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18:32:46 Sep 7th 09 - Duke Windscar The Halo Fan:



Kingdom Banner

Name: Dragoon
Members: 2
Created: 9/7/2009 4:07:10 PM
Leader: Duke Windscar The Halo Fan



As the dragons lived in the realms of Visual Utopia, they were undisturbed...until now. A group of dragon riders known as the Dragoon have tamed and now live in harmony with the dragons. Together, they conquer VU. And today, the Dragoon are currently looking for applications with the following answered:

How long have you been playing?
What are your past names and kingdoms?
What is your favorite race?
How active are you in-game? In the forums? Chat?
How long to you plan to be a Dragoon?

Fear the firece roar of the dragon..

likes mah storee?

19:15:20 Sep 7th 09 - Lord Polydeuces:

nice banner, gl :)

22:48:28 Sep 7th 09 - Mr. Liu Chan:

Dude if everything goes wrong here and I am completely killed I am sooo joining you and becoming a Dragoon rider.

22:52:03 Sep 8th 09 - Duke Windscar The Halo Fan:

thanks poly

and to liu chan...
oooooooooo k

00:31:59 Sep 9th 09 - Mr. Liu Chan:

Dude its me Moon


20:18:55 Sep 13th 09 - Duke Windscar The Halo Fan:

mah kd went poof!

22:56:10 Sep 13th 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:


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