
Im actually making a third as we speak ;)
And yours?
Ms. Kozz [Luna] (12/2/2008 9:50:40 PM) GOOD BAD
Multi much? :P
Join meh! :P
Don't yuou have a famous account.. that's in LGC or something? :P
You (12/2/2008 10:08:57 PM)
Nope sorry, just restarted after a long break so I have to work ym way up again ;)

But what are your accounts then?
Ms. Kozz [Luna] (12/2/2008 10:10:44 PM) GOOD BAD
If you had a long break... you probably won't know me..
Do you want to join or not?
Condinho is in my kingdom, you know him?
You (12/2/2008 10:12:34 PM)
Sounds familiair yeah
But please tell me who else is you :P
Btw, does Codinho know it 2?
Ms. Kozz [Luna] (12/2/2008 10:15:02 PM) GOOD BAD
Slave/Viper.... I'm in Retribution for 3 era's, and I was 1 in FF on mantrax...
Let me guess... You're Azaruc maybe?
You (12/2/2008 10:28:55 PM)
To be honest I am not a multi. Multiing is illegal and therefor I feel obligated to report this to both the community and the admin. And therefor I will do so.

22:35:07 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Electric:


22:36:10 Dec 2nd 08 - Duke Argyle:

Ms. Viper isn't a multi, she is in my kingdom and is not playing right now. havent logged in for 3 weeks.

22:39:06 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Electric:

..Multis have attendancy to be inactive for long periods of time

22:42:35 Dec 2nd 08 - Sir Bran:

i think obviously she was just trying to get you caught

22:43:12 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Lewatha Lover:

Slave is in Retribution yes

But I know for sure she doesn't multi, as infact she is my multi
Osiris is my multi too

Ban me pl0x

22:45:39 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Electric:

Slave/Viper..exactly what the message said :D

22:46:46 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Lewatha Lover:

Didn't you hear me?

Shes my Multi, also Ez is my multi

22:48:23 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Sinthoras:

Even though her other accounts have gone dead by now, that doesnt change the fact that she did multi and is still trying to provoke others to do it too. If you dont consider her multiing in the past, which she has admitted, proof enough, then I dont think she can be banned. And the provoking alone is not enough reason to delete her accounts, but I hope it at least warns other people and I hope you will keep your eyes open when she tries to join you or something like that.

If you dont consider it enough to ban her from VU then please let it at least be a warning...

22:50:37 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Lewatha Lover:

Shes not multi'ing
I know Slave well, shes not the type

22:51:55 Dec 2nd 08 - Sir Bran:

sinthoras, i think YOUR a multi. there i said it.

if you dont consider this good enough proof to ban him then at least let it be a warning

22:53:40 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Lewatha Lover:

Believe me, if Slave was multing
I would know

And she hasn;t mentioned anything
So, please

Stop trying to be someone you arn't
Your ruining Slave's sexc rep

00:36:29 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

sexC so there ; )

Ya, viper's probably not multying

01:26:51 Dec 3rd 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

Delete Angelrobot's post for stretching the screen <_<


01:33:06 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Angelrobot:

Thats not a crime... or a rule that the screen "can't be stretched"

01:51:55 Dec 3rd 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

It is purely annoying...

02:28:37 Dec 3rd 08 - Duke Random:

slave a multi.... O_O

no way!

02:35:36 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Justin:

and we care there is a multi why? There are a ton of them in this game. I know a lot of multis here. Its sad. But funny to see how people need more then 1 account to beat someone or try and beat someone.

03:18:59 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Angelrobot:

well just cuz u multi doesn't mean you use it to cheat : )

03:37:00 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Fan Lang:

who care's >.< multi made up 50% of VU

03:42:36 Dec 3rd 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

Shhh don't give away our secrets >_> Everyone may figure out that
Cedric Deallus
Charley Deallus
Thomas Deallus
Edward Deallus
Hunter Deallus
Ernest Deallus

Are all the same person >_>

03:47:02 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Justin:

But they will never know who Ernie the Orange is =P

03:49:19 Dec 3rd 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

Ernie The Orange = Ernest Deallus ;-)  He was before I made the Deallus last name XD

*COUGHS* Oh sh-wait...nevermind I was never here >_>

04:18:23 Dec 3rd 08 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

I am a Multi...

