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End Era Scores Screwed Up
18:12:35 May 14th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

I do think Yarlin Deserves this era win.. but since we arent doing cross worlds anymore there is no way for people to get to Fant... so id like to recommend giving the win to Path who's score was huge in comparison despite being on Starta.

Yarlin Ranked no. 1

Path Ranked no. 80

Fire Lord Nova The Incinerator of Fate
Total land: 994732Battles won: 78Cities captured: 62
Total killed: 1.9 MillionScience lvls: 30Total troops: 5.2 Million

80.Mr. Path of Pathetic Losers
Total land: 1.8 MillionBattles won: 230Cities captured: 143
Total killed: 1.7 MillionScience lvls: 46Total troops: 9.8 Million

18:13:57 May 14th 10 - Mr. Samual:

I would have to agree with you there, Path has a much better score overall apart from a 200k troop kill difference. I would put him at first or at least in the top 5

18:16:14 May 14th 10 - Mr. Osiris:

err simply no. look at the kds on starta and look at the kds on fant. there is a reason all the top kds start on fant otherwise next era you would have kds trying to land on a newer map and farming.

18:17:31 May 14th 10 - Sir Feanor:

Tradionally the winner comes from Fantasia.  Otherwise, you could have an era win from the tutorial world.  The last thing you want is top players playing down several worlds in order to capture the era win.  With that said, CONGRATULATIONS to Path for a great era.  Maybe have some kind of honors for each of the world winners.

18:17:51 May 14th 10 - Mr. Skull:

I agree the scores should have been adjusted due to closed world Path was Awesome on Starta I did experience some of the action there early Era,

18:20:40 May 14th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

im just saying if your going to count everyone in the same highscoreing system the % in worlds doesnt make sense since we arent crossed over anymore.. that needs to be removed and perhaps separate scores for each world

18:23:36 May 14th 10 - Duke Random:

no. path played on a newb world, his rank reflects his newb bashing.

I'm sure he himself would agree.

18:23:40 May 14th 10 - Mr. Omgpickles:

Starta had what... one kingdom? Fantasia is FAR FAR harder than any other world.

18:23:41 May 14th 10 - Fire Lord Nova The Incinerator:

Thats what happens when you only have to share a whole world with 2 other people instead of 30-60 and most your enemies don't have a clue what their doing.

I've gotten #2 for the era 4 times and finally got the win. SCREW YOU for even suggesting it be given to someone else and acting like your on my side as well.

18:25:15 May 14th 10 - Mr. Osiris:

yeah comming second is probably the most annoying feeling ever :)

18:27:57 May 14th 10 - Mzz Mzzery The Cannibal:

Just open the maps again, problem solved.

18:28:36 May 14th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

this is more of a Change the High Score system thread then a Yarlin doesnt deserve win thread... just showing that Path had a much higher score and with the ranking system as it is doesn't make sense... would want it to be changed so we have a separate world ranking.. and maybe a top 5 for all worlds dunno :P

18:35:53 May 14th 10 - Duke Drakos:

The score being weighted towards Fantasia Kingdoms has always been the norm. It was the main reason cross world travel was brought back a few era's ago so everyone had a chance to get onto Fantasia.

 Everyone seemed to forgot why crossworld was brought back, whined and complained about crossworld movement, so he got rid of it last era....and here we are again.

I'd say the old saying of  "Be careful, you just may get what you wish for." is very fitting.

18:38:22 May 14th 10 - Mr. Elsin:

"no. path played on a newb world, his rank reflects his newb bashing."

But how could this be possible!!?? No noob bashing was one of the main reasons people gave for wanting fish tank maps. I r confused :S Surely teh noobs are safe now!!!

18:38:36 May 14th 10 - Mr. Path:

Uh, I don't think I should win anything.....except being first place on starta.  But, there is not an easy way to even tell that with the worlds all mashed together like this.  I hope zeta fixes this to separate everything by world.

