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Era of Juchi summary
00:41:07 Nov 10th 06 - Khan Lolekybolek:

Just thought it woudl be nice to start a thread that gives a bit of an analysis on what ppl have done well, and what mistakes we/they did during the era, to give at least a bit of a picture on happenings that others could not see. This might even inspire some learning and let us all become better players next era, if that is possible at all.

00:50:26 Nov 10th 06 - Mr. Spanky:

Starting up an anti-Legacy alliance was the biggest mistake... we were quite happy with exploring all era but you forced us to attack! :>

00:55:20 Nov 10th 06 - Khan Lolekybolek:

So i will start with our kingdom, Nemonia. We were located on the western middle part of the map. We killed the guys who were I think BiC last era quickly, also we fought the kingdom of Xiax, and took their core, so they had to relocate to somewhere. By this time already we saw that LGC kingdoms are nearby, so we started looking for friends and allies. Fortunately we saw a lonely LGC guy, Nekiard to the north, and we finished him quickly, but at that point the other LGC kingdoms form the middle of the map were bordering us. Our friends, the pirates were quickly removed, so we faced the enemy. We were not alone, and we had trust in the stregngth of Flames and the loyalty of other friends. Unfirtunately we wasted too much time in driving out one LGC guc who took a town very near our core, and by the time we beat him out, our HoH armies were not HoH any more, and LGC managed to get to us form the South too. If we had acted quicker there, we could have gotten into the battle near the middle of the map along with The red hand and Flames big armies. At that point we could have made a difference perhaps, but we missed the opportunity, and were left to defend our area and was awaitign slow death. We let some of our friends inside to build armories, but they could not be of much help.

One of the morals of this era was that there is no sense in playing strong magic fi everything stays as it is. We had an elf player, who started off training mages, but was sentenced to be virtually outside of the game by the improvements to the magic system :(

Another moral is that if at least some (not a few, I think at least 8-10) non lGC 3 ppl kingdoms wont start off as allies and wont set out from the beginning to battle the blue banner, then it is gonna be an easy win again for LGC. (Ofc if everything stays as it was now). We and others took some steps to try and co-ordinate our war effort, but communication via 1 ingame pm per day had its result...  


00:56:09 Nov 10th 06 - Khan Lolekybolek:

Yeah, Spanky, as you guys usually do :)

02:14:54 Nov 10th 06 - Mr. Zerocool:

magic this era can be done having 80-100k mages and 20k MTs would be enough to cast a 24-day-50k army movement. that would be a lot better than the last era having 10kMT you can cast anywhere on the map. that would be unfair.

02:28:08 Nov 10th 06 - Mr. Benjamin Syrsa:

i like this era =)

02:51:08 Nov 10th 06 - Mr. Zerocool:

me2 its a lot better than the last one. except for the military chances to win and lose at 90%+

04:48:33 Nov 10th 06 - Mr. Senturu:

my god has alloed me to destroy all my enemies....except for trinity. destruction, siegelords, snakes, and last but not least KoH


and they are not my enemies. they are my allies....wait destruction isnt my ally anynmore.

10:58:54 Nov 10th 06 - Mr. Zerocool:

lol senturu, all enemies, then a lot of except, then not an ally. lol. hehe.

11:48:50 Nov 11th 06 - Mr. Senturu:

well.....they attacked me......of course im in there core too. but still.

11:56:28 Nov 11th 06 - Mr. Zerocool:

how about joining us in WOA next era? we would be honored if you are with us

11:57:55 Nov 11th 06 - Mr. Senturu:

i know everyone would be honored to beat me like an unwanted red headed step child. but i wont let em. yea ill think about it. wats ur kingdoms name.?

13:22:40 Nov 11th 06 - Mr. Zerocool:

Phil Reborn. under marcjen. if im not mistaken you were in GVE. not sure though. We are in WOA

(Edited by Mr. Zerocool 11/11/2006 1:23:08 PM)

05:34:03 Nov 12th 06 - Mr. Senturu:

i was in GvE. and fought but did little damage to Evil.

but we still won. yippiii

08:37:46 Nov 12th 06 - Mr. Zerocool:

lol i was also in GVE so you were good, i gues you me and marcjen were allies.

07:10:31 Nov 13th 06 - Crazy Xuaron:

lol big mistake :P going on vacation at the start of the era LOL.

09:33:50 Nov 13th 06 - Mr. Senturu:

at the begining i was on vacation too. i well moved to idaho from alaska.

17:52:34 Nov 13th 06 - Mr. Ruler:

Bad era for me, very much doubt i will be in the top 10 by the end of it.

17:57:37 Nov 13th 06 - Mr. Black Barty:

Bad era for teh pirates too, the phili's played mad and slaught us in the mid of teh era when we landed in WoA. However, we are still there...


01:02:33 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Excelsior:

I didn't really like this era either. I got killed four times. Left a kingdom to go to another world and got trapped on WoA.

(Meaning I couldn't get on Zetamania and other three kingdom worlds)

03:19:47 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Camel:

It was okay...I think.

17:32:55 Nov 16th 06 - Mr. Marcjen:

To the Pirates,

I am sorry if we did.. We didnt intend for you guys to land very near to our core, I had to make a decisive move whether or not to let you grow and have us killed soon or to kill you soon so we can grow even more. Even so, you guys landed where most of our members were *ahem* playing "defense"

Anyhow, you seemed to have survived especially you Barty Black.. so my hats off to you..=)


18:46:21 Nov 16th 06 - Mr. Black Barty:

Thank you for your feelings to us

12:45:06 Nov 18th 06 - Mr. Madman:

Well now that maggic is like so difficult you wil have 2 go after a long chase of weaker armies again

00:09:11 Nov 20th 06 - Lord Drakos:

Senturu...I'm moving to Alaska next fall, Anchorage area probably. Where are you?

01:03:52 Jan 20th 07 - Mr. Czar:

ya i wasnt there so wops

09:59:29 Mar 20th 07 - Ms. Natalia Iii:

one good think was leave earth peace before i got killed then the bad think was starting up a new kingdom in fant. in the middle of MAD who had just kill all Earth Peace at least i'm leader instead of vice now lol.

10:57:25 Mar 20th 07 - Sir Salader Vineraven:

wooah this is an old thread!

10:59:39 Mar 20th 07 - Ms. Natalia Iii:

i know i bored so i read every single one of them. (this is what happens when you run out of course work and essays to do in college) lol

12:10:38 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Lobo:

This Era Was Too Short

12:12:44 Mar 20th 07 - Ms. Natalia Iii:

yeh i know

20:25:53 Mar 20th 07 - Sir Senturu:

lol. i moved from alaska five months ago. almost six. i was in fairbanks. lol,

12:56:44 Oct 22nd 07 - Mr. Dingrambo:

old thread lol

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