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11:29:40 Dec 31st 09 - Lady Rev the Hedgehog:


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Name: Domination
Members: 29
Created: 9/7/2009 7:30:36 AM
Leader: Pirate Candybeard


We often associate dominant women with whips, chains and a pitiful man groveling at their feet while licking a pair of vinyl boots. This certainly occurs with some regularity, but you may be surprised to learn that dominance doesn’t always translate into sadism. On the contrary, many dominant women play the superior role in relationships simply because their man hasn’t learned how to dominate them. She may be strong-willed, feisty and independent, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be ravished like any other female might.


<coxi> whos stalin?
Sir Ultimatum :You should see mine, its bigger
<Woody> im almost bi enough to toilet myself!

<~Revenge> you know you can kick people by doing this too
<~Revenge> ./quit Stirlin
<~Revenge> like that
<&Thomaas> I prefer ban
<&lewatha> true
<~Revenge> without the .
<&Thomaas> infront of kick
<&lewatha> ./quit is kickban, thom
<&lewatha> try it out
<&Thomaas> instead*
<&Thomaas> oooh
<@Stirlin> ill kick ye all form my chans!
* &Thomaas ( Quit (Quit: Stirlin)


13:34:32 Dec 31st 09 - Lady Rev the Hedgehog:


13:54:16 Dec 31st 09 - Lord Lewathas Buddy:


14:01:24 Dec 31st 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

my name is on ze kd info
im doms fav idler (and the only)

14:12:23 Dec 31st 09 - Ms. Milla Jovovich:

lol @ Thom =)

15:08:29 Dec 31st 09 - Pirate Candybeard:

