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Dwfan You Coward
22:38:19 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Lelouch:

You broke our NAP without even a 72 notice as stated in the terms. How could you.... :(

*Insert flame questioning Dwfan's sexual orientation*

You frilly sissy!

Your kingdom is going straight to the ground!

22:49:24 Dec 24th 07 - Lord Oya:

they have a floating kingdom? im more than impressed!

22:50:14 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Lelouch:

That's why they're called the Storm Riders. They fly on their magical unicorns and make *beep* love.

22:56:08 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Gallyon:

we dont have unicorns, though we have our city's in the sky's..

but well, to get to bussiness, the way i understood it, there were negiotations between your KD and ours, because you guys broke the NAP..

then again, out of those negiotations the result was that we had a WAR, i already talked with one of ur members ab it on the chat..though weird enough he didnt knew we were in a war.. though it clearly says so on our forum that our two kingdoms were in war..

i think that decision was made this dont complain ab us breaking the NAP, it clearly was you, or you misunderstood yourself

23:00:05 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Lelouch:

We never did anything which would constitute as NAP breaking.

And if we did this exchange wouldn't have taken place:

Mr. Dwfan [Storm] (12/24/2007 3:35:20 PM) GOOD BAD
We are currently at war due to the fact you would not comply to the terms of our NAP and my repeated attempts at persuading you to pull your troops out.
You (12/24/2007 3:36:03 PM)
What did I do? Which terms did I violate?
Mr. Dwfan [Storm] (12/24/2007 3:38:20 PM) GOOD BAD
THERE ARE TROOPS on our side. I've told you AND link to pull them out for about 20 ticks.
You (12/24/2007 3:40:12 PM)
There is nothing is the NAP against troops movement! My kingdom's enemies are on the other side! Do you intend me to just stand down and let them build in peace and then attack my kingdom while you tell me I cannot go to the other side!?!? Is that even fair?!
Mr. Dwfan [Storm] (12/24/2007 3:43:02 PM) GOOD BAD
They aren't getting through to your kingdom on our side of the river. If they are attacking you else where i'm sorry. Who are you trying to fight? Cause if you would have told me who it was i wouldn't have had a problem w/ killing them for you.
You (12/24/2007 3:44:43 PM)
The problem is that you have in your area kingdoms which partake in the killing of new players. And as such they are my enemies. You currently have a peace agreement with them so I doubt you could kill them for me.
Mr. Dwfan [Storm] (12/24/2007 3:48:23 PM) GOOD BAD
I'm sorry my hands are tied. I have a NAP w/ them AND you. And i NEED a core of JUST Storm Riders. Listen one of Kingdom Hearts major players is going to hop over to my KD if your KD merges then I will discuss breaking the Kingdom Hearts KD. PLEASE give this some serious thought before answering. There isn't anything i can do other than this.
You (12/24/2007 3:53:06 PM)
I cannot follow a leader such as yourself who would break a peace agreement this easily. I also need a core, so if all your members on my side of the river would merge into me or you let me take their cities and have them relocate then I will let you take any town that may be taken on your side of the river and move back from your core as soon as the threat has been eliminated.

Think about how you would feel about merging into me and know why I answered no.
Mr. Dwfan [Storm] (12/24/2007 3:54:02 PM) GOOD BAD
No war it is.
You (12/24/2007 3:54:47 PM)
Can you do better punctuation? I cannot understand what you just said.
Mr. Dwfan [Storm] (12/24/2007 3:57:57 PM) GOOD BAD
We are at war. You had 2 500-1500men armies and a 2000-4000 army moving in my territory. Making a total of 3000-7000 men inside my KD's territory a force that large could do serious damage. I'm declaring war due to the fact you refused to pull your men out.
You (12/24/2007 3:59:30 PM)
There is no clause in our NAP saying I cannot move troops through your territory! If you didn't want me to then include a clause that says it! Otherwise you are an unhonourable coward for breaking the NAP without a 72 hour notice.
Mr. Dwfan [Storm] (12/24/2007 4:00:50 PM) GOOD BAD
sue me. I told you to keep you soldiers on your side of the river.
Mr. Dwfan [Storm] (12/24/2007 4:01:26 PM) GOOD BAD
sue me. I told you to keep you soldiers on your side of the river.
You (12/24/2007 4:01:32 PM)
And that constitutes as a 72 hour notice? I did not engage in any sort of hostile action against your kingdom.
Mr. Dwfan [Storm] (12/24/2007 4:03:14 PM) GOOD BAD
This conversation is over. I asked nicely to pull your troops out i even had a conversation w/ your vice about his troops and the repercustions that will accure if he didn't pull his men out.

