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Dead End recruiting.
18:36:59 Aug 29th 08 - Mr. Death Proof:

We are a new kingdom going to Mantrax next era. Feel free to apply or sp@m! The more messages we get the better the opportunity that someone will hear about us.

Dead End

Kingdom Banner

Name: Dead End
Members: 5
Tag: DeD
Created: 8/28/2008 11:29:23 PM
Leader: Mr. Death Proof


Now taking applications for next era. We are going to Mantrax.


20:05:34 Aug 29th 08 - Mr. Death Proof:


23:16:10 Aug 29th 08 - Mr. Punk:

Hey guys and gals feel free to join now. We still need some more members.

00:42:20 Aug 30th 08 - Necromancer Holy Paladin:


00:59:27 Aug 30th 08 - Mr. Hiroshima The Infestation:

lol going mant? gl with that :P

01:24:16 Aug 30th 08 - Lord Kevdwayne:

Ignore him.... you will do well, might not win but the experience will be invaluable

01:37:59 Aug 30th 08 - Necromancer Holy Paladin:

... last 3 days OOP... what you learn from that... dunno

00:23:05 Aug 31st 08 - Sir Lord Nitral:

lol hiro what do you know about got killed on valhalla.

07:39:55 Aug 31st 08 - Sir Chucky:

nitral your a *beep*y little bastard, if i ever cross paths with you i will personally shut your mouth up

11:27:28 Sep 2nd 08 - Sir Kathandarion: nice.are you on mantrax...If so do it now.I have no fear for what you can do to me chucky.only pity.But come.I and IoK await you.

18:47:47 Sep 2nd 08 - Mr. Death Proof:

We've just recently added Ms. Noa, who is taking a break from PKS and Fantasia...welcome NOA!

Still looking to add about 5-6 players

20:33:11 Sep 2nd 08 - Mr. Punk:

Well we need a few more than 5 or 6 Death. =P

22:28:12 Sep 3rd 08 - Mr. Punk:

So yeah just thought I would throw it out there that we are still recruiting. =)

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