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Dark Fires II
11:42:07 Mar 24th 08 - Ms. Natalia:

We are in need of some new members, we are in the world of zetamania. We will be happy to train new members and will always accept experinced player. If you wish to join please send an application to us:

1.Past Names
2.Past Kingdoms
3.Past Experience
4.Hours online a day

Thanks hope to see some fo you soon.

12:31:48 Mar 24th 08 - Master Yoda III:

just woundering why you always seem to NOT be able to keep members?

14:40:32 Mar 24th 08 - Sir Kassius The Brownie Bandito:

she said they need new members, which just bout everyone does, nothin was said bout losing any duh

19:30:22 Mar 25th 08 - Mr. Revengicus VIII:

yeah doesnt all kingdoms need members...

01:36:20 Mar 26th 08 - Mr. Miles:

They dont need them, they want them.

11:11:41 Mar 26th 08 - Ms. Natalia:

Well I think the fact that i want a respectable and well run kingdom with well trained and happy members who are all friends is a good reason to want new members. Yes we have lost some members over the gap between the old and new era but people move on and i have to accept that! so if i look for new members that can either help me train others or need training and can be good friends with the rest of our kingdom, i am doing it for the good of me, the kingdom and the person who wishes to join.

My main goal is to have a friendly kingdom in which everyone can work together to fight off our enemies.

anyway is there anyone who wishes to join?

15:36:33 Mar 26th 08 - Mr. Revengicus VIII:

Dark Fires has honourable members who are loyal and active and are all equally important!

we will accept anyone whether they be old or new (because everyone starts somewhere!)

anyone who wishes to join our great kingdom is welcome! 



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