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Embassey: Midnight Sun
20:02:41 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Imperator:



I hereby declare this embassey opened! Free pie for all!


20:24:50 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. The Viking:

There's no free pie! We got tricked int comming here..

20:46:19 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Xero:


*Found pie

21:00:09 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

damn, i would do almost anything for free pie, too bad it was all a lie!

22:26:32 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Imperator:

I would never lie to you guys!


A homemade pie!


22:29:19 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

now that was tasty!

22:30:05 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

umm, that would result in a banging *beep*!!!

22:33:13 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Imperator:

Time for business;

>  Midnight Sun  <

For diplomatics, please contact Xero or myself. Our goal this era is to grow and prosper and to have a peacefull first era while recruiting fresh (experienced) members.

Fidelis et Fortis


22:35:49 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

peaceful is boring, new players wont want peaceful, theyll just stop playing from boredom! make it exciting

22:38:33 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

peaceful, on fantasia? not gonna happen my friend

22:44:13 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Imperator:

Hey its still early this era =D


15:28:59 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Xero:

who said peacefull....did you?? :O
that scared me, freaky....
but we do need more members, i feel lonely

18:14:18 Mar 28th 07 - Mr. Imperator:

Uhu, but that will come :)

18:45:10 Mar 31st 07 - Mr. Imperator:

And no, our banner aint an *beep* :P


19:28:36 Mar 31st 07 - Mr. Xero: i am not gonna say i almost designed it :D:D

i would like TnO to receive the most artistic or most Sexy Banner =P
would be nice :):)

19:57:53 Mar 31st 07 - Mr. Celendrum Cikayson:

Hm, an ELO song comes to mind...

Which world do you play on?

10:42:50 Apr 1st 07 - Mr. Xero:

Fantasia :P

13:41:01 Apr 2nd 07 - Mr. Imperator:

So? :P

I know now ;) you all know what I mean with it =D


07:39:10 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Xero:

Almost top 10, hehe....
at spot 12 right now

20:28:59 Apr 13th 07 - Mr. Xero:

nobody likes us?? :@
spot 7

21:06:01 Apr 13th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

NAPing legacy can do that to a kingdom..........

10:25:34 Apr 14th 07 - Mr. Xero:

who said we Napped lgc?? :S

11:09:50 Apr 14th 07 - Mr. Joseph:

So we have TnO to the north and between them this blocker:

Bum Licker

Owner: Mr. Draiken
Size: 400 building(s).
Kingdom: Legacy
Gates: open

And five ticks to the south:
Commander:Mr. Assassin
Kingdom:Midnight Sun
Size:Division (10,000-20,000)
Status:Moving South

But dont u worry about ppl hating you Xero. You will not be alive long enough to feel their wrath about you NAPing LGC becouse I will kill you for attacking me! =)

17:33:44 Apr 14th 07 - Mr. Imperator:

We are not at war, and have mutual non-hostile intentions. But we do not have a NAP with legacy at this time :P


19:15:12 Apr 14th 07 - Mr. Xero:

we have no reason to attack Lgc,
so why would we?? :)
also i am not worried that i will be hated,
coz i am already hated by multiple people :)
i heard lots of times i could *** in hell
u think i still care?? hehe..

o and err...destroy me??

**edit** i never attacked...i moved my army in ur direction,
and someone multiple times tried casting on it, which failed btw..
and then u destroyed that army, while i was offline.
so for the record, i DID NOT attacked you

23:01:31 Apr 14th 07 - Mr. Joseph:

I had 42% for EitS and still I failed like 10 times =(
And who are you else going to attack with those armies? There is nobody else
but me and my friends! :P

23:02:33 Apr 14th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

joseph, they already took one of my cities............. so i will be helping

01:42:56 Apr 15th 07 - Mr. Dead OR Dying:

Mr. Xero


4/14/2007 9:25:34 AMwho said we Napped lgc?? :S

Sir Lucifer Dasinister (4/8/2007 7:19:27 PM)
Got any plans against the Legacy?!
Mr. Xero [TnO] (4/9/2007 2:34:06 AM)
no, we are Napped with them...
I got my History with Lgc...
i know them, so Napping them isnt a problem for me
Sir Lucifer Dasinister (4/9/2007 10:25:19 AM)
well then ...must be nice to know every1 >;p
Mr. Xero [TnO] (4/9/2007 10:34:22 AM)
well...i know bad things are gonna happen to u guys :O
Lgc is angry that u attacked phi...coz those city's u guys took were located for TnO,
also Abydos warred Legacy

That definitely sounds like you saying you have a NAP with Legacy. Give me a minute and I'll show you the letter where you said you were mapped with Phi also.


14:58:21 Apr 15th 07 - Mr. Xero:

I never said i was Mapped with phi,
search the letter...there isnt one,
we never had a MAP with Phi,
and the Nap with Lgc isnt official,
we are both Friendly :)
hehe...u still hate me?

16:11:40 Apr 15th 07 - Mr. Dead OR Dying:

I don't hate you by any means. I am ambivalent to you and all in your kingdom. I believe that you deliberately gave the impression that you were protected by the two biggest kingdoms in the area in the hope that their reputation would keep us from attacking you. When in reality your links to both of those kingdoms are tenuous at best.

 When Phi took our core cities your kingdom took full advantage and picked up the scraps left behind. When Legacy broke through my blocker. You guys took full advantage and took many more of our cities.  Part of the  game I guess and nothing worth worrying about however it is also nothing to brag about. You are high on the kingdom list because you piggybacked Phi and Legacy.
Well done :)


20:03:49 Apr 15th 07 - Mr. Xero:

first of all, i never said that we had any relations with Phi..
only that we were discussing..
second of all...
i said to Dvsmasta ( the lgc player who took ur cities ) To leave them for us,
i told him that multiple times..
but he wouldnt listen, u can ask him.
thirth of all..
i dont care if we gave u an impresion or not...we could have destroyed u withouth anyones help :)
and we are just friendly with lgc, coz it are good and friendly people,
not people who call me Piggybacked

16:30:37 Apr 16th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:


midnight sun has no reason to brag............. sry

16:37:54 Apr 16th 07 - Lord Oya:

he obviously means third....language barriers and all that :P

08:23:13 Apr 20th 07 - Mr. Xero:

hehe...English isnt my native language

20:43:27 May 8th 07 - Mr. Carolus Rex The Midgeteater:

Rob, where you at? did you quit playing?

15:49:37 May 9th 07 - Mr. Imperator:

Nope didnt quit playing :D

TnO is dead though xD

Who are you btw, I cannot seem to connect your name to a player so you must have picked a new one ;)


15:50:53 May 9th 07 - Mr. Imperator:

(if you want to find me, start in the hoh ;P)

16:50:53 May 9th 07 - Mr. Carolus Rex The Midgeteater:

Its Calle(UpplandIsAHippie) etc, how come your never on msn anymore?

00:12:34 May 10th 07 - Mr. Imperator:

I changed my address :)

Its now this:


add me :D


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