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Congrat to Bluelight and HIV
18:03:03 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

congrats bluelight, you earned it


congrats to HIV for era win as a team...

18:03:19 Feb 19th 10 - Clown Penguin The Chilly Willy:

Gratz Bluelight!

18:04:59 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Landry:

great win

18:05:56 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Legendhero:

Gratz Blue and HIV.

18:08:39 Feb 19th 10 - Judge Kobuskan:

Thank god Bleulight won

18:10:38 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Dark Zoltan:

Gratz Blue and HIV.
Gratz Blue you earned it

18:13:04 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Igniter:

Bluelight certainly earned it. Well deserved win.

18:17:31 Feb 19th 10 - Ms. Jennaside:

Congrats to Bluelight and HIV well played era

18:17:45 Feb 19th 10 - Mzz Mzzery The Mzzchievous:

Congratulations, Bluelight! :)

18:18:16 Feb 19th 10 - Mzz Mzzery The Mzzchievous:

A big Congrats to HIV as well, for the kingdom win! :)

18:19:00 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

we cant forget about you igniter, you are a pretty good player too,


18:23:09 Feb 19th 10 - Dr. Darkwing Duck:

Congratulations Bluelight.  Great win.

Agree, Igniter would have been a good win also.

18:23:20 Feb 19th 10 - Lord Deno Pan:

Congratz to Bluelight. Well deserved win. 

18:27:02 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Black Waltz:

*nods* well played Bluelight.

18:27:48 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:

Congratz to Bluelight. Well deserved win. 

18:28:15 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

I loved the

Mr. Igniter / Ms Ignited combination too hehe

18:36:30 Feb 19th 10 - Princess Aisha:

The era has ended!

Congratulations Ms. Bluelight of Mad Against Drugs for winning the era!

Hot Inactive Veterans was the strongest kingdom.

Strongest Kingdom Logo

Next era will hopefully start late Sunday/Monday morning...

Wooot \o/  Congrats everyone, great era, HiV disbands with era win :)

Congrats Bluelight, second era in row a girl wins \o/

18:44:16 Feb 19th 10 - Lady Blood Soaked Madness:

Congrats BLUE LIGHT !!!!

18:48:12 Feb 19th 10 - Lady Boobson:

Congrats HIV, although you deserved era win Bluelight is a worthy winner too. Was definately a good era for both parties.

19:22:55 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

boobson how did you manage to only have 2 soldiers?


19:24:09 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Gauntlet:'s his mum and dad...

19:28:16 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

lol... :)

19:34:37 Feb 19th 10 - Overlord Dvsmasta:

Grats blue...  

19:36:03 Feb 19th 10 - Lord Gilth:

Very nicely done by both Bluelight and HIV.


20:12:27 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Kreed:

Congrats to both Bluelight and HIV

20:22:09 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Great job HIV, Bluelight, and the top three (Pengy and Igniter).

20:49:03 Feb 19th 10 - Endless Spankings The Naughty:

Congrats Bluelight & HIV

20:52:40 Feb 19th 10 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

Hey Blue!

nice win u got there and congrats HiV too.

21:19:21 Feb 19th 10 - Death Lord Draven The Pitbull:

grats both

21:29:01 Feb 19th 10 - Pope John Wayne:

congrats to the winners.

21:34:20 Feb 19th 10 - Duke Darkfaith:

congrats bluelight! like said above you've earned it!

21:35:01 Feb 19th 10 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

hey Pokemons and HIV are welcome to TWF!

21:45:38 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

Well done Bluelight and FATE for winning the era;

Well done HIV for winning Fanta

23:30:04 Feb 19th 10 - Sir Aussie:

Congrats Bluelight well deserved win.Good job HIV....very strong kd.Hope the split works as well.

00:22:14 Feb 20th 10 - Mr. Canucks:

Congrats Bluelight and HIV!!:)

01:59:29 Feb 20th 10 - Mr. Aloysius:

Congratulations to the whole HIV kingdom. :)

It was fun having some late game flame wars, we badly needed threads this era. Anyway, congrats to Igniter/Ignited combination, you gave us a real challenge. I even made you our priority target when we entered Fantasia. *sweeeet!*

And ofcourse, Congratulations to Bluelight and the rest of MAD kingdom. You made this era our best finish. Thanks Anonymous and Co. for filling the vacant spot in our kingdom ranks. Goodluck to AoA next era. :D

02:41:21 Feb 20th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

HiV it is wonderful to see your success in the era right before you disband. Hope to see you all succeed in the VU community.

Just know you have a friend here and ill help out where ever i can

03:52:58 Feb 20th 10 - Swedish chef Brashen:

well deserved win for HiV

always nice to see a fighting kd win!

your almost as good as we are (u only beat us because we slipped on banana just as we were about to kill you)

08:22:25 Feb 20th 10 - Mr. Dalak The Dodgy Gynaecologist:

Good job all...

10:50:00 Feb 20th 10 - Ms. Bluelight:

to everyone,

thanks! i never thought that MAD will accomplish this much. as i can remember we started with 30% of us as newbies. and almost 40% inactive. but its nice to see that we played our cards well. thumbs up to all my team mates for following our plan of attack. even to the exact VU date and lines of advance, we executed them all perfectly. great job to you all.

also thanks to relentless, terrorist and RR for our OOP war. thanks also to our NAP's. Music and Fate has been very honorable.

also to Domination, thanks for all the lands i got from you. there was a time that i have 7M gold plus 3M stones a tick.thanks for not wrecking any of the cities. except Ignis for wrecking his city. (just joking man)

and most of all, thanks to HIV. it was fun fighting you all. you were a bunch of great players. if the era had lengthen for some more days, there is a good chance that we might have been beaten in fant. and its just sad that you will disband. however, i'm really hoping to see you reborn someday.

to Aloy, i did not reach the 1M AM count. i fail. ;-(

20:01:33 Feb 20th 10 - Sir Binh The Elven War:

Congratz Bluelight. Good job team hiv :D

20:41:55 Feb 20th 10 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Congratulations Bluelight, you deserved this era win for sure! it was due for the past several eras ;)

Congrats HIV!

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