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Era Of Raistlin..
08:20:28 Sep 1st 08 - Sir Ice Ice Baby Ice:

Is it me, or does it feel kinda empty on Fant?

Only 10 KDs...

08:22:27 Sep 1st 08 - General Zondervan:

it's empty, mantrax is the place to be.

08:37:15 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Phoenix Chosen:

yea it appears those that said they were going fant chose mant instead for some reason..... have fun finding eachother in fant =-P

08:39:42 Sep 1st 08 - General Zondervan:

i was going to fant but it wouldn't let us for some reason so we had to go to mantrax.

08:43:10 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Nacho Libre:

no its a bug, as always at the start. some kingdoms appear to be in zeta while they are in fantasia .. its just a bug

09:04:03 Sep 1st 08 - Sir Peter Jackson:

happened with carnage once

10:16:07 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Stirlin:

we couldnt join fant :( its full, lose some weight you greedy b*****ds

13:15:15 Sep 1st 08 - Sir Ice Ice Baby Ice:

GTFODACII.jpg picture by chivz92

14:27:17 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Elsin:

Why is there an arm sticking out of his chest? O.o

15:28:21 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Soulofdoom:

if he had painted the sleeve red then maybe it wouldnt look like an arm sticking out of his chest

15:40:13 Sep 1st 08 - Duke Argyle:

Same for Heaven, we was unable to land on fantasia :/ to bad for mantrax, with heaven there no one will stand a chance :P

15:43:19 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Euranus:

Just another *beep* kingdom will win Mantrax! rarw

16:21:28 Sep 1st 08 - Sir Soccerwithnotheme:

wow, so few kingdoms...............and only like 5 of them even count. this sucks.

17:09:02 Sep 1st 08 - General Ezatious:

currently only 187 players on fant :/

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