<&Thomaas> 18 cm then?
<&Thomaas> to big?
<&Revenge> Im about 6.5 inches
<&Revenge> anyway
<&Thomaas> no?
<&Revenge> off this convo :p
<&Thomaas> I'm 6,8
<&Thomaas> lol
<&Thomaas> no
<&Thomaas> I dunno
<&Augh> I'm 18. and I've sometimes had problems. with small girls
<&Revenge> not height tom
<&Thomaas> havent watched
<@Woody> 6 cm 8 mm? :P
<&Revenge> penis length
<@Wraith> I... havent actually measured :P
<~lewatha> 14-15 is good I suppose
<~lewatha> (cm)
<&Thomaas> no?
<&Revenge> small lew
<&Thomaas> thats lower than me!
<&Revenge> noob
<&Augh> being around medium is most practical.
<&Revenge> most men have
<&Revenge> 6~ inches
<~lewatha> better than something that rips you apart
<&Thomaas> seriously, I cant be so low... to be honest I'm not quiet sure what I am... but
<@Woody> lew likes aisan penis by the sounds of it
<&Revenge> lol woody
<&Revenge> true
<~lewatha> wait
<~lewatha> wait
<&Augh> Woody, thats the medium penis in europe
<~lewatha> we talking erect or not?
<&Augh> ofc we are
<@Woody> she likes a meaty one though, 12 inch girth :P
<@Wraith> erect, duh -.-
<&Revenge> yer ofc
<&Revenge> lol
<~lewatha> okay, good :P
<&Thomaas> lol
<&Thomaas> this convo I'm gonna remember
<@Wraith> xd
<&Revenge> Im not
<@Woody> this whole convo should go on the dom kd page :p
<&Revenge> hopefully not
<&Revenge> :p
<&Augh> 14-15 is medium penis in europe. so all men in here combined should have that in medium
<&Thomaas> lol
<@Wraith> hmmm
<&Thomaas> 14-15?
<&Revenge> naw I doubt it augh
<&Augh> that means someone has to be smaller since me and Thom are bigger
<@Woody> let me get my ruler
<&Thomaas> okey, I'm longer than that
<&Augh> Rev, look it up. its true
<@Wraith> rev must be the substandard :P
<&Revenge> Im about
<&Revenge> 6 /12
<&Revenge> 1/2
<&Revenge> not that small tyvm
<&Augh> no, its medium
<&Revenge> above average
<@Wraith> I wassss 6inch something
<&Augh> normal
<&Augh> wich is best
<&Augh> little above
<~lewatha> •The average size of a man's penis is six to six and a half inches long.
<&Revenge> fine by me
<&Revenge> SEE!
<~lewatha> that's what wikipedia says
<&Revenge> Im average, good for me
<@Woody> non- ereect in 16 :P
<@Wraith> :P
<&Thomaas> it is? :o
<@Wraith> 16? o.O
<@Woody> inch, btw ;)
<&Thomaas> I thought average was 5-6 inches
<&Revenge> not anymore
<&Thomaas> lol....
<&Thomaas> people are growing!
<&Thomaas> with their wee wee
<&Augh> Lew, thats not at all what wikipedia sais
<@Woody> its 5.5-.6.5? :P
<~lewatha> wait
<~lewatha> 2) Dr. Wessels published a study in the September 1996 Journal of Urology concluding that average erect length was 12.9 cm (5.08 in) and that "Neither patient age nor size of the flaccid penis accurately predicted erectile length." Almost 20% of the subjects had erect lengths of less than 4". This is the largest study that is the most modern and scientific.
<~lewatha> I'm using Wikianswers augh
<@Wraith> holy fuck o.O
<@Wraith> less that 4"??
<@Woody> no errect
<@Woody> oh.
<@Woody> errect
<~lewatha> yes errect
<@Woody> wtf.
<&Thomaas> lol
<&Thomaas> thats small
<@Wraith> girls wouldnt even notice it going in xD
<&Thomaas> I'm feeling big now :o
<@Woody> im hung compered to most! :P
<@Wraith> "Hunny, lets do this"
<~lewatha> I bet all of you are like 3 inches but don't want to say it :P
<@Wraith> "I am...." o.O
<&Thomaas> lol
<&Thomaas> lol lew
<&Thomaas> no... seriously
<&Thomaas> I'm bigger than 15 CM
<&Revenge> want a pic with a ruler lew?
<&Thomaas> and, lower than 19 CM
<&Thomaas> between there somewhere
<~lewatha> lol rev :P
<&Revenge> Im more than 6 inches tyvm
<@Wraith> Rev, you cant photograph your boyfriends
<&Augh> # A review published in 2007 issue of BJU Internetional, have shown that average erect penis length is 14–16 cm and its girth is 12–13 cm. This paper compares results of twelve studies conducted on different populations in several countries.[10]
<&Thomaas> girth is?
<~lewatha> what's gith?
<@Woody> thats 6 inch :P
<~lewatha> girth
<&Revenge> girth is
<@Wraith> Girth is circumference, aye?
<@Woody> girth is thickness
<&Revenge> the circumferance
<&Thomaas> oh
<&Thomaas> no?
<~lewatha> 12cm?!
<&Thomaas> no idea of my thickness
<@Woody> its the circumfrance, but its used to measure thickness
<~lewatha> how can a penis be 12cm thick?!
<&Thomaas> its not that thick
<&Revenge> lol lew
<@Wraith> Lew, around
<@Wraith> now width :P
<~lewatha> ooh
<@Wraith> *not width
<~lewatha> I thought diameter
<@Woody> i would bend my ruler, but id snap it :p
<@Wraith> xD




Our kd. private channel rules!

15:11:31 Dec 31st 09 - Lord Lewathas Buddy:


15:13:01 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. William Sexeh Feetz:

they toke that average from babies btw... no man has a penis smaller then 16 cm... that must be impossible....

15:20:22 Dec 31st 09 - Lady Rev the Hedgehog:

Come join us next era to experience our inner Kd chat!

15:32:51 Dec 31st 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

you have VERY boring chats

16:11:45 Dec 31st 09 - Lady Rev the Hedgehog:


16:14:37 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. Path:

yep, reminds me of conversations at the school cafeteria lunch tables when I was 14.