*Uther Pendragon looks over at his multi

What the hell are you doing here?

*Uther Pendragon MULTI desperately tried to conceal the fact that hes here


*Uther Pendragon dashes over to the multi flourishing his blade and slices him in two.

*As this occurance takes place another multi (Uric Pendragon) appears across the room.


i can never ger rid of them. They are all taking my last name.
but is would seriously be a mistake to assume Uric and Uther are the same people, though it is true because it is just one account, but there is another pendragon and this acount belongs to my cousin...

convenient... for we both share the same family and VU name...

so if you pick on Solitis Pendragon you provoke me, but just as a fair notice we are different people. His name is David and i am Sam.
though i believe PJ (Where ever the hell he is) would try to tell people that i do have a multi by that name, and the only reason for saying so would be the fact that he is an Aussie.

anyways, sorry for the rant but i had someone ask me if Uric and Uther and Ullic and Carthac and Huw Pendragon were my multis and they arent. If you look at my history they are all there, but then he asked about Solitis so i knew that it would be smart for me to point out the not so obvious that he is not a multi.


05:33:43 Dec 3rd 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

lol if I was a multi it would be so obvious because they would all be in the RP forum with the Deallus last name XD
Zeta would probably laugh at that even...

06:59:50 Dec 3rd 08 - Sir Fever:

 YA charleys not kidding hes a multi.

BAN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07:05:23 Dec 3rd 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

......okaaaaayyy....someone get the kid away from the sugar... ;)
I prefer not to be banned ;)

07:59:03 Dec 3rd 08 - Sir Fever:

Yes you are....youre my multi!

=P and btw i dont like sugar fag.....


10:12:06 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

zeta will check ips and see it and thats that maybe shes multi what do you know >.< rev you dont live with her

12:37:41 Dec 3rd 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

heh, funny...

I think Ms. Viper is one of the older VU players... (came back after quite a while, no?) and Slave is a member of my kingdom and she is dead and says she isn't multiing... And I believe her..

So imo probably Kozz is some random new player that thinks people are *beep*s and thinks that people would believe her if she says she's a vet on another account..

So good job inspector, but I do not think this a case of multiing but merely a case of a new player pretending to be someone important.

17:04:02 Dec 3rd 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

Sir Fever


12/3/2008 2:59:03 AM

Yes you are....youre my multi!

=P and btw i dont like sugar fag.....


If you are my multi, then suicide seems a great option for me right now.  I wouldn't be caught dead being the same person as you f*ck face.  You caused me a lot of trouble when I was in SK and I will not forget it.  I had to deal with bullsh*t that revolved around you a lot.  You were a nub who thought hobgoblins were like the best unit to train and ignored me time after time to train high level units.  You kept attacking allies so I planned on having you kicked.  PJ did the honors for me and we slaughtered your nub armies. 

18:36:31 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Confused:

skipped second half...

sinthoras, not a multi

slave not a multi
i trust both :D

21:30:13 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Lewatha Lover:

Mr. Punny Monsta


12/3/2008 10:12:06 AM
zeta will check ips and see it and thats that maybe shes multi what do you know >.< rev you dont live with her

I may not live wit her, but I can tell shes not the type

21:34:36 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

like us? :(

03:46:33 Dec 14th 08 - Ms. Konata Izumi:

And the multi hunt continues! XD

04:33:55 Dec 14th 08 - Mr. Frosty The Snowman:

Multi: I'm a multi


Actual Player: *beep*, your gonna get us busted! :o


Multi: oh soz dude. my bad.

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