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20:37:08 Feb 4th 11 - Mr. Baffenisvies:

please make the world of armageddon end. Noone is able to cast arms.

21:20:21 Feb 4th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

I believe this is one instance where Xp feeding isn't really looked down upon. lol

so someone can find the magic sciences.... or you could have someone restart and farm up magic?

Dunno if Zeta is doing house calls lately.

21:39:02 Feb 4th 11 - Mr. Panic X:

message an admin (not zeta) and your wish will be granted

hint: look in the guides

22:36:56 Feb 4th 11 - General Who:

ill get it casted.

00:25:02 Feb 5th 11 - Ms. Ann Bonny:

lol the era has been going on now since BEFORE thanksgiving:P


01:22:14 Feb 5th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

Holy crap. lol

06:27:17 Feb 5th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

haha stormy eat me ;)


13:11:38 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Looks Interesting:

Stormy only eats real dicks SFD so your out of luck, mate....  ;)

14:26:53 Feb 5th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

obv its not real anymore after stormy demolished it ;)

16:35:43 Feb 5th 11 - Ms. Ann Bonny:

go fuck yourselves...

17:15:27 Feb 5th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

dont be like that stormy <3


05:37:31 Feb 6th 11 - Ms. Arcadies:

if admin does not cast can't someone with a spare character join a empire there  and build up to cast it ? mind you will probably take forever i'm guessing ?

09:57:46 Feb 6th 11 - Judge Kobuskan:

Kamikaza your armies,let an Orc burn your cities and resign

07:17:38 Feb 7th 11 - Mr. Looks Interesting:

lol.. poor old Stormy. Hes getting grumpy in his old age.. :)

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