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Dorian Empire Recruiting
11:30:50 Jan 31st 09 - Sir Evans:

Dorian Empire

Kingdom Banner

Name: Dorian Empire
Members: 9
Tag: DE
Created: 12/18/2008 9:43:53 AM
Leader: Sir Evans


In the 24th era known to the people of VU, Santa Claus founded an empire, The Dorian Empire. However, after 3 eras of hard fighting, they disbanded because of a leaving leader. But in era 29 their leader came back. And in era 30 he refounded The Dorian Empire, to become an elite kingdom with a couple of friends. In the face of many enemies, they were victorious. However, their glory did not last long, for The Dorian Empire disappeared again 2 eras after.

But now, in era 37, it has be founded again with those same friends, but many more also. And now it shall remain, now it shall be glorious, now it shall conquer!

"They who once faced each other, will now fight back to back!"
-Santa at the founding of The Dorian Empire

That which especially distinguishes a high order of man from a low order of man, that which constitutes human goodness, human nobleness, is surely not the degree of enlightenment with which men pursue their own advantage; but it is self-forgetfulness; it is self-sacrifice; it is the disregard of personal pleasure, personal indulgence, personal advantage, remote or present, because some other line of conduct is more right.
- James Anthony Froude

"Our strength is a dying art"
- Sir Evans



The Dorian Empire, after spending most of last era, outnumbered, is now looking for experienced players to join our ranks. A few players have been sent invites by mail and I urge those to decide quickly as to whether or not they shall be joining us.

But too all other players who know of us, I offer an invitation. If you wish to fight with players who have social skills as well as gaming skills then this is somewhere you can. We pride ourselves on not making lots of diplomacy but fighting our way through. We pride ourselves on our undying honour towards the few diplomacies that we do make, and finally, we pride ourselves on never giving up!

All that said, it's still your choice, but if you are interested in being part of a smaller strong kingdom that can communicate... look no further. Mail me, or post here and I'll mail you.

12:31:06 Jan 31st 09 - Sir Ant Worker Fever:

Look Im not saying this kingdom is really bad its an Ok ok Kingdom. :)

This Kingdom is not the kingdom for those who like to Play Freely .It feels like you are a Multy of the Leader.Anything you do is all to go through the Leadership.Even to go attack a Non Member City...=D

If you're a Free Bird not the Kingdom for you =D

Im not saying this because I was kicked I am telling my experiance I had with them.So remember what I said before Joining...

(I know the leadership will deny and start saying no fever your that or that....But im just posting my experiance with them.) :D


12:42:37 Jan 31st 09 - Sir Evans:

I won't start on you fever, but I will say that we only gave slight orders, the general order was (after you were gone so you wouldnt know) that if its not friendly, kill it XD To begin with yes, we did need orders, we cant have everyone going in different directions right from the word go can we?

12:49:05 Jan 31st 09 - Mr. Ptah:

DE is a good kingdom
With Good players and a good leadership

If anyone is half interested, Id say go for them :)

You wont be dissapointed :)

12:51:15 Jan 31st 09 - Sir Evans:

Thanks, and it may be time to mention, we're going to Fantasia this era ;) (if we can of course )

12:55:05 Jan 31st 09 - Mr. Ptah:

oh rly :)
Gl <3

13:08:36 Jan 31st 09 - Mr. Righthand of Onuris:

Fantasia? Interesting.......

14:00:42 Jan 31st 09 - Mr. Seloc:

Yesh join us and we at Doria will war the world!

14:32:37 Jan 31st 09 - Mr. Santa The Returned:

Thank you Ptah :)

Like Fever said, if you want a kingdom without any form of discipline, not even knowing where your friends are fighting and against whom, then please do not join us. However, if you are looking for an organised kingdom, then were the kingdom for you!

So join us now!(Or we will be forced to kill you...)

22:37:59 Jan 31st 09 - Sir Evans:

Should have two more players joining us shortly, anybody else interested?

22:53:21 Jan 31st 09 - Mr. Weston:

gl on fant =)
any IPF or CE guys joining your kd?

23:23:55 Jan 31st 09 - Sir Evans:

perhaps, some are still deciding

12:16:54 Feb 1st 09 - Duke Random:

can i join?

12:25:27 Feb 1st 09 - Sir Evans:

Mailed you Random

12:26:55 Feb 1st 09 - Sir Evans:

now i read other threads... twit

12:32:43 Feb 1st 09 - Sir Spoon:

phail :'(

12:47:20 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Seloc:

There are way too many recuitment threads going on :/

12:53:50 Feb 1st 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

real men (and women) don't use recruitment threads!

13:09:37 Feb 1st 09 - Sir Evans:

Lol Lewatha, ours was more to remind people we invited them, we did it so long ago xD Just cus you want knish back ;)

16:46:09 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Middle Earth:

let random join! (btw random im Aragorn, mabey you remember me xD)

17:34:07 Feb 1st 09 - Sir Ant Worker Fever:


I dont even think Random Might remeber as he is already him self Lost... xD

Satnas right the kingdom is a full controlled Kingdom.A kingdom which wont even let you move =D

Its true Dictatorship =D (Like China xD )


19:12:08 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Seloc:

No no, you can move by yourselves. we just give you the velocity you should move at.

20:01:06 Feb 1st 09 - Duke Heroditus:

I have had a very enjoyable experience with this KD.  Having fought Evans, Santa and Dram in my first era (and getting spanked) it was a real pleasure to be on their side the last era.  The whole 'dictatorship' tag really doesn't apply, structure and accountability does not equate to 'dictatorship' but it does make for a good KD.

20:38:01 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Pie Maker:

DE isn't a half bad kingdom at all.  Good bunch of players.  A bit too confident at times, but what's the game without a bit of banter right? ;)

Good luck!

20:50:06 Feb 1st 09 - Sir Evans:

I assume you've decided not to join us then pie maker :(

22:56:06 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Seloc:

Anybody else got forum troubles? :'(

23:03:15 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Phosphorus:

Everyone is

Zeta is blanking them very early ~

23:04:02 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Pie Maker:

Sorry Evans, thought I'd sent ya a reply about it already.  The memory isn't so good in my old age.

01:38:03 Feb 2nd 09 - Duke Random:

im not a twit! :'(

01:43:58 Feb 2nd 09 - Duke Slade:

KEV will be your down fall.. he is GHEY!

07:30:55 Feb 2nd 09 - Mr. Santa of Macedon:

So are you, right?

07:51:22 Feb 2nd 09 - Duke Slade:

haha yay

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