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Easterns Union Recruiting
14:55:19 Oct 20th 08 - Mr. Little Halfling Farmer:

Easterns Union

Kingdom Banner

Name: Easterns Union
Members: 1
Tag: EU
Created: 10/19/2008 10:17:36 PM
Leader: Mr. Little Halfling Farmer


This kingdom is the real deal. Serious. Unlike that other fake kingdom. Don"t beleive a word Maquette, Elfie II or anyone else in that kd say, they"ll fill your head with lies. Honest!


Accepting anyone for next era besides the inactive people. I'll show you guys exactly how to build your cities up, and in a way where your income will skyrocket way past everyone elses (as long as your active enough)

I'll be hitting Fantasia next era so it will be a great experience for the newer players.

15:02:29 Oct 20th 08 - Mr. Bananaman:

Are you serious? With new players?

15:25:27 Oct 20th 08 - General Test Run:

good luck to you.

23:27:44 Oct 20th 08 - Mr. Crookshank:

my kingdom sucks. i looking for a new one

23:30:36 Oct 20th 08 - Mr. Roheran:

good luck

02:36:16 Oct 21st 08 - Ms. Vampire Queen:


Hi there Farmer good to see you still having fun  :-)

Vampire Queen
Monarch of Dark

03:24:52 Oct 21st 08 - Sir Soccermunches:

can i join?

03:32:29 Oct 21st 08 - Mr. Little Halfling Farmer:

nope :)

15:32:41 Oct 21st 08 - Ms. Notsoactive:

Easterns Union? Are you the only 1 in the kingdom? I want to be part of your kingdom. I m Asian.

17:28:31 Oct 21st 08 - Mr. Khalifa:

 I m Asian LOL ??? and

04:20:45 Oct 22nd 08 - Ms. Notsoactive:

@Mr. Khalifa , what you want know?

07:29:44 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Little Halfling Farmer:

Just need 2 more people to join to prevent the kingdom from being deleted
If your unsure how to join when the era has ended, just click here to view the map again and send in your application.

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