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Congratz Karac
13:50:39 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Vencrow:

You filthy farming whore.

Leave VU as your killing it for real players that actually do stuff for their kingdom and attack. Path or Radioactive is imo the Real era winner as he ended up 2nd. and Path ended up lower but did shitloads of damage and made loads of kills.

Hope ZeTa treats you good in bed.

kk bye cya never again.

13:56:15 Aug 10th 10 - Dr. Dill Pickle:

Venomz behave :P

YEAH Karac!!!!!!!

13:57:26 Aug 10th 10 - Wolflord Karac:


13:58:31 Aug 10th 10 - Dr. Dill Pickle:

14:17:32 Aug 10th 10 - Sir Muzzy:

Congrats, Karac! :)

14:44:09 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

Congrats Karac! 

If I wasn't such a new player I'm sure I might remember previous eras when it was considered a valid "tactic" for one member of a KD to farm deep inside a core to gain the era win for their KD.

Looking at your battle stats it doesn't look much like farming to me anyway, but just sayin'.......... ;)

14:54:56 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Aussie:

Congrats Karac.:)

15:02:13 Aug 10th 10 - Lady Quietone:

Gratz K

15:04:40 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Vencrow:

'Looking at your battle stats it doesn't look much like farming to me anyway, but just sayin'.......... ;)'

Ye attacking allies gives kills cities.

15:06:33 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Tasty After Dinner Mint:

I am suprised Karac did something like this to be honest..  ;(

15:07:02 Aug 10th 10 - Dr. Dill Pickle:

Venomz he did a lot of kills in the Glads fight and he also did what he could when Raist dropped tag and started attacking LuLz. 

Say what ever you want but he fought more than many winners in the past have.

15:23:24 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Admirable:

"Venomz he did a lot of kills in the Glads fight"

100k you scrub.

GJ Path, Rad, Kool, etc.

15:27:50 Aug 10th 10 - Dr. Dill Pickle:

Whine on


15:36:16 Aug 10th 10 - Duke Deadpool:

Congrats Karac

15:47:25 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Vencrow:

'A winner is always right'

Karac aint a real winner. he's from RR. previously was in BoW. he's never been any good or top 10 worthy. So he decides to 'look cool' and win the era. while most people who know the story of what he did to win will think 'roflmfao what a scrub'


16:02:10 Aug 10th 10 - Dr. Dill Pickle:

Sad you joined the whinners Venomz.  Thought you had more going for you.  This whinning sounds like all the whinning about the Smith win.  That made my day.  I laughed so hard when Smith won.

16:10:39 Aug 10th 10 - Duchess Wicked Wraith Rider:


16:17:27 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Reit Finder of The Grail:

ill throw my opinion out there for the hell of it.


Grats karac for an era win. You got the points required so you earned the title. However i do not honestly believe the current system rewards the players appropriately. If you ask me it should not be the strongest player but the highest individual of the most fearsome that deserves the title. however it is what it is. Grats.

16:33:58 Aug 10th 10 - General Zondervan:

Congratz Karac, though i can say someone was ripped off.

16:43:12 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Crissxcross:

Hey Karac, I never thought you would win an era :D.

And now you did, haha, well done.

Don't care what the others are talking, a win is still a win and people are always complaining about the guys who are winning.

Most of the people here whining have been in kingdom whom member have done much worser things to win an era then being inactive and taking over easy targets...

So enjoy your win :D

16:45:02 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Hiroshima Infected:

no, I'm not even going to say much, nice job Karac >.>

17:02:11 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

Mr. Crissxcross
Most of the people here whining have been in kingdom whom member have done much worser things to win an era then being inactive and taking over easy targets...

What, surely not like "testing" bugs instead of reporting them quietly and playing by the spirit?  Surely not!!!!

17:12:56 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Sylar:

Karac FTW

17:13:32 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

General consensus:

Noobs, nobodies and allies: Well done Karac. HURR DURR.
Good players: What a fucking scrub.

17:20:21 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:


17:30:19 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Zero Cool:

Congrats karac!

17:37:35 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Arthur Has Lynns Jonny Pickle:

Karac, I have played with you all my eras thus far (barring a few).  I know you deserve an era win.  You played very well this first half of the era, as no one is willing to accept.  Not being in FEAR/FATE doesn't mean you're not a good player ;)  So stop trying to make yourself feel better Vencrow.

You deserved an era win, I'm glad you got it mate ;) <3

18:16:20 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

"General consensus:

noobs, nobodies and allies..."

Well, I know I'm not nobody* (unless I've been imagining myself all these years) and I'm not an ally (not even on the same world), so I gues I'm a noob (whatever that is).

Ahh well, from a complete noob, good era Karac - you deserved the win :)

*of course, how anything in an online game makes someone a "nobody" is another matter.  Anyone who thinks it might really should think about getting professional help.  Or possibly some RL friends.

18:27:26 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Megas Nikos:

Congrats Karac!

18:44:57 Aug 10th 10 - Lord Stewie Griffins Last Era:

Congratulation mate!

19:36:46 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Vencrow:

'Deserved the win'

Oh i love flaming just cause retards show up and post funny stuff!