18:39:00 May 14th 10 - Mr. Love:

well, yes, Yarlin truly deserved the 1st place, but your idea isnt bad, Mr. Most likely die, maybe that could give some credit to the winners on other worlds as well as a better view at the scores/world

18:50:57 May 14th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

This is why the worlds should be opened up again, to avoid this kind of stuff...

18:54:00 May 14th 10 - Endless Muggings:

scores seem to be weird, how can people be 100% on Fant but   show as less than 100%?

F: 41%M: 0%Z: 0%S: 0%N: 0%V: 0%A: 0%T: 0%M: 0%
F: 90%M: 0%Z: 0%S: 0%N: 0%V: 0%A: 0%T: 0%M: 0%

18:56:05 May 14th 10 - Duke Random:

I think its resources held/science levels.... can't remember though...

18:56:13 May 14th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

i know there's a reason for that.. but its a dumb reason

18:56:36 May 14th 10 - Lady Katie Holmes:

Worlds should not be opened back up because of this as open worlds were bad for MANY reasons.

Path knew going in he would not have a chance at era win playing on Starta and accepted that.  End of story.

18:58:23 May 14th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

I dont think its so Black and White as Newbs go to Lesser worlds and Vets go to Fant.

19:10:43 May 14th 10 - Endless Muggings:

MLD, Fant has always scored higher. End of story :p

19:11:23 May 14th 10 - Mr. Love:

@ most likely die;   no ofc not, look at me, this is my first era and i played on fant

20:19:12 May 14th 10 - Duke Drakos:

2 overly simple fixes would be to either:

 A: bring back crossworld travel after  1-2 weeks of era start "ONLY IF" the adjoining world's are within  90-95% of income or Troop strength  to each other. This would get rid of the going to other worlds to noob bash  arguement's as you couldn't cross to worlds weaker than your world.


B: keep worlds the way it is now, BUT the top 10 finishers on Fantasia take #1-10 spots, then from 11th on, its simply land/troops/etc. across all the worlds with no score bias.

20:29:39 May 14th 10 - Clan Elder Mcfinnamore:

Well... why can't we have a mix of cross-worlds and separated worlds. I'm thinking like making three world-systems of three worlds each. One top-level-world, one intermediate and one beginners. You can cross-worlds to east and west, but not to north and south.
You can have protection on beginner-level, but not on intermediate or top (if this is agreed upon).

Well... just a thought.


21:43:36 May 14th 10 - Mr. Osiris:

ooor we keep worlds like they are but make fant a lot bigger and dont open the maps so fast. mantrax and all the other maps should be smaller and open a lot slower

21:53:11 May 14th 10 - Endless Muggings:

or drop everyone on Fant and then open the other worlds later 

21:53:22 May 14th 10 - Sir Muzzy The Rapist:

Worlds are fine the way they are now- noobs get to play with noobs and pros get to play with pros. Oh and Congrats, Yarlin!!!

22:22:25 May 14th 10 - Mr. Sun Jian of:

I think Path should get recognized for something because he probably spent sleepless nights on this game trying to go his way.

22:25:47 May 14th 10 - Mr. Venomz:

Meh, should be just like the old days; Scores per world. with the actual score shown.

So you can call yourself 'winner of Mantrax/fantasia  etc.'

I was #3 on Mantrax, cant really see what i am now. probably still #3.. but ending up low aint cool :(

22:29:12 May 14th 10 - Mr. Samual:

Well I think world by world all the worlds should be connected after era start. I would give all of the worlds at least a week maybe even two weeks by themselves and then slowly open the connecting routes

22:30:28 May 14th 10 - Mr. Osiris:

i want to build on venomz's plan :D

Split the end scores and have the scores the way they used to be Ie Name Kd total score and i propose making it clickable like the history page and when you click someones name then it shows this stats type hoh for that player.

