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Congrats Dark Side Legacy
16:31:48 Feb 4th 12 - Mr. Jabba The Ugly Hutt:

... and Elsin / Binh.

Especially to Binh for a most dominating era as a solo player.

  1. Mr. Elsin of Legacy (Halfling)
    Had 505,192 land, 5,245,210 troops and 101 science points. Killed 942,463 soldiers, won 34 of 50 battles and captured 11 cities.
  2. Mr. Space Dust of Mad and Dangerous (Halfling)
    Had 958,199 land, 4,619,322 troops and 20 science points. Killed 33,081 soldiers, won 2 of 6 battles and captured 2 cities.
  3. Mr. Binh The Seer of Legacy (Halfling)
    Had 684,105 land, 3,159,407 troops and 97 science points. Killed 15,635,401 soldiers, won 102 of 160 battles and captured 52 cities.

16:50:31 Feb 4th 12 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent):

Shit we wont be seeing that for some time to come...

17:36:16 Feb 4th 12 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

Lulz @ Space Dust being 2nd.

17:43:41 Feb 4th 12 - Mr. Jabba The Ugly Hutt:

Heroix, Space Dust is our very own Scotty :P

But man, Scotty, how did you build up almost 1 million land.............

18:50:11 Feb 4th 12 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

Farmer of the year!

20:35:38 Feb 4th 12 - Mr. Sausage Soldier:

gz elsin, most deserving player

21:40:17 Feb 4th 12 - Mr. Inferno:

That's simply incredible from Binh

22:04:54 Feb 4th 12 - Mr. Pull Pants:

studying really does pay off! nice science binh

00:08:35 Feb 5th 12 - Skinny Vinny (Sir Ispy):

15.6mil kills....... my god

00:26:53 Feb 5th 12 - Canucks (Mr. Hermes):

beast all i have to say

00:33:19 Feb 5th 12 - Ms. Rosie Highman:

swifty is noob trolol

17:26:04 Feb 5th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Wilber Noname):

Idk if there's an updates version, I had a quick browse and found this.



The Bushido Award for most Honorable: LGC

The WMD Award for most Destructive: LGC

The Field Mouse award for least heard from KD: HEX 

The 'Say Hello to my Little Friend' award for most effective new player KD: ---

The Stalin Award for Most Ruthless:  LGC

The Hippie Award for the Most Peaceful: HEX

The John Mccain award for most Sportive Loser: Relent? 

The Divide and Conquer award for best NAP partner: We had no NAPs


The Rommel Award for Best Tactics: Binh/Von

The Merlin Award for Best Magic User: Tyrin

The Sarah Palin award for "I don't know what the hell this is  but I'll participate anyways" (biggest idiot on the forums): Bling

The Four Horsemen award for Most Warlike: Binh

The Hobbit award for the Best Farmer: Space Dust

The Jug of Whine award for Biggest Whiner: Bling

The 'That's MISTER @$$ to you' award for most likely to get slaughtered next era: Erm........ No idea?

The Condoleeza Rice award for best Diplomat: No idea

The Benedict Arnold award for biggest traitor: No traitors?

The Jack of All Trades award for best all around: Von/Binh

The "I'm Too Sexy for this Game, but I play it anyway": Doomhammer

The "I Love to Do the Dew" Award for best roleplaying: ----

The "Hi, my name is Boxxy" Award for most anoying player: Bling

The "I'm So Hot I'm on Fire" Award for best and funniest flames: ----

Fun Awards:

Most Artistic Banner: ----

Sexiest Banner: ----

Oddest Ruler Name: Kasakasz The Unstoppable - idk who he is, but he certainly wasn't unstoppable, I don't recall seeing his name.
Jondrus Kitty Kicker - taking it out on the cats :(

The Best Sp@mmer: Nfc.


Special mentions to Dvs, Hannibal, Doom (mentioning you as you didn't get a great award) and Paul, if not for you guys Blue may of killed me :P
Also special mentions to all LGC players with over 5m kills, all MAD players with over 1mill kills and all Hex players with over 500k kills. I know there aren't many of you, so special mentions to you guys.


Well done everyone, was a good era.

05:23:40 Feb 6th 12 - Mr. Zombie:

Lol thats more like it ^.

I saw the other forum with MAD as the most destructive KD :D

10:44:13 Feb 6th 12 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent):

:'(  I was so close to 1mil kills.  Do I count?  ;)

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