19:51:42 Aug 10th 10 - Wolflord Karac:


19:53:50 Aug 10th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Wait I was in Fear, so I was in one of the TWO good kds by your reckoning, correct ven? Oh by the way, welcome back, good to see you still suck at everything but bitching :)

20:03:53 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

Farmlord Faggot's ability to take all the jibes on the chin is admirable. Probably does it professionally, if you catch my drift.

Glad to have his name amongst the list of VU legends. I suppose it demonstrates that the era-winner thing isn't only reserved for good players. We can build upon his character and use his image as a sort of cult basis. An aspiration for scrubs and nubs alike. A poster boy for stupidity and farming.

btw, did you know he beat LGC?

20:10:42 Aug 10th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Oh sorry, I did jiggle my zipper that time, had to pee. Don't worry penois, that was my fault, but go ahead and proceed to shut up again, I'll be more cautious with my zipper next time.

20:13:13 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Annoying Bastard:

What a pansy. Go fuck yourself.

20:15:14 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

I almost laughed, Farmlord. But that was more of a reaction towards your credibility, than anything that slipped off your tongue.

You're a joke. Get off my game.

20:20:14 Aug 10th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Your game? I dont play barbie wonderland.

20:24:45 Aug 10th 10 - Ms. Bluishlight:

congrats karac!

20:29:25 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

Oof, I'm getting riddled here by metaphysical coins, the product of an era-long farm. Keep it up gramps, you're a VU legend now. We plebs are in adoration of you.

21:00:20 Aug 10th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

I love how this:

Most Powerful Rulers round 41
Dwarf1.Mr. Chipotle Snack Wrap of Foundation
Total land: 387082Battles won: 0Cities captured: 0
Total killed: 0Science lvls: 38Total troops: 2.4 Million
F: 98%M: 0%Z: 0%S: 0%N: 0%V: 0%A: 0%T: 0%M: 0%

Was ok, yet karac who did fight and such is considered a farmer.....  Oh wait that's right he was in Foundation so that makes it ok.

21:21:55 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Admirable:

Mr. Snack Wrap relied on his own farming skills and did not feed, nor attempt to inflate his kill count to make it appear as though he participated in battles which he did not. He also has decent attacking skills. A real player, an embodiment of the true VU spirit. My hat goes off to him.

Karac, on the other hand, is a VU player of minimal skill and recognition, who couldn't possibly stand a chance against a valiant note-worthy VU kingdom. He also attempts to pull the wool over VU's eyes, preventing them from seeing his lackluster performance, by seemingly attacking allies troops. What a conniving gamer!

A suitable candidate for an era win? I and the vast majority of VU think not, but it would appear a select few noobs think otherwise, and I in turn shed tears for the future of VU.

21:31:31 Aug 10th 10 - Judge Kobuskan:

I also have limited skill and manage to win an era.

21:37:34 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Crissxcross:

we all have Kob, we all have, when we win and are not members of LGC, Foundation, Fate and all those other whiner kingdoms ;)

21:54:25 Aug 10th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

lol so your telling me karac is bad?  How about you look at your own kingdom.  FEAR has it's own skeletons in it's closet including a few that I know myself first hand.  Lol you cant tell me that your kingdom hasnt done things to try and put themselves ahead.  I was in revelation so I know what they've attempted in the past to try and have them win era's.  I also cant possibly believe that now that they're under a different name that they dont pull the same stuff.  The main difference is that not many people leave FEAR and talk about what they do to win the era.  But if you want me to bring up their past sins as Revelation I'd be happy to do so.

22:06:39 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

I love it when the best comeback someone can think of is calling people retards :)

22:31:10 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Path:

Struddle, this post isn't about Wolf.  If you look in old threads regarding Wolf winning you willl see a large amount of people (probably myself included) criticizing a farmer winning then too.  I personally believe that farmers should not be able to win.  However, at least Wolf won that round based on personal skill.  This is so much lower than that.  This is skillless farming of allies and padding battle stats so he doesn't *appear* to be as lame as he really has been.

And you guys can cram the "Oh, hes not fate or fear, so they will whine" comment up your rear.  Lets look at the last two non Fate/Fear winners, Chavez and Bluelight.  When Chavez and Bluelight won, there was nearly zero complaining.  They both played very impressive rounds and deserved #1 as much or more than anyone has.  Bluelight probably got fed over the market, but still played a very impressive round and likely deserved it even taking that into account.

I kind of expected more sense from you two regarding this.

22:35:11 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Grudge Facker:

<3 path

22:40:07 Aug 10th 10 - Grumpy old Surrendermonkey:

Karac ;->

Wish i could see the brakdown of stuff... would probably make me chuckle..

In any case, well done. TBL is crying in his pillow as we speak :)

22:59:21 Aug 10th 10 - Sir Butters:

Hehe, so what you're saying is, you did all this just to get back at TBL and you made Karac do shady stuff to make him cry in a pillow? :P  Way to make Karac your bitc... :P

On a side note, as we said in the other topic, we discussed it over a month ago and knew a FEAR member would not be #1 HoH, we could not pass Karac whether he fed or not, so all the feeding did was kill his reputation, not help his score.

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