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Diamonds (Mantrax)
01:04:38 Apr 29th 07 - Sir Disdyakis Hexakis:

The Diamonds will be recruiting after the end of this era (if you apply now you will not be accepted).  We will still be on Mantrax next era.  Our goal is to teach new players the skills they will need to survive on Fantasia one day (we may even give it a try as a Kingdom in a couple eras).

Activity is key.  You must log on once every 2 days - every time you are offline for 3 days unexcused you get a strike .  2 strikes your out.  This isn't baseball folks.  Even this isn't a great deal of activity.  Required activity may be more demanding based on the number of people trying to get into the kingdom.

You are strongly encouraged to use MSN or another outside messenger for increased kingdom communication but it is not required.

We encourage anyone who does not yet have an account and plans to play on Mantrax to choose Dwarf.  They are not necessarily the best race but their economy is far superior making them easy to play.

01:16:53 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Cobra:

"Activity is key.  You must log on once every 2 days"

An oxy*beep* if I ever saw one.

01:20:19 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Gothrim:

Sir Disdyakis Hexakis wrote "Our goal is to teach new players the skills they will need to survive on Fantasia one day."

A noble kingdom and a noble goal. I am now right there in your midst on Mantrax, in fact, but alas I have already found a very good teacher. You know him, I think, for he has a banner of Note. Of such Note, indeed, that one might call it positively musical. ;) As a newcomer to the game I wish you well, Sir Disdyakis.

01:20:39 Apr 29th 07 - Sir Disdyakis Hexakis:

Yes, but for Mantrax it is at least something to start on.  That is also the reason for the clause "Required activity may be more demanding based on the number of people trying to get into the kingdom."

02:25:29 Apr 29th 07 - Sir Borazon:

Mr. Cobra- I believe it would be a paradox, not an oxy*beep*, because oxy*beep*s are with 2 words and a paradox is a sentence.

Mr. Gothrim- Very nice wording there with the whole Note thing.

Sir Hex- What will an applicant have to put on his application,  do you have any certain questions he/she needs to answer?

02:29:48 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Cobra:

"Mr. Cobra- I believe it would be a paradox, not an oxy*beep*, because oxy*beep*s are with 2 words and a paradox is a sentence."

My bad! A paradox it is.

02:31:58 Apr 29th 07 - Sir Disdyakis Hexakis:

Eras Played: (just for curiosities sake)  The fewer the better I guess:-p
Previous kingdoms if any
Average log-ins per day
Relative time frame for when player logs in (so we can coordinate tasks better)

"I would like to join your kingdom because I'm new and want to learn" would probably work to.  As long as you show an interest and willingness to learn you will be a valuable asset to the kingdom.

05:18:26 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Celendrum Cikayson:

What if you're 2 eras veteran and simply want to try out a new race on Mantrax before being crushed in Fant?

05:21:51 Apr 29th 07 - Duke Sobek:

There is no such thing named 'a 2 era veteran' ...

13:13:56 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

Or a 10 era vet either.

17:14:15 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Celendrum Cikayson:

"Veteran" as an adjective simply means experience.  Thus, I will have had 2 eras of experience.

Maybe you're thinking of the noun form?

3. (of soldiers) having had service or experience in warfare: veteran troops.

19:14:08 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

Yes, i do suppose you could be right sir.

21:56:25 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Dimmler:

Well I wish you guys good luck. As I'm seeing, and experiencing, at the moment you guys are higly organised.

23:24:57 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Razios:

of course that means ur losing? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23:56:27 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. The Viking:


00:44:59 Apr 30th 07 - Sir Disdyakis Hexakis:

Mr. Dimmler - I appreciate the compliments.  My respect for you has increased greatly since our skirmishes began, well played.

Mr. Viking - nice pic :-P

23:20:59 May 3rd 07 - Duke Disdyakis Hexakis:

We are now officially recruiting and will accept 9 new members into our ranks.  You can apply by clicking the highscore link at the top of the page, then clicking the Kingdom Page link which will be slightly lower when you reach the highscores page (this may not work if you ended on a different world, I'm not sure).  Again, we suggest you play a dwarf as their economy makes them fairly easy to run.  Having an outside messenger is also a plus, but not required.

I'd like to wish everyone on all worlds good luck this upcoming era.

13:53:24 May 5th 07 - Lord Borazon:

We are up to 16 people.  We will still accept a few more before the era starts.

I can't wait till monday!

05:44:35 May 6th 07 - Duke Disdyakis Hexakis:

I only received 4 points for this era;)  Anywho, 3 more spots people.

06:28:17 May 6th 07 - Mr. Celendrum Cikayson:

I didn't recieve any points... though I role-played a bunch of messages...

05:02:37 May 7th 07 - Sir Chandresque:

BY NO MEANS should any members of Diamonds start until you are informed. This offense is payable on death.


12:36:21 May 7th 07 - Duke of Hazard:

We are having problems right now and we won't be able to start on Mant. till Tuesday.  If you were a member of Diamonds just wait and send an application to us once you see that we are back up.  Again, DO NOT START WITHOUT US NOTIFYING YOU.


12:38:00 May 7th 07 - Mr. Messiah:

Celendrum, someone(like me) has to report the msgs as good.

00:52:26 May 8th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

We've gotta get this done, I know I'm kinda freaking out, but I can't see why we have to wait all this time before we start when we can just get someone else to try and see if they land on Mantrax.

02:55:43 May 8th 07 - Lady Tantulii:

I know.  Not a lot of peeps did it though last era.

03:46:09 May 8th 07 - Sir Chandresque:

Its all about leadership and placement. That is all I will say in this public forum. Trust us Verteccio.

06:17:15 May 8th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Will do, by the way, I like all your new name picks.

I guess you guys put those suggestions to good use.

01:35:54 May 9th 07 - Prince Ipple:

The Diamonds are  finally back up and ready to get started.  To all those who have been waiting, thank you for your patience.  Sir Doc is the new acting leader of the kingdom.  Please apply now and we will accept you as quickly as possible.

04:26:33 May 9th 07 - Mr. Sneezey:

Diamonds rocks!! tehehe pun

07:06:01 May 9th 07 - Sir Doc:

We have spots for 5 more people, preferably who have not yet started. Give us the above mentioned info.

21:41:30 May 9th 07 - Sir Razios:

Seeing you on Mantrax. Welcome to the battlefield and I hope we would have a nice clean fight between the Allience.

22:21:32 May 16th 07 - Mr. Ungoliant:


23:17:44 May 19th 07 - Mr. Ungoliant:

hey when u guys starting that starta kingdom ?

00:06:53 May 20th 07 - Archduke Mover Groover:

Probably after we've wiped them from the map.

03:46:34 May 20th 07 - Prince Bashful:

Diamonds will not be reforming this era, on starta or otherwise.

03:51:55 May 20th 07 - Mr. Glorfindel:

but didnt u send me a message bout goin over to starta and disbaning diamonds and making mid air


04:12:34 May 20th 07 - Mr. Cyto:

The plan fell through and we are taking the rest of the era off. Finals are coming up and we'd like to pass.

I'd also like to inform you that these are the "public forums," please don't discuss kd matters in here. Click the link right below "In Game Politcs." That'll be your kd forums, where you are encouraged to post about kd matters.

04:12:56 May 20th 07 - Mr. Glorfindel:

o never mind that was some other kingdom drugs+vu= confusion


06:15:09 May 21st 07 - Mr. Excelsior:

They are dead now.

07:52:04 May 21st 07 - Mr. Brizencorbin:

I guess diamonds arnt forever........


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