16:19:12 Dec 31st 09 - Lady Rev the Hedgehog:

Path, you've turned from a nice guy I used to talk to in HIV,

To a total idiot who has a bad opinion about anything that isnt himself or his KD

Seriously, either lightenup or get out or your own ass

17:21:47 Dec 31st 09 - Ms. Black Mamba:

What an informational discussion!

17:44:19 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

That was funny, somehow I want to join Domination just because of that convo O.O

17:47:24 Dec 31st 09 - Lord Fuelled Byy Lsd:

That was the only convo we could put up without censoring =D

20:56:27 Dec 31st 09 - Sir Chee Cat:

Indeed. Some choices in our vocab would get most of us in trouble.

03:45:04 Jan 1st 10 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

Bah theres no such thing as trouble in domination we dominate everything/one that gets to cocky :P

07:36:21 Jan 1st 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

Good Luck guys!

I might not with you this era but still I could be a help to any of you.

Happy New Year!

08:10:00 Jan 1st 10 - Sir Paolo Nutini:

only reason that convo went into public eyes was cos i wasnt part of it :p

08:20:58 Jan 1st 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

Lol i have a convo that might disturb alot of ppl saved to notepad from our chat. im debatin whether to post it or not, also you should all see the title of the chat. its an interesting convo starter.

14:28:03 Jan 1st 10 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

Post it! Any moderators that try and ban you will be dominated ;)

15:03:54 Jan 1st 10 - Princess Aisha:

Could I ask for Thomaas nick this era? Lord Fuelled Byy Lsd?

15:04:53 Jan 1st 10 - Lord Lewathas Buddy:

I'm Thomaas :D

And Cat, I really want to see that convo, incase it got some info that shouldn't get out

15:18:50 Jan 1st 10 - Princess Aisha:

Ah ok... was just thinking you said you left Rebirth cause the conversation was boring there... I see you have found what you were looking for I guess now.
Good luck Domination :)
ps. just hope you would troll bit less on the forums, that would be great :)

15:21:04 Jan 1st 10 - Lord Lewathas Buddy:

Boring chats? did I said so? I just said that the game it self was starting to get boring, and therefore I wanted something new... oh well...

I don't feel like I'm trolling to much...

And good luck to you aswell :D

17:32:41 Jan 1st 10 - Lord Fuelled Byy Lsd:

Pfffffftttttttttttt, why insult me so, Aisha? </3 


17:35:34 Jan 1st 10 - Princess Aisha:

Insult? Awww sorry, I did not mean to.
I didnt think confusing you with Thomaas is an insult
Thomaas is a great guy!

17:36:37 Jan 1st 10 - Lord Fuelled Byy Lsd:

Maybe hes a good guy... but I'm greater ;)

*Waits for inflated, drunken head to be popped* =D

17:39:19 Jan 1st 10 - Lord Lewathas Buddy:

Ofc you are, ofc you are great Wraith!

And you're not so bad yourself Aisha :D

17:52:58 Jan 1st 10 - Ms. Milla Jovovich:

18:21:13 Jan 1st 10 - Lady Rev the Hedgehog:

Yayayaayay Dominationz!

00:36:09 Jan 2nd 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

bleh its a convo about ford attempting to rape bran i think. and a few others though i wouldnt are post anything from dom chat without goin through it. hehe sometimes you have to save the best. there is always a chance for blackmail if you pay close enough attention.

09:44:53 Jan 5th 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

So you guys have declare war on us?

I'll see to it that I'll meet your armies on the field.

10:12:06 Jan 5th 10 - Mr. Paveq:

I wonder what is taking you so long, I only have one city in your core. Yet you haven't managed to take it... maybe rumors about domination being weak are true? :P

12:47:41 Jan 5th 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

@ Paveq LOL! Never listen to rumors, they are false. Domination is one of the elite KD that ranks with FATE, HIV and Rev also with the reborn Music.

13:06:50 Jan 5th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

paveq if you want i can so kindly solve that for you ;p.

ugh i hate mornings.

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