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Current Names
06:25:12 May 29th 08 - Mr. Bombadil:

Since there is a past names topic, I think it's fitting there is also a current names topic. so everyone who has more than 1 name can post here.

mine are: Bombadil, Gladiator, Darkmarsbar, New Person, Surviver, Noa, and Raptor. oh, and Plato.

06:32:27 May 29th 08 - Duke Argyle:

You can only have 1 name at the time, otherwise your a multi and should be deleted...

06:33:08 May 29th 08 - Mr. Phoenixblaze:

*gasp* multi!!

15:13:39 May 29th 08 - Mr. Lord Corollin:

I think he just means names for this era.If so DAMM YOU HAVE BEEN KILLED MANY A TIME MY FRIEND.

15:17:06 May 29th 08 - Mr. Ant:

he is just being stupid

16:02:08 May 29th 08 - Khan Silent Halfbutt:

If he is gladiator from the dacians, i am not surprised...

16:03:44 May 29th 08 - Mr. Ant:

i don't about many people being newish, 2nd era

19:02:39 May 29th 08 - Duke Elmo The Opmonkey:

My current name?

Elmo, VU admin, The *beep*fighter, The Dark Knight, Roxbury, Might, Master Mind and there was some others but.....

23:26:33 May 29th 08 - Mr. More Inactive Than You:

More Inactive Than You.

23:44:03 May 29th 08 - Sir Plague:

Ummmm.....i forgot my name

00:07:56 May 30th 08 - Sir Surviver:

Ah You wish you were me =D

00:48:20 May 30th 08 - Sir Ilia:

to survivor
or u are covering up the fact
that u are bombaril

But really I would want to be u

01:24:38 May 30th 08 - Prince Bertilius Septim:

I am Septim, Elmo (and all his multis), Epyon, Scientist, Fizban, Shezmu, Mac, Ernie, Killer, Erunion Telcontar, Oscar, Atreides, Durza, and Verll!

*Septim checks.

Yep, just about the whole roleplaying forum!

01:50:58 May 30th 08 - Mr. Zondervan:


02:19:06 May 30th 08 - Sir Ernie The Orange:

*Ahem* nub...there is no way that I am you....or you are me X_x  im too cool and my writing style > yours

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