23:26:58 May 14th 10 - Mr. Mano:

like the idea that Osiris is suggesting there :)

23:32:32 May 14th 10 - Mr. Love:

@ osiris: nice idea

23:35:07 May 14th 10 - Mr. The Born Loser:

Only nubs play on Starta, so no worries. Path (together with his lame ass friend, TBL) is a nub and its settled.

07:44:29 May 15th 10 - Mr. Skinny Vinny:

didn't read the rest of this but even i could get huge numbers on starta.  i am not saying Path is a bad player because he isn't but a world like starta has far more noobs than Fantasia.  if he got those numbers fighting Fear or Fate then absolutely give him the win but if not then it is Nova all the way.

12:01:53 May 15th 10 - Sir Kool:

  How about fant, zeta and mant be connecting worlds... the others could be connecting nub worlds.. the kds on the first 3 worlds are usually pretty strong... It also gives kds not in fant a good chance to invade and take top spot... also gets rid of the "fishtank experience"

12:30:45 May 15th 10 - Duke Random:

how about leave worlds the way they are. you leave no time to adjust to the new/old style of play.

the first era will be crap because all the players are spread ount amongst a larger KD range, essentially because it didn't matter where you were, you can still access everything.

Now that the worlds are seperate kingdoms SHOULD start to go to the world that they're supposed to be on and players who're in kingdoms on lower worlds who are above the skill level, on the whole will slowly begin their migration to fant.

Please don't do anything.

Also the original post is pretty fckn rude. The only reason I can see for such a shocking topic name is your hatred for fate.

13:13:49 May 15th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

hatred for fate? lol no

13:24:21 May 15th 10 - Mr. Venomz:

Have a little faith in meeeee

edit; doesn't make any sense.. just like the scores :D

13:34:53 May 15th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

in what era.. were all the vets on Fant and all the newbs on lower worlds... please name an era

13:36:59 May 15th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

None. Never. I ended up on Zeta this era. Which brings a point.

You move kds up by their avg. score. How will anyone move up if we cant break the top 70? Maybe a zeta kd will move to mant, but hard as hell to move to fant. All the fant kds will stay there, even if they are almost dead they will score higher than a zata player.

14:32:40 May 15th 10 - Duke Random:

Mr. Most Likely Die


22:34:53 May 15th 10
in what era.. were all the vets on Fant and all the newbs on lower worlds... please name an era

I'm not saying all vets were on higher worlds and newbs on lower worlds. It will never be that way. people want era's off etc etc.

what i'm saying is that the general balance will shift back to good players being predominantly fant/mant and the lower worlds being less populated and allowing the newbs to play there against newbs, mainly.

20:44:18 May 15th 10 - Mr. Skinny Vinny:

i agree with karac, i was number 75ish i think and i had once city left and no troops......  the way KDs move up should be changed but i think the worlds should stay as they are.  maby open a world if it 2 KDs have 80% of all power in the world?

04:18:21 May 16th 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:

if the world are gunna be kept the same sort the fcking scores out like they were last time we had no connected worlds!!

05:08:34 May 16th 10 - Mr. Skinny Vinny:

why?  so some noob basher can get incredable kill counts and win the era from Starta?  keep scoreing the same but change how people get to fant.  only the top 1-2 KDs each era should stay on fant.  rest should be best KDs from Mant and Zeta moving up.

05:31:31 May 16th 10 - Lord Deno:

Your idea that Path should win the era must come from a complete lack of game understanding. Apperantly you dont understand the difference between a heavily contested world of top players and a non contested world without players. I think now you are in the same kingdom of path it would be a great idea to listen very carefully to what he have to say. 

05:43:35 May 16th 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:

no the way the game used to be!!
you can only win on fant every1 knows tht!!

like this:
1. Mr. Bill Thomas Killman Legacy
1. Mr. Pathson Angels Orc 3109082

and so on!!!

06:30:42 May 16th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

Deno was that an attempt at a flame... if so you didn't read the whole page as i have explained multiple times my intent of this thread...

my approach may have been wrong but my message is the same.

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