23:07:23 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Gallyon:

lol, you didnt do what we wanted :)..

though i hate his saying about breaking the NAP with KH..that's just ridiculous, that was my only reason for joining them..

but well, at the start of that message we were already at war, so you could have known :p...and well, if you had done what he wanted, then nothing would have happened, ofcourse i could now start to order him to stop the attack, but i dont really care, i think its far too fun to watch my fellowkingdom m8's lose against you :D..

get them, and kill 'em :D

23:10:54 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Lelouch:

The first message is only 1 hours old meaning he told you guys about the war hours before he told me?

It was pretty funny because he was moving an army called "Not attacking" into my territory and half an hour before it would have landed on my town he sent me that message saying our NAP was over. Haha, I laughed because that was so cowardly and retarded....

23:14:21 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Gallyon:

yh well i dont care m8.., i wasnt expecting any help from anyone, i wanted to have a kingdomless era, i joined Stormy cause i had some old friends, and they did exactly what i'd wish for...

now, you should know we dont really have a core, and arent that organized, if you play smart you can take us out, even though ur more then half of our power :D..

but well, if we survive, then i will praise myself for not stopping this war, if we dont then i will shout at Dwfan for lettin things get out of hand, and then i'll leave and join...hmm...Maybe i'll join sorra..

23:25:48 Dec 24th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Epyon:

Lelouch, you name stealer!

Anyways, Dwfan has been accepted into FU too and shortly after he left the Kingdom with no notice of his intentions.

So the booN should die!

23:30:53 Dec 24th 07 - Lady Rhiannia:

i agree that if you dont want someones armies in your core you better make it clear in the nap only is right to expect some movement that they may get to their enemies faster, or if it is the only way there. since there was no clause and since it is unreasonable to demand them to remove the armies going to another part of a map...and...since it was "20 ticks" and those armies made no move to attack you...then i have to agree that your actions were unhonourable. also i too would not want to be associated with a king who breaks naps so willingly because it is convenient to do so...your word IS your break it and it is tarnished for good.

23:38:50 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Niveko:

Why are you guys fighting when KH plans to take over the world!!! We must work together =D.

23:51:37 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Sorra:

lol, isent that the end goal of every Kingdom?

It's common knowlage. Your not enlighting anyone here. lol

23:59:57 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Niveko:

Yeah, I guess lol, but it normaly only happens on teh smaller world, like last era =P

00:24:13 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Socialist Bastards!

03:41:38 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Niveko:

Whats that supposed to mean!

10:16:37 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Gallyon:

did you just call us Socialists??

15:37:53 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Malakas The Madclone:

What's socialist? can anyone tell me?

16:47:20 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Lelouch:

Political left wingers who believe in social equality for all.

23:26:08 Dec 25th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Epyon:

You got your answer. Now what are you going to do about it? :)

08:34:21 Dec 26th 07 - Mr. Allan:

*eats some popcorn* This is better than HDTV!!! ZOmG! Best part right here!

*noticed we're getting into Politics*

... well... that means its time for Poke'mon...

Gotta Catch em All!!

...nevermind, this show has gone downhill since they tried to replace brock.

*flicks channel*


*flicks channel*


*throws remote*



Now I can't find the Remote....


*crawls into corner*

*gets on Computer and plays VU*

problem solved!!!

(I was bored as hell so I thought i'd randomly *beep* this thread :P)

12:16:05 Dec 26th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Epyon:

*passes by through the front of the TV*


*turns around*

-Uuuuuuuu, a Holiday Special I've already seen 39 times. Imba!

*sits down on the sofa with his eyes wide open*

16:46:18 Dec 26th 07 - Sir Spoon:

Gallyon goes Starta =P

01:45:24 Dec 28th 07 - Mr. Lelouch:

OBKOrder of the Black Knights13Mr. Lelouch100
StormStorm Riders1Mr. Dwfan10

Haha, only Dwfan left in his lil' kingdom. Looks like I win. :